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Angara Forest Ltd is also producing healthy packaging (caskets, boxes, mugs) made of beresta (bark of a birch tree). Significant is the fact, that chaga put into beresta boxes considerably enhances its medical properties. We have scientific reports about positive and curable influence of beresta on any food staff stored in beresta packing. More details on betulin you can find here:
Our company, unlike many others, is capable to deliver from 500 to 5000 kg of premium chaga within 10 days from the date of receiving payment, providing all the necessary documents, guarantee of highest quality, fast shipment and reasonable price. For other companies it usually takes more then 3-6 months to obtain export license and no quality guaranteed. You can find our prices here: Moreover, we provide our customers with all the possible support for helping them to promote their chaga business within their countries (we provide recommendations and advice of Russian medical experts, scientists, advertisement on our web sites, as well as in the press etc.). You can find more details on our WEB site.

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Dear Sirs , Herewith We Would Like To Present Absolutely Remarkable Product - Siberian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) Or As It Is Sometimes Called - Birch Mushroom , Which Is Famous For Its Anticancer Properties Around The World. Our Company Is Involved In Export Trade Of This Incredible Mushroom To Many Countries. As You May Know , Chaga Mushroom With Sufficient Anticancerous Properties Grows ONLY In The North Of Irkutsk Region Of Russian Federation And Only Our Company , Called Angara Forest Ltd , Has Exclusive Official Right To Harvest Chaga In That Region. All The Rest Of Chaga Available Currently On The Market Is Just A Similar In Shape Birch Mushrooms But Absolutely Different By Its Chemical Composition And Its Medicinal Indices. Moreover , For Proper Harvesting And Drying Of Chaga , Trained Stuff As Well As Appropriate Facilities And Warehousing Is Needed. Otherwise The Chaga May Appear To Be Either Useless Or Even Dangerous If Contaminated With Infectious Diseases Through Homeless Labour Usually Hired For Chaga Harvesting By Many Russian Companies In Order To Economize On Their Expenses. We Have Our Own Professional Stuff Being Regularly Checked By Medical Doctors Before They Obtain Access To Work With Food Staffs. Also , Before Each Export Delivery All Our Chaga Is Subject To Careful Examination And Selection Thus Securing The Best Quality And Readiness Of The Goods For People To Use. The Importer Should Only Arrange Packaging For Retail Sales , Unless He Purchased Our Packing.

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