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    Dehydrate mashed potato granular ,complete,potato flours ,potato deribates,Cookies ,biscuits
    manifold, power tools, car repair tools, car cover, car perfume, seat cover and seat cushion, sun shade seriers, car antenna, car floor mats, anti-theft lock system, abs wheel cover, steering wheel cover, fog light series, universal car accessories, booster cable and battery clips, shift lever knob, third brake light, car polisher series, universal swing away wheel knob, car speaker, air compressor, foot pump, car fan series, car use working light, muffer exhaust tips, anti-slide foot pedals series
    Slip ring,Slip rings,Rotating Assembly,Rotary Electrical Interfaces,Rotary Electrical Connector,Collectors,Swivels,Electrical Rotary Joints,Slip ring motor,Joystick ,Mercury slip ring
    jute cloth,bag,yarn,twine (natural,bleached & dyed),Jute Tape,Rope,Nursery bag,pot,sheet,cbc,carpet/Rug & many more of natural jute fibres.
    furfuryl alcohol,furfural,petroleum resin,Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol,2-methyl furan
    grandfather clock,wall clock,cuckoo clock and mantle clock.
    curtain cloth, polypropleyne yarn, elastic, seawing thered etc
    Cassava tapioca
    wire stripping machine, crimping machine, enameled wire paint scraper
    sewage pumps, grinder pumps, all types of pumps wastewater treatment equipment.
    cereals,grains,sugar and mobile phones
    stainless steel wire mesh,square hole wire mesh, window screen, black wire cloth , protection netting, dutch weave wire mesh , nylon wire mesh ,hexagonal wire netting , crimped wire mesh ,welded wire mesh , wire mesh for roast,punching plate, conveyor belt and kinds of metal wire.
    Uninterruptible Power Supply, ,home UPS ,industrial ups, Home security products, CCTV security ,car security dvr systes, Surveillance Equipment ,etc
    oxytetracycline hcl bp2000 levamisole hcl bp2000 saccharine sodium bp98 sulphadimidine bp2002 sulphadimidine sodium bp2002 benzhexol hcl bp98P98 ammonium chloride bp98 paracetamol bp2000/usp25 aspartame fcc4 citric acid anhydrous bp98 sulphamonomethoxine sodium cpv2000 trimethoprim micro. bp98 ciprofloxacin hcl usp26 tilisin tartrate bpv2000 amoxycillin trihydrate bp2002 (powder) norfloxacin nicotinate 99% cyromazine potassium guaiacol sulphonate usp26 phenobarbitone ep4
    self drilling screw
    Such as crushing equipment, sand making equipment, concentration, crushing equipment, coal equipment, milling equipment, burning free brick equipment. gravel equipment, processing equipment, cement equipment, metal magnesium equipment。
    financing, consultancy, loan acquirezation and investment support.
    Leather fashion garments, sports-Gear like leather gloves, gloves of all kinds and sportswear for biking, cycling, snowboarding, athletic wear, skiing and football
    gravure printing roller, anilox roller, ceramic anilxo roller, mirror roller. embossing roller, rubber roller, metering roller, heating roller, hot roller, conveyor roller
    leisure chairs,beach chairs,foldable lounge chairs,rocking chairs,deck chairs,camping beds and so on