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We, D.P.Engineers are a reputed name for Manufacturing Variety of Air Filters & Air Condioning Related Components.By providing clean air solutions to a large number of customers from power generation, refineries & petrochemicals, engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and allied industries, we have earned recognition in the market. The product range of industrial filters, we offer include Air Filter, Pre Filter, Fine Filter, Hepa Filter, Mini Pleat Hepa Filter, Bag Filter, Hi-Tem. Hepa Filter, Air Pipeline Filters, Gas Pipeline Filters, Liquid Pipeline Filters, Pocket Filters, Vacuum Filters, Hvac Filters, Wire Mesh Filter, Fuel Filters, Microvee Filter, activated carbon filters,Rod Type Filter,Rod Type Pre Filter,AHU UNIT,Air Curtain,Air Washer,Axial Flow Fan,Cellulose Paper Pad, Fan Coil Unit, Fresh Air Unit,Grill,Damper, Diffusers, Motorized Dampers, Acrylic Inclined Manometer,Magnehelic Gauge, Pass Box, Cooling Tower Fan Hub, Cooling Tower Motors, Cooling Tower Packing Pall Ring, Cooling Tower Sprinkler,Cooling Tower Fan, Cooling Tower Spray Nozzels,Cooling Tower PVC Fills,Air Shower,Laminar Flow Bench,Sampling Dispensing BoothOur company works under the leadership of Mr.D.P.SHARMA Phone 22483365,22083434,9871014210 E-Mail.,,
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Air Filter , Pre- Filter , Fine Filter , Hepa Filter , Mini Pleat Hepa Filter , Bag Filter , Hi-Tem. Hepa Filter , Air Pipeline Filters , Gas Pipeline Filters , Liquid Pipeline Filters , Pocket Filters , Vacuum Filters , Hvac Filters , Wire Mesh Filter , Fuel Filters , Microvee Filter , Activated Carbon Filters , AHU UNIT , Air Curtain , Air Washer , Axial Flow Fan , Cellulose Paper Pad , Cooling Tower Spray Parts , Fan Coil Unit , Fresh Air Unit , PVC Fills , Manometer , Magnehelic Gauge , Paas Box

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AHU UNIT, AHU UNIT,Air Handling Units, Air Handling Systems, Air Handlers, Air Conditioner Units, Air Washers,AHU unit D. P. Engineers manufacturing of single & double skin air handling unit and ceilng suspended units of higher capacity 800 cfm to 60000 cfm-v-beltt drive & direct drive static presure 10 mm to 300 mm w. G. Depends on the application and requirement. Technical...
Air curtain.
Air curtain., Air curtain,Air Conditioner Parts, Air Curtain, Air Conditioner Units, Air Conditioning Equipments,Air curtain. We offer clients air curtains, which prevent entering of air in a conditioned environment such as air conditioned or heated room. These generate an evenly distributed laminar air flow on the entryway and prevents wind borne contaminants such as dust, fumes and pollutants....
Air washer
Air washer, Air Washer ,Air Handling Units, Air Washers, Cooling Systems, Industrial Cooling Systems, Industril Cooler ,Air washer Capacity availiable : 2000 to 40000 cfm with single blower & 4000 to 80000 cfm with single & multiple blowers Base frame: the total assembly is mounted on a horizontal member of heavy mild steel channel. Fan section : constructed in gi sheet with inspection...
Axial Flow Fans (Duct Mounting)
Axial Flow Fans (Duct Mounting), Axial Flow Fans,Industrial Fans, Centrifugal Fan,Tube Fan,Tube Axial Flow Fans,Axial Flow Fans (Duct Mounting) Our clients can avail from us the complete range of Axial Flow Fans (Duct Mounting) which are in huge demand across the national and international markets. These are ideally used in providing basic ventilation, fume exhaust and elimination of hot spots and can...
Cellulose Paper Pads
Cellulose Paper Pads, Cellulose Paper Pads,Cell Deck,Cellulose Paper Pad, Paper Pads, Air Cooling Pad, Evaporative Cooling Pad, Paper Pads, Filter Pads, Air Washers, Air Conditioning Equipments,Membrane Filter System, Membrane Filters, Cooling Systems, Laptop Cooling Pads, Deck Board, ,Cellulose Paper Pads The cellulose paper pads, cross-sectional, specially treated flute media, is capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide maximum cooling efficiencies. the cooling pad is cross-corrugated to maximize the mixing of air and water and eliminate the excess water carried...

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