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    we manufacture all kinds of cubic zirconia, synthetic ruby/corundum, synthetic sapphire, synthetic aquamarine/spinel, crystal glass and other synthetic gemstones, abundant in colors, sizes and shapes.If you are interested in our products.pls.don't hesitate to contact with us .we wil submit the competitive offer as soon as receipt of you r inquiry.For details
    Food Additive and Pharmaceutical raw material Calcium carbonate heavy , precipitate calcium carbonate ,calcium carbonate DC Grade . calcium citrate ,calcium citrate granular (with starch and without starch , two type ) L-calcium lactate ,L-calcium lactate granular , calcium acetate , calcium acetate granular , calcium oxide , calcium hydroxide , coral calcium , zinc citrate , zinc gluconate (powder and granular ), potassium gluconate (powder and granular ), magnesium citrate(powder and granular) , magnesium carbonate (powder and granular ) , magnesium oxide , Oyster shell powder (also named biological calcium carbonate , including powder and granular ) All these products (except zinc citrate ) are USP29 Grade . can be used in food industry and pharmaceutical area. Herbal Extract series products grape seed extract , pine bark extract , oyster extract , sea cucumber extract , apple extract , Hoodia extract , onion extract , mushroom extract and etc. Conjugated Linoleic Acid Product series (CLA) CLA-FFA 80% 95% oil , CLA-EE oil 80%, CLA-TG oil 80% . CLA-Powder , CLA-calcium , CLA-Soft capsule . CLA series products are largely used in Weight loosing (softgel ) and animal's feedingstuff . API Products Evodiamine 98% , Rutaecarpine 98% by HPLC and Synephrine base and Synephrine HCL
    tourmaline,vermiculite,quartz,ceramic granule,jade cobble, jade plates,jade powder.mica powder,Magnesium Metal
    A4 copy paper Coated duplex board Carbonless copy paper(NCR) in blue image
    furniture, garden furniture, wooden furniture, teak furniture, outdoor furniture
    cap belt
    crude oil grade Urals, mazut 40, mazut 100, diesel fuel, bunker oil, low-viscosity fuel. In limited amounts
    Key word:el wire, fibre wire,neon wire, colour wire. Feature:it include many colours such as red, orange, yellow,blue,purple,green,transparent and so is flexible,and can coiled any heat,no polllution,no hurt,soft and light.Except standard circle EL wire, we can produce EL rope ,double wire and other particular wire.It will help to do other adronments.
    mens and ladies knitted underwear and brief,knitted nightwear and pyjamas, children knitwear.
    artificial fur, plush toys , plush garments, blankets
    Shot blasting machine, dust collector, sand mixer, sand molding machine, core shooter machine, metal ladle, rubber machinery.
    embroidery machine, quilting machine, embroidery&quilting machine
    All Minerals Bauxite,Lime stone, Dolomite, Quartz Manganese,Clay etc.
    welding wir ,CO2 welding wire , Cyanuric acid
    Our company exports products of quality. frozen shrimp, tongue sole , Top shell meat , dried shark fin , dried fish maw , cooked cymbium cymbium , cooked abalone , cooked cymbium pepo , frozen cymbium pepo skin ,frozen yellowfin tuna , octopus , sepia , squid ,mackerel,sardines and other product seafood .
    Large Format Solvent Printer, Inkjct Printer, CNC Router, Leser Router , Leser Router, Plotter, POP printer, Card printer, Ink consumables.
    ceramic liners, high alumina ceramic tiles, ceramic bend, epoxy putty, ceramic coating, alumina coat, antisticking coating, cold welding, putty, corrosion resistant products, erosion resistant products, abrasion resistant products, machinable products, wear resistant coating, wear resistance and plant maintenance products, brushable ceramic coating, steel putty, ceramic pulley lagging, high alumina ceramics liners, high alumina ceramics equipments, pulley lagging, spiral chutes lagging, aerosols, cleaners, chutes wear problem, wear in chutes, screw conveyor wear, duct wear, fan casing wear, impeller wear, shaft wear, pump wear, power plant chutes with ceramic liner, coal chutes with ceramic liner, impact pad in ceramics, epoxy adhesive, emergency repair products, erosion resistant products, corrosion resistant products, abrasion resistant products, micro bead coating, carbide coating, epoxy resins and hardeners, polyamide resins, epoxy resins, epoxy esters, reactive diluents, hardeners and accelerators
    Iron Ore, Heavy Metal Scrap 1&2, Fruit Pulp (Mango), Raw Granite, Ceramic Tiles, Floppy &CDs
    Canned meat, wheat flour, sunflower seeds oil, margarine, chocolate, candy, pastry products like croissantes, swiss roll,