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    1) Canned fruits and vegetables: Peaches,apples,strawberries,cherries,grapes, pears,apricots,fruit cocktail asparagus, green beans, green peas, carrots, mushrooms, tomato paste and mixed vegetables, 2)Canned tuna 3)Fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables: Fuji apple,pear,peaches,apricot,strawberries, Garlic,ginger,Chinese cabbage, carrots, onions, green beans, spinach, 4 Preserved Fruits: Cherry,apricot,peaches,pears,apples 5)Peanut products: Raw shelled peanut, peanut in shell, blanched peanut, fried peanut
    Australia - Business Migration Opportunity
    According to customer s request, three series of tools can be supplied in our company, which are (1) various diamond tools (2) carbide tipped circular saw blades (3) reinforced cutting wheel bound with resin
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    peach wooden handicraft,swords, combs, automobile pendants, accessories, summer sleeping mat , pillow mat, eagle , year of birth , Goddess of Mercy , filling and making personages of Buddha , custom , leopard's head , the pendant , Buddha pear.
    crude oil (BLCO)
    titanium dioxide rutile, epoxy resin, selenium metal powder
    all kinds of lighting fixture such as Down light, Spot light, Flood light using the latest facilities
    Lubricants and aerosols cleaners and strippers for industrial sectors
    inflatable toys zorb ball
    vacuum press machine,edge banding machine,cnc router machine,woodworking drilling,precision panel saw
    construction machinery,construction elevator and tower crane
    Dear Sirs, we import following , telecommunication, pharmaceticual products, electronics, electrical products, marine spare parts, garments, texiles, aluminium& sheet, food& sea food, fish , meat flowers building materials , toiletries and jewellry.
    Medical Equipments specially used ultra sound scanners and printers
    high pressure laminate, decorative paper, etc.
    1.flash mp3(128MB--1GB)FM/Line-in/7 color backlignt optional. 2.HDD mp3(4GB/20GB) 3.flash pendrive(128m-1gb) 4.hdd pen drive(4gb) 5.OTB USB MP3 speaker 6.Car cassette adapter
    Electric Power Fitting, Overhead line fitting, Electric connector,parallel groove clamp,transformer connector, insulation piercing connector
    filter cloth,filter media,filter bag,filter belt,needle felt,dust bag,dust collector,polyester felt filter,air slide,vacuum clear filter,P84 needle felt filter
    Ginseng and all GinSeng related products.