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    < Handheld Digital TDS/Salt-Meter > *This product measures the concentration of dissolved NaCl/TDS in water using this Meter. *Simply immerse the tip of this Meter into liquids and know the NaCl/TDS content measurement in water. < Application Fields > : Health is indispensable to everyone -Indispensable for those with SALT health concerns. - Measure SALT intake amount periodically, must do Health-Care life at ordinary times. -Instantly and accurately measures the SALT content of liquids in your Kitchen or when Dining out. -Use for TDS content measurement in water (Fresh & Clean water) < Technology >: 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONS -Measurement : Salt / TDS / Temp -Range : 1> Salt: 0.00-5.00% 2> TDS : 0-999ppm(mg/L) -Accuracy : 1>Salt: 0.3% (0.00-2.0% / 20C) 2> TDS : 3% Full scale(20C) -Resolution : 1> Salt : 0.01-0.1% 2> TDS : 1ppm(mg/L) -Operating Temp : 0C-70C (32F-158F) -Display : 37x12mm LCD w/ 7 bargraph -Battery type/Life : LR44 x 3ea / Abt 1 month based on 10 times use per day -Dimension/Weight : 16x32x225mm / Abt 54g -Easy to read digital LCD Display -Slim and lightweight for use -Waterproof design floats in water(sensor part) -Fast response : Abt 6 Sec. -Auto switch off and temp compensation < WHAT IS TDS? > : Total Dissolved Solids The sum or all inorganic particulate material -Water contains a variety of minerals and salts,such as calcium,magnesium, carbonate,chloride and nitrates etc. TDS means the parameter measuring the total sum of all these compounds in water. -TDS is an indicator test used for wastewater analysis and is also measure of the mineral content of bottled water and groundwater. -TDS METER is the ideal meter for fish farming,agriculture,plating,water purification and for industrial pollution control application. =Day Salt Intake Limitation Amount of the Main Country= 1.U.S.A : Within Average 6g (Salt) per day 2.Japan : 10g 3.Britain : 4g 4.Korea : 8.7g 5.WHO : 10g (World Health Organization)