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Radical Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

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Radical Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Are Leading Indian Manufacturers Of Reliable Quality And Competitively Priced Microscopes , Projectors , Optical Instruments , Microtomes And Educational Laboratory Equipment For The Last Four Decades. From A Modest Begining We Have Succeeded To Become A Substantial Export Oriented Concern With Unique Spectrum Of Capabilities.Over The Years , The Company Has Built Up Its Reputation By Dint Of Hard Work And Skill Of Its Engineers , Technicians And Workers. Each One Of Them Has The Technical Capabilities And Expertise To Assist The Customers In Defining Long Term And Short Term Laboratory Needs. Our Strong Technical Knowledge Makes Us Intensively Aware Of Your Needs , Be It In Product Performance , Technical Information Or Prompt Delivery. The Considerable Practical Experience Gained By Us Is Easily Accessible To Customers Because All Sales Enquiries And Technical Advice Are Handled By Senior Staff Members , Who Have A Sound Technical Background.

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9th Milestone, Ambala-Jagadhri Road, P.O. Khudda Kalan, Ambala Cantt-133104, Haryana(India)

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