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    we have instock now 200kg og gold dust alluvaites and also great large quantity of diamonds
    Safest Corrosion protection Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor packaging Products made from non nitrite and FDA compliant formulations: 01.VCI Paper, Vci Stretch Film, VCI Laminates, VCI liquids, VCI masterbatch,VCI Polyfilms and bags, VCI Tablets, VCI emitters etc. 02. Provide solutions to the corosion problems in supply chain as well as WIP. 03.Preservation & Mothballing applications.
    Blend fabrics(t/c, t/r, c/l, c/r), Poly or Viscose woven(georgette peachskin, moss crepe, back crepe satin, chiffon Taffeta, crinkle etc. ), 100%Silk fabric(raw silk, dupion, crepe dechine, chiffon, voile etc. ), Nylon net and crocheted fabrics., Polynosic and polynosic blended fabric Jacquards and dobbys
    CATV Coaxial Cable,LMR Coaxial Cable,UTP CAT5E Cable
    NdFeB, magnet, Ferrite, SmCo, AlNiCo, magnetic
    CARBON BLACK K-354 TEST METHODS, DBP Absorption, [cm3/100 g] 98-106 ASTM D-2414, Sieve residue [%] max, 35 mm, 0.0008 ASTM D 1514, 325 mm 0.04 , Ash content, [%] max 0.05 ASTM D 1506, Pour density [kg/m3] 150 ASTM D 1513 , Iodine Adsorption [g/kg] 80 ASTM D-1510 , Sulphur content [% max] 0.03 GOST 256999-50 , Fines content [% max] 6 ASTM D-1508
    Chicken Meat in Retort Pouch: Chicken Broth, Chicken Meat in Brine, Chicken Meat in Readymeal
    Laser Hair Removal Machine, IPL Hair Removal Machine, Lipo Laser Machine
    Ladies apperal & accessories
    linen & ramie fabric.
    Network card and VGA card, such as intel 8460B, intel 8460BN, intel 8460CN, etc.
    Gel pen,pencil, eraser,sharpeners,compass,riler,correction,carbon paper, staplers, paper punch, staples,poster color, oil pastel,dematograph pencil,stick note,retractable wax crayon,glue stick,.....
    We are a supplier of sport shoes,maily about nike,puma,timberland,jordan,air force1,2,air max etc.
    silica gel, silica gel blue, silica gel orange, silica gel beads, silica gel crystals, silica gel breather transformers
    Water Treatment Chemicals,Dyes & Dye Intermediate,Carpets
    Slewing Rings, Turntable Bearings, Slewing Bearings, Slew Bearings.
    PLC,INVERTER, CNC, DRIVE, INVERTER, Pressure transmitter, flow meter, temperature transmitter
    Video Door Phone,Audio Door Phone,Intercom System,Security & Safety,Video Phone, Audio Phone,Telecommunications,Wall Switch,Electrical Switch
    chrome oxide green, chrome yellow, lemon yellow, Titanium dioxide anatase, titanium dioxide rutile, lithopone, ultramarine blue, Iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide brown, iron oxide green and iron oxide orange Dyestuff, dye intermediate and other chemical products
    nylon, metal, plastic zipper