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    electric fans, electric home appliances, water heater, ventilation fans and electric goods
    Magnetic Material , Magnetic Separator , Magnetic Material , Magnetic Assemblies , Magnetic Products , Magnetic Drawer , Channel Magnets , Bullet Magnet
    Vibratory finishing equipments and consumable, Sand blasting / shot peening equipment and sandblasting media Abrasive materials Spin casting machines, centrifugal casting machines, vulcanizer, electric melter, silicone rubber glass beads for grinding, micron-grinding & micro-dispersion, Evaporation boats Traffic marking equipmets
    pigment titaniumdioxide ,phthalocyanineblue thiourea dioxide food additive glycine,
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    mechanical seals,pump shaft seals,auto water seals,air-compressor lip seals,cartridge seals,welded metal bellows.orings,SIC rings,TC rings,Carbon rings
    We are interest to import selenium metal powder, cobalt metal, arsenic tri oxide, sodium nitrate, cadmium metal, zinc oxide. We are the manufacturer of glass bangles and other glass articles.
    solar road stud, solar garden light, switch, door bell, insulator, plug & socket
    automotive car and motorcycle batteries, motive power traction batteries,sealed VRLA stand-by batteries in gel and agm technologies, sealed and ventedtubular plate lead-acid stand-by batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, battery chargers and rectifiers, ups.
    office desk, file cabinet
    We are a chinese supplier with all kinds of fruits, and preserved fruits.we have a big shop and cooling store. We also have a factory can manufacture spanner and wrench,any enquiry are welcomed.
    ranging from Screen Printing Mesh Series(Polyester Mono PW DPP Series, Stainless Steel Printing Series, Nylon Mono PW JPP Series, Special Series) to Flour Milling Mesh Series (GG Series, XXX Series, Silk Series, Special Series) and Filter Mesh Series (Nylon monofilament filtration mesh (JPP), Nylon double filament mesh (JFP), Polyester Filter PET Series, Stainless Steel Filter Series, Filter Bags, Special Series) and Metal Mesh Series (Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Titanium Wire Mesh, Nickel Wire Mesh, Decoration Mesh, Conveyor Belt, Wedge Wire, Welded Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Fence, Galvanised Square Wire Mesh, Black Wire Cloth, Window Screen, Chain Link Fence, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal).
    Gaskets series spiral wound gasket,ring joint gasket,metal jacketed gasket,Non-metal flexible gasket ,asbestos joint sheet ,reinforced graphite composite gasket sheet ,reinforced non asbestos composite gasket sheet ,reinforced asbestos composite gasket sheet ,asbestos beater sheet ,asbestos beater sheets etc Packing series expanded graphite packing,reinforced graphite packing ,carbonized fiber packing,Kevlar fiber braided packing,pure PTFE fiber braided packing, Kevlar packing etc. Other series fiberglass yarn ,ceramic yarn ,expanded graphite yarn ,carbon fiber cloth,glassfiber cloth ,ceramic fiber cloth ,oil resistance sheets ,silicon sheets ,rubber o-ring etc.
    Polyresin decorative, optical fiber flower lamp optical fiber flower, tree, optical fiber lamp
    stone sink,copper sink,wood sink,granite sink,marble sink,onyx sink,travertine sink,sandstone sink,limestone sink,fossil stone sink,pedestal sink,stone bathroom sink,stone kitchen sink,copper bathroom sink, copper kitchen sink