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    Spices,Processed Spices,Agro Products,Herbs
    Excavator, Road roller, Loader, Crusher, Drilling machine, Concrete pump, Mining machinery
    hand-stick gold foil,gold mosaic,gold tiles,gold paper,gold painting,gold stamp
    Our products include horizontal and vertical lathes, drillers, table and floor boring and milling machines, CNC boring and milling machines, economical CNC lathe series, and CNC machine centers, etc
    HENG YOU series of products:phsophorous copper meshes,brass wire cloth,stainless steel wire meshes,zinc plated square-holed meshes,black iron wire cloth, medium carbon steel meshes, diamond meshes,electric welded meshes,hesagon meshes, diamond meshes,zinc plated window screen,painted window screen in various colors,AL-Mg alloy window screen,plastic window screen,glassfiber window screen,special shape meshes with various specification,fence meshes etc.
    pigment green 7, pigment blue 15:0, pigment blue 15:3, plastic colour, paint, ink, plastic colour, plastic pigment, pigment paste, pigment dispersion, coating, pigment powder, pigment red, pigment yellow, pigment violet
    Rifampicin, Rifabutin, Rifaximin, Rifapentine, Rifamycin SV Sodium, Rifamycin S, 3-Formyl Rifamycin SV, Isoniazid
    Dear Sir, we can supply you fresh Fuji Apple, Ya Pears, Shandong Pears, Carrots, Onion ect. and Dried Applerings, Dried Strawberry, Dried Apple Dices, Dried Cherry, Dried pears, Dried Apple, ect. FD Strawberry, FD Chinese Onion, FD Onion and all kind of fruits and vegetables. if you are interested in pls kindly let us have your idea. Best Regard Dana Diao
    commercial lighting,interior lighting, LED track lights, LED down lights, LED ceiling lights, LED office light,lighting fixtures and other interior luminaires.
    thiourea dioxide, methane sulfonic acid, zirconium tetra-n-butoxide
    steel products,hot rolled steel sheets,cold rolled sreel sheets,steel wire and rods, steelpipes, robotic welding equipments
    Mild Steel Prime Billets
    we have our own factory to produce Zinc Oxide,White Carbon Black, Silicon Dioxide and FT rubber active agent,ect.
    Rubber parts, Bearing, Auto Filter , Water plug, Brake Drum, Motorcycle parts, Piston Ring, Repair kits, Muffler Gasket
    Organice Fertilizer, Seaweed fertilizer
    We are interested to import following finished pharmaceuticals from Korea: Anti Cancer drugs & products Diabetic insulin and ant Diabetic products, Anti Hepatitis medicine, INTERFERON X 2b 3 MIU, X 2a 3 MIU, Hepatitis B-Vaccine, Paclitaxel,Docetaxel, Filgrastim (recombinant G-CSF), Dalteparin sodium (Low Molecular Weight Heparin) Topotecan HCl, Atrovastatin, Montelukast (Leukotriene receptor antagonist), Citicholine, Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone), Beef insulin, Human insulin Alprostadil, Citalopram, Epoetin beta, Epoetin alfa, Glimepiride, Lenograstim (recombinant glycosylate G-CSF), Molgramostim, Paroxetine, Perindopril, Prazosin, Quetiapine, Rofecoxib, Sertraline, Teicoplanin, Ticlopidine, Valsartan, venlafaxine, Interferon (Alpha 2b), Typhoid Vaccines, Chicken Pox (Vericella) Vaccine, Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine, Diagnostic Kit HCV + BHBV
    laminated glass,safety glass,tempered glass
    Cigarette Paper and Second Hand cigarette packaging machinary HLP series