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    MCS Connector, Spring Terminal Block, Screw Terminal Blocks
    massage bathtub acrylic,acrylic
    tassel, lace, fringe, and trimming cordingWe are a professional tassel ,lace bead fringe and other trimming decoration manufactory in China.With several years experience ,beautiful designs and reasonable prices,Welcomed by the customers all over the world.We can produce many type of according to the customers need.Any size and meterials.Ok pls contact me if you are interested in our products.Thank you
    a) WIRE: 1)Black annealed iron wire, 2)hot-dip and electro galvanized wire,3)stainless steel wire, 4)G.i. wire pvc coated, Bright wire pvc coated, 5)Galv. barbed wire,Razor wire. b)mesh: 1)stainless steel wire mesh, 2)galvanized wire mesh 3)welded wire mesh 4)brass wire mesh , 3)window screen 4)fence 5)diamond wire mesh 6)link fence wire mesh c) wire and mesh processed products 1) liquid filters 2) filter mesh,strainer 3)basket.
    We can export eggs in the following grades 1 Bullet or Small Size (40-45 gms) 3 Large Size (50-55g
    Tea,Leaf Tea,Tea Fannings,Green Tea,CHunmee Tea,Black Tea,oolong,Pu erh,Jasmine Tea,Flavored tea,Blooming Artistic Tea
    fastener rivet nut,blind rivet nut,pop nut,thread insert,nutsert
    predictive preventive maintenance planning and application
    Power tools,Belt driven compressor,portable Air Compressor,Auto Air compressor,Car air compressor,Mini air compressor,Metal air compressor,Piston air compressor,Plastic air compressor,Heavy duty air compressor,Screw air compressor,Rotary compressor,A/C compressor,DC compressor, High pressure washer,High pressur cleaner,Brush Motor series,Indocuction DC car washer,Power pressure washer,Electric Pressure washer,Gasoline pressure washer,Gasoline Engine pressure washer,Diesel Pressure washer,Premium Pressure washer,High pressure washer Accessories,Generator,Gasoline generator,Diesel generotor,Generotor set,Power generotor,Portable generotor,Gasoline generator set,Inverter generator,Digital inverter generator,New inverter generator set,Silent generator,LAWN mower,Electric Lawn mower,Gasoline lawn mower,Hand push mower,Lawn mower blade,Self propelled lawn mower,Ride on lawn mower,Gas Lawn mower,Self walk lawn mower,Side discharge lawn mower,LPG lawn mower,Hedge Trimmer,Electric hedge trimme,Gasoline hedge trimmer,DC Hedge Trimmer,Brush cutter,Grass trimmer,Gasoline brush cutter,Gas brush cutter,Garden tools,Gardening brush cutter,Cutter, Dr bursh cutter,
    Packaging, plastic, bio bag, correx, corex
    the main products such as : labour protection glove, knitting glove,pot holder, tablecloth apron,and so on ,what`s more , we can meet the customers` special need to made order.we can product according to your samples and design with your logo.
    Transformer board, transformer pressboard, precompressed pressboard, pre-compressed pressboard, insulating paperboard, insulating pressboard, laminated paperboard, core board paper, cone paper, tube paper, vegetable parchment paper, kraft paper
    Slap Bracelets, Keychain, Wrist Band,Key chain, Wrist Straps, Cotton Sweat ,Silicone Bracelets ,Lanyards, Neck straps, Mobile phone straps, Glass straps, ID pouches, mobile cleaners,flag, ID card, Badge
    supply :OTR tries ,heavy duty load tyres ,light truck tyres ,automobile tyrs,motorcycle tyres and so on .
    raw leather, wet blue, cow leather, pig leather, sheep/lamb leather, goat leather for garment, sofa, shoe upper/lining, cushion, belt, handbag, glove etc