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blouses , skirts , pants , watches , necklace , earrings etc.
Dear Sir , We r the wholeseller , retailer , stockist of computer accesories like head phones , monitor filter , printer cartrage etc. If any one interested to buy so pls feel free to contact me , Brgds Saady.
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Indoor LED Spotlight , COB LED Spotlight , GU10 LED Spotlight
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insulation sheets , gypsum board , cement board , marbles & granite both slabs and tiles
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FeiYaDe Fiberglass Mesh Factory is able to supply fiberglass insect screen , window screening , fiberglass mesh , glass fibre self-adhesive tape , coated yarn and screening for your windows , doors , construction and reinforcement applications. Alkaline coated fiberglass mesh is suitable for those application that additional strength and resistance is needed. Coated fiberglass mesh is designed to work as reinforcement in cementation applications such as an underlayment for floor or countertops in new construction and remodeling. The fiberglass mesh provides dimensional stability and enhances performance. Our alkali resistant finish produces a fabric that offers excellent resistance to chemicals that will attack standard fiberglass materials. Fiberglass screening (glass fiber screen) , is made of glass fiber by the means of filament plastic-coating process. Fiberglass screen is plain woven then going through high temperature-fixing.
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Hello Gentle man , As we are the leading exporters of Agri products from INDIA especially DRY RED CHILLIES , YELLOW MAIZE , RICE etc with expected quality. We will sent the maximum quantity as per your requirements. PACKING CONDITIONS ; We have excellent facilities for any packaging requirements. PAYMENT TERMS ; It must be processing only with Irrevocable L/c Atsight or TT type. Please contact us with L/C application with full banking information via FAX A.S.A.P. We'll accomodate you within your target price , payment terms and requirements. DELIVERY METHOD ; The products delivered to the importers that we are normally processing with FOB Method. We will sent our Price quotation and the samples as much as earlier with seeing your Very favourable reply. If you need other resources in INDIA , please don't hesitate to contact me for a prompt reply. We hope that we want to have your long term business relationship for mutual benefit.
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