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    saddles, kettle shelves, kick-stnds
    Vacuum Packaging Bags,Foil Packaging Bags,Coffee Packaging Bags
    Network Distribution Box,Network Patch Cord,Network Patch Panel
    TXK brand products include: electric hoist 0.3t~25t, manual chain hoist 0.25t~20t, manual lever block 0.25t~9t; TXK products are widely used in molds, mechanical manufacture, logistics, railways, sgippingbuilding, construction of bridges and so on. Electric Chain Hoist 15T (HHSD15-06), Electric Chain Hoist (HHD03-02), Electric Chain Hoist (HHD02-01), Super-low Lifting Loop Chain Electric Hoist (CDD 03-02), Electric Chain Hoist (HHD0.5-01), Electric Chain Hoist 10T (HHSD10-04), Electric Chain Hoist (HHD05-02), Electric Chain Hoist 7.5T (HHD7.5-03), Manual Pulley (PC-01), Electric Pulley (DPC-02), Single-Track Power Trolley (T-1.8-180), Double-Track Power Trolley (PCT-500), Electric Pulley (DPC-0.5), Manual Pulley (PC0.5-01)
    Frozen seafood PD/PUD, Headless, ha kau, nuggets, breaded shrimp
    We sell Cashewnut, Cocoa beans and powder, coffee, teak wood, yellow corns, groundnuts, ginger, shea nuts and butter, etc....
    slipper, sandal, footwear, shoes
    hydrocarbon resin,Polyurethane Resin
    clow alloy structure plate, carbon structure plate, alloy structure plate,bridge plate, building structure plate,shipbuilding and oil platform plate, boiler and pressure vessel plate ,mould plate, pipeline plate ,armored tank plate, abrasion resistant plate and clad plate ect.
    Kinds of products we can supply as follows: 1.Optical Brightering Agent CBS-X (C.I.351) , 2.Melamine , 3.Triethyl phosphate, 4. Furyl alcohol, 5. Benzothiazole , 6. Triphenyl Methanol, etc.
    led display,led screen,led panel,led board,led message moving sign
    engineering machinery, mining machinery, medical machinery, coaches series and textile machinery and other electro mechanic products
    Palm oil manufacturer, bulk and packaging suppliers
    pigment titaniumdioxide ,phthalocyanineblue thiourea dioxide food additive glycine,
    i am indian loose diamonds dealers.all type of diamonds,all shapes, all size all purities in most reasonable inquiry are most welcome. i deal in lapidary, all agate iteams.pendulums,breads, neackles, and all massages sticks.all type of artworks.and mostly agats works.all type of tumble stones, and mis chips. i deal in all rough stones.fine yellow, pink. dark and green ,bands and tree, and francy aventurine. and moon stone, black tourmonline. i have fine indian geological minerals specimens, like green aphopolites,water colours aphopolites,cevencites, stilbites, hylendites,netrolites, mesolites, scolicites,fine and colloctes yugaverelites.and 24 boxes flats.which are filled with fine and colleted minerals.
    Video doorphone,video intercom system,audio intercom system
    David-Baker eyelid Retractor Metal scleral shield