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SpyCam Professional Spy Camera and Spy Cam Spy Gadgets Hidden Camera Pen CCD & CCTV System Cheap Security Camera from Ajoka china factory at Wholesale prices.
The word AJOKA means TODAY, present, or present technology. Ajoka Corporation H.K is one of the Manufacturer in China who designs inexpensive, smallest spy cameras/ receivers / recorder in the world, our main products are spy surveillance and safety and security products.

Ajoka corporation is a sister company of 5M Technology H.K (5M Group of companies)
Our Mission is to provide the best and cheapest products to the market so every one can enjoy the same quality as Korea but spend the minimum for their protection. Most of the items we do manufacturing but some of the items we do not manufacture but we receive the best prices from our friends factories. so our company is mainly divided in to two parts one is manufacturing and the other is the trading. in our factory in main land China about 150 hardworking people are busy to provide the best quality products for the world.

Wireless mini camera and receiver and related products are our own production under our own brand name AJOKA.

Ajoka corporation
Hong Kong Office:
6A Friends building Rm A1,8/F,T.S.T , Kowloon.Hong Kong.
Tel: 852-23685848 FAX: 852-23685849
Email: Homepage:
Products :
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Hong Kong

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Flashlight Camera
Flashlight Camera , Flashlight Camera, Spy camera, Spy dvr, Secuity camera, Hidden dvr, Video Recorder,Ajoka Flashlight Camera is a real working flashlight real time audio video recording function plus take high resolution photos during the day or at night. 30f/s AV recorder flashlight. Protect your home from unwanted visitors at night, see who is in the dark plus take video and audio if unhappy...
Thumbcorder, Thumbcorder, Security camera, Spy dvr, Spy camera, Hidden camera, Security systems,Thumbcorder ( AJ-024TC ) Is the smallest USB Spy Cam hands free Camcorder Mini DV in the world with built in 8Gb USB Flash Disk, Use it as a normal flash drive, spy pen camera in your pocket or simply hold it in your hand, take funny clips of your baby or party and upload them on Youtube. Real...
GSM Voice Transmitter
GSM Voice Transmitter , gsm voice transmitter, voice recorder, mini av recorder, smallest av recorder, pocket audio video recorder, watch audio video recorder, wholesale camera, ajoka, hidden cameras, surveillance, cctv cameras, nanny cameras, mini vcr, mini video recorder, security, security systems,GSM Voice Transmitter (spy phone) is a spy listening device that have unlimited range to listen voice over any gsm cellphone. Get The facts before it gets too late. Listen discreetly and find out what is going on before you lose what you have. The GSM transmitter is the latest and unique...
Slimmest Spy Pen DVR
Slimmest Spy Pen DVR, Pen DVR, PenDVR, DVR Pen, thin pen camera, thinnest pen camera, slimmest pen cam, Pen Video Recorder, DVR Pen AV Recorder, Spy Pen Recorder, Micro Pen Camera, pen camera, ajoka, wholesale, wholesale china, wholesale, wholesale wireless camera, wholesale spy camera, wholesale security system, wholesale security camera, spy, wholesale nannycam,Pen DVR Pen Camera Video Pen Recorder DVR Pen AV Recorder Spy Pen Recorder Micro PenCam Pen Camcorder 4 GB Spy Pen Cam. New Design Slimmest Spy Pen DVR Ajoka is presenting the worlds thinnest Spy Pen Camera with up to 16 GB DVR. now it is time to get rid of those ugly cheap fat unrealistic...
Wireless Inspection Camera kit
Wireless Inspection Camera kit , inspection camera, wireless inspection camera, inspection camera kit, wireless inspection camera kit, snake camera, spy camera, hidden camera, lcd monitor, color lcd monitor, inspection camera with lcd monitor, professional, law mate, ajoka, wholesale, dropship, china dropship, wholesale inspection camera, wholesale spy cam, wholesale wireless camera, wholesale spy camera, wholesale new electronics, wholesale self defence, china manufacturer,Wireless Inspection Camera Hidden Snake Camera with Color LCD Monitor for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas like under door or in the pipe or machine. good for Spy or professional inspaction China Factory. Feature Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas. Mini...

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