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Dearest One,

Good a thing to write you. I have a proposal for you, this is however not
mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour against your
will.Your profile pushed me to send you this mail, I am Pascal Kenneth Bany, 24 years old and the only son of my late parents Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Bany my father was a highly reputable business man (a cocoa merchant), an importer andexporter of Agro allied products and materials.Unfortunately, he passed away mysteriously in France during one of his business trips abroad on 4thDecember 2002.Though his
sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of his who travelled with him at that time. But God knows the truth.

Before his death in December 2002, he told me about a certain amount of money which he deposited in one trunk box at a local security company here in Abidjan,the sum of two million, five hundred thousand United State Dolla(USD$2.500,000).
This money was realised from a contrac
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Dearest One , Good A Thing To Write You. I Have A Proposal For You , This Is However Not Mandatory Nor Will I In Any Manner Compel You To Honour Against Your Will.Your Profile Pushed Me To Send You This Mail , I Am Pascal Kenneth Bany , 24 Years Old And The Only Son Of My Late Parents Mr. And Mrs Kenneth Bany My Father Was A Highly Reputable Business Man (A Cocoa Merchant) , An Importer Andexporter Of Agro Allied Products And Materials.Unfortunately , He Passed Away Mysteriously In France During One Of His Business Trips Abroad On 4thDecember 2002.Though His Sudden Death Was Linked Or Rather Suspected To Have Been Masterminded By An Uncle Of His Who Travelled With Him At That Time. But God Knows The Truth. Before His Death In December 2002 , He Told Me About A Certain Amount Of Money Which He Deposited In One Trunk Box At A Local Security Company Here In Abidjan , The Sum Of Two Million , Five Hundred Thousand United State Dolla(USD$2.500 , 000). This Money Was Realised From A Contrac

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