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Token Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

Token has been an industry leader dedication to the manufacturing of electronic components and automatic production systems since 1983. Manufacturer of passive components including High Voltage Resistor, High Resistance Resistor, Precision Resistor, Power Resistor, Wirewound Resistor, Aluminum Housed Resistor, MELF Resistor, Chip Resistor Array, Network Resistor, PGM Photo resistor, Carbon composition resistor, Non-Inductive Resistor, Fusible Resistor, Fuse Resistors, Power Inductor, SMT Inductor, RF Inductor, SMT Coil, Common Mode Coil, Choke Coils, Ferrite beads, Balun Transformers, Ceramic Resonator, Ceramic Filter, Ceramic Discriminator, Trap Filters, Dielectric Filters, Dielectric Resonators, Dielectric Antenna, SAW Filters, SAW Resonators, ceramic crystal resonators etc...
By the years experience in developing the "State of Art" production facilities, we have successfully applied the updated technology in a completed product line of manufacturing of passive components and achieved a good reputation in mass production of high quality products.
Our comprehensive experience and our advanced facilities in manufacturing of electronic components furnish us the expertise to supply consistent service and the highest quality products to comply with your specified requirements. please contact our sales for more information. or download PDF datasheet at
Products :
High Voltage Resistor , High Resistance Resistor , Precision Resistor , Power Resistor , Wire Wound Resistor , Aluminum Housed Resistor , MELF Resistor , Chip Resistor Array , Network Resistor , PGM Photo Resistor , Carbon Composition Resistor , Non-Inductive Resistor , Fusible Resistor , Resistors , Power Inductor , SMT Inductor , RF Inductor , SMT Coil , Common Mode Coil , Choke Coils , Ferrite Beads , Balun Transformers , Ceramic Resonator , Ceramic Filter , Ceramic Discriminator , Trap Filters , Dielectric Filters , Dielectric Resonators , Dielectric Antenna , SAW Filters , SAW Resonators , Ceramic Crystal Resonators , Metal Oxide Resistors , Jumper Wire And Zero Ohm Resistors , Photo Resistor , TO-220 Resistor , Thick Film Chip Resistor , RFID Transponder Inductor , Ceramic RF Inductors , SMD High Current Inductors , RF Baluns Transformer , Choke Coils , EMI Line Filters , Air Coils Inductors , Spring Coils , RF SMD Inductor , Ferrite Bead Filter , Baluns Transformer , Dielectric Patch Antenna , Ceramic Cement Fusing Resistor , Aluminum Encased Power Resistor

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Taiwan, ROC.
No. 137, Sec. 1, Chung Shin Rd., Wu Ku Hsiang, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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High Voltage Resistors
High Voltage Resistors, High Voltage Resistors,Token high voltage resistors offer rugged, reliable bulk, ceramic glaze glass type and custom design - to meet the extreme energy consumption requirements of the most demanding applications. Products extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications. All above trading...
Precision Resistors
Precision Resistors, Precision Resistors,Token precision resistors are primarily designed for precised equipments and conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. These precision resistors are available in various forming styles and provide defined interruption behaviour and different leads for different applications. Low TCR high...
Power Resistors
Power Resistors, Power Resistors,Token Wirewound Power Resistors for electrical industry range from large capacity metal clad, nonflammable fixed wirewound, nonflammable wave shape ribbon, slide type wirewound, box type, wirewound starter, to nonflammable flat wirewound type. Token extends a complete line for both military and...
Power Resistors Grid Box Wirewound
Power Resistors Grid Box Wirewound, Wirewound Resistors,An assembly-type enclosure contains DR series of and/or DQ series. The box offers excellent protection and safety. Type: Screw. Wattage: 200W ~ 4800W. All above trading conditions (Unit Price, MOQ, Lead Time..) are system default setting ( Only for your reference ). Please call or email for...
Power Wirewound Aluminum Housed Resistor
Power Wirewound Aluminum Housed Resistor, Aluminum Housed Resistor,Known for providing design engineers with a high power and ultra precision resistors. Standard winding & non-inductive winding type are both available. Features high stability, strong construction. Type: Screw. Wattage: 5W ~ 250W. All above trading conditions (Unit Price, MOQ, Lead...

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