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    Plumping accessories(faucet handles), Light accessories, furniture accessories, and other OEM.
    fashion handbags, tote bags,desiner bags,hobo bags, women (men) wallets, hotsale purses, leather shoes, dress high heels, sneaker shoes,cheap belts, silk scarves, Men (women) sunglasses
    all kinds of bias truck tyre and all kinds of motorcycle tyre and rubber wheel, wheel barrow
    Fan,air cooler, refrigerator, audio-vdo tape
    We are Dwa Pharmaceutical Manuf.Co.Ew have Tender For Government Hospital in Yemen.pls quote us your price A.S.A.P. we have tender for Yemen,for hospital government. Item Name Unit Qty -Halothane 250 ml bottle. 4000 -sevofluran 250 ml bottle 200 - Isoflurane 250ml bottle 1000 -Propofal(o/w)emulsion i.v amp 10mg/ml 20ml 12000 -Thiopental Sodium 1 g. vials 10 ml vial 5000 -Suxamethonium Chloride 500 mg .vial 5000 -Pancuronium Bromide 4 mg./2 ml. amp. 22000 -Atracrium 10 mg./ml. 2.5. ml. amp. 16000 -Lignocaine 2% 1.8 ml.(Dental cart.)amp. 500 -"Lignocaine 2% + Adrenaline 1.8 ml.amp. 10000 (Dental cart.) with dental needle -Lignocaine 2%+Adrenaline 50 ml.vial 500 -Lignocaine 2% 50 ml. vial 5000 - "Lignocaine 5% 2 ml. amp. 100 . (spinal-in 7.5% dextrose) -Lignocaine 2% gel 20 gm. tube 1000 -Lignocaine 2% Viseus 50ml. bottle 500 -Ephedrine 15 mg./ml 1ml amp 3000 -Pethidine 100 mg./ 2ml. amp. 15000 -Fentanyl 0.05 mg/ ml 10ml amp. 1000 -Metoclopramide 10 mg./ 2 ml amp. 20000 -Adrenaline 1mg. /ml amp. 60000 -Dopamine 40mg./ml. 5 ml. amp. 15000 -Dobutamine 250 mg./ vial 10000 -Furosemide 20mg./2ml. amp. 100000 -Amiodarone HCL 50 mg./ml. 3ml. amp. 5000 -Atropine 1mg. /ml. amp. 40000 -Tranexamic acid 100 mg./ml. 5 ml. amp. 5000 -Ethamsylate 125 mg / 1 ml , 2 ml. amp. 10000 -Etomidate 2mg/10ml amp. 1000 -Isoprenaline hydrochloride 1mg/ml 2ml amp. 5000 - Noradrenaline acid tartrate 2mg/ml 2ml amp 4000 -Sodium Nitroprusside 10mg / ml 5 ml vial 200 - Papaverine amp. 1000 - Phenylephrine Hcl 10mg 1ml 1ml amp. 500 -Esmolol 10mg/ml 10ml amp 500 -Adenosine 3mg/ml in physiolgical saline 2ml 200 -Tirofiban hydrochloraid 250mcg/ml 50ml vial 100 Best Regards Dr.Ahmed Al-sabahi
    1.Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) 2. White Oil 3. Iso-Butanol (IBA) 5. Methanol 6. Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) 7. Carbon Black 8. SBR 1502-1712 9. PBR-1220
    ups voltage regulator beaded handbags
    imitation jewelry (including ring, bracelet, earring, necklace, etc.) candles, straw bag and straw hat
    surfactant, ester, thermostatic wax, thermostatic element, PPVC,TiSlag, Pulvistalcl, plastic material and Anti-corrosion coatings.
    Pharmaceutical Excipients
    Diamond segment, diamond cut disc, diamond polishing pads, grinding wheel, grinding cup wheel, core drill bits, profiling wheel, ....etc
    drill bits,tricone bits,TCI bits,Drill pipe contact with us by
    Our product catalog include Bulletproof Vest / Jacket, Bulletproof Helmet, Stab Resistant Vest, Cut Resistant Glove, Cut Resistant Suit, Bulletproof Cloth, Bulletproof Plate, Surveillance Equipment, etc. Our factory qualifies ISO 9001:2000 certificated product, and our products is qualified with the General technical requirement of China Public Security Ministry for police bulletproof vest, also it's in line with the protection level of NIJ0101.04(USA).
    Office chairs, chairs accessories, casters and wheels,
    stone products.
    Storage Pallet Racking, Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, Selective Pallet Racking System
    cubic zirconia
    p(o)-nitroaniline, o-chloro-p-nitroaniline, p-chloro-o-nitroaniline, p(o)-phenylenediamine, paracetamol, analgin jades, and many others