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    stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, link fence...
    we are grateful of receiving your message and eager to announce that our group is completely ready to co-operate with your esteemed company .. Our professional group would be proud of introducing its activities very briefly: 1)truck, Rail, Ocean and Air transportation from/to CIS Countries, internal point of Afghanistan, Caucasian, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan. 2) Providing, buying and selling goods from/to Iran, CIS Countries, Caucasian, Russia and Afghanistan to all over the world for import or export. 1) Selling and buying empty cntr. 4) offering regular transport service from southern port of Iran such as Babes, Cahaba, B. Emma, Bushier and Khoramshehr to all over the world and also from northern ports of Iran such as Anzali, Amirabad and Noshahr to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and deferent point of CIS Countries. 5) South/North corridor service from India and China through B. Abbas and Anzali ports to Astrakhan and deferent point 0f Russia.
    artifical flower,basketry,coin sorter-counter-wrpper,
    sunglasses, sunglass, craft, arts, art, crafts, jewelry, body piercing jewelry, light stick, glow stick, r/c toy, toy, R/C plane, R/C car, file holder, craft clock, clock
    Ferrite, SmCo, AlNiCo, Flexible, pot magnet, sandwich, magnetic lifter, door catcher, magnetic holder
    horse carriage,golf vehicle, mobility scooter,marathon training carriage, recreational cart
    badminton racket,tennis racket,squash racket,sporting bags and accessories
    China Lishiban,sport wristband, sport head band, socks ,household textile,gift
    cigarette tubes, ceylon tea
    oxytetracycline hcl bp2000 levamisole hcl bp2000 saccharine sodium bp98 sulphadimidine bp2002 sulphadimidine sodium bp2002 benzhexol hcl bp98P98 ammonium chloride bp98 paracetamol bp2000/usp25 aspartame fcc4 citric acid anhydrous bp98 sulphamonomethoxine sodium cpv2000 trimethoprim micro. bp98 ciprofloxacin hcl usp26 tilisin tartrate bpv2000 amoxycillin trihydrate bp2002 (powder) norfloxacin nicotinate 99% cyromazine potassium guaiacol sulphonate usp26 phenobarbitone ep4
    rub-on sticker,vinyl decal, lettering,car vinyl,car decoration,motorbike decal,car graphics,die cut decal,self-adhesive decal,car decal, sticker, decal, label, weather proof decal,waterslide sticker silk printing,screen printing,self-adhesive sticker,vehicle sticker,motorcycle sticker, waterproof sticker,motor sticker,motor decal,e-bike sticker,sticker decal,packing tape, packing sticker,hologram sticker,laser sticker,hologram tape,barcode label,3D hologram sticker,security sticker,trade mark,2D hologram,3D sticker,3D label,sequential sticker,tag
    the range of zipper, include slider, zipper long chains
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    Audio Cassette Duplicators
    Diamonds, jewelry, gem stones, stationery, gift articles, chemicals, pens, pencils, Antiques, pottery, vases, artificial jewelry, flowers, watches, garments, plastics, computers etc.
    Modular Jack, RJ45 connectors, RJ45 Jack, ethernet socket, Magnetic modular jack, RJ45 jack over USB, RJ11, VGA, HDMI, FPC, USB, FPC
    Computer, electronics, crafts, home,office, toys, metals and minerals