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Hereby, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a reputed foundry of ā€œINVESTMENT CASTINGSā€? adopting the Lost Wax Process.

Investment casting is the most flexible of all the precision casting process with respect to attainable intricacy, precision and the variety of alloys that may be cast within its inherent size limitations. Of the various casting techniques, investment casting is both the newest and the oldest, depending on whether you consider it from the standpoint of industrial history or total genealogy.

Investment castings also compete with powder metal products, forgings, stampings, spinning, coined parts, and innumerable assembled parts held together with rivets, pins, bolts or other fasteners.

We produce castings in Ferrous and Non- Ferrous Grades. Ferrous Grades Like SS-316, SS-304, SS-410, SS-304L, SS-316L, WCB and Non-Ferrous grades like Brass, Aluminum, etc and in the weight range from a few grammes to about 35 Kgs single piece.

We are currently serving to various industries like valves, pumps, textile, sewing machinery, automobile components, surgical equipments and general engineering industries. Kindly send us your drawings or samples (if possible) for an immediate response as well as for a very competetive price for Investment castings.

Kindly contact us for more details or for best prices. Wellmake Technocast, today, offers Investment castings at very competetive prices.

Thanking You

Yours Truly,

Amit Dattani
Director - Marketing

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Hereby , We Take This Opportunity To Introduce Ourselves As A Reputed Foundry Of ā€œINVESTMENT CASTINGSā€? Adopting The Lost Wax Process. Investment Casting Is The Most Flexible Of All The Precision Casting Process With Respect To Attainable Intricacy , Precision And The Variety Of Alloys That May Be Cast Within Its Inherent Size Limitations. Of The Various Casting Techniques , Investment Casting Is Both The Newest And The Oldest , Depending On Whether You Consider It From The Standpoint Of Industrial History Or Total Genealogy. Investment Castings Also Compete With Powder Metal Products , Forgings , Stampings , Spinning , Coined Parts , And Innumerable Assembled Parts Held Together With Rivets , Pins , Bolts Or Other Fasteners. We Produce Castings In Ferrous And Non- Ferrous Grades. Ferrous Grades Like SS-316 , SS-304 , SS-410 , SS-304L , SS-316L , WCB And Non-Ferrous Grades Like Brass , Aluminum , Etc And In The Weight Range From A Few Grammes To About 35 Kgs Single Piece. We Are Currently Serving To Various Industries Like Valves , Pumps , Textile , Sewing Machinery , Automobile Components , Surgical Equipments And General Engineering Industries. Kindly Send Us Your Drawings Or Samples (If Possible) For An Immediate Response As Well As For A Very Competetive Price For Investment Castings. Kindly Contact Us For More Details Or For Best Prices. Wellmake Technocast , Today , Offers Investment Castings At Very Competetive Prices. Thanking You Yours Truly , Amit Dattani Director - Marketing

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plot No. 10 / 11,survey No 164, Near Gajraj Chemicals , S.I.D.C. Road , Veraval (Shapar) Dist Rajko

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