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    hair scissors, sewing scissors, barber scissors, bandage scissors, surgical scissors, office scissors, utility shears, cigar cutters, kitchen shears, garden shears, hair shears, pruning shears, thinning shears, suture scissors, stitch scissors, textile scissors, disposable littauer scissors, disposable wire-formed surgical instruments, stainless steel skin staple removers, Littauer Stitch Scissors, disposable surgical instrument, surgical instruments, disposable bandage scissors, disposable scissors, disposable surgical scissors, medical scissors, surgical scissors, disposable dressing forceps, Cigar Cutters, Cigar Scissors, xikar cigar cutter, cheap cigar cutter, guillotine cigar cutters, tabletop cigar cutter, v cut cigar cutters, cigar lighter, pinking shears, sewing scissors, embroidery scissors, fabric scissors, cloth scissors, fiskar scissors, fiskars scissor, fabric shears, gingher shears, applique scissors, tailor scissors, tailor shears, sewing shears, pinking scissors, thread scissors, textile scissors, fabric cutting, fabric cutters, gingher pinking shears, bonsai scissors, wiss shears, clauss scissors, heritage scissors, heritage cutlery, paper trimmers, paper cutters, paper scissors, shredder scissors, office scissors, folding scissors, antique scissors, fiskar scissors, fiskars scissors, shredder scissors, stainless scissors, stainless steel scissors, acme scissors, fiskars scissor
    rubber stopper .glass vials ,and alunium caps pharmaceutical packing
    Ground nut kernels, peanuts in shell, blanched kernels, roasted peanuts with red skin and inshell, sweet potato slices and sweet potato starch, corn starch,corn gluten meal/feed,corn grem cakes. animal fodders,animal additives.citric acid mono BP93 Food Grade, lentils,Chinese light speckled kidney beans,red kindey beans,white kindey beans,the small red mung beans 3.2mm up/3.6mm/3.8mm or 4.0mm up.Chinese yellow beans(small and big)non-GMO.sunflower kernels , white garlic and garlic powder, flakes, granules, fresh ginger, white pumpkin seeds ,red chiili and red chilli powder, vegetables,etc
    We provide all kinds of drinking straws,plastic drinking straws,art drinking straws,Flexible drinking Straw and disposable plastic tableware.
    magic mug, color change cup, change mug, color changing mug, personalized mug, custom mug, porcelain mug, ceramic coffee mug,
    water purfier, faucet, valve, sanitary wares ect.
    Zinc sulphate,Manganese sulphate,Ferrous sulphate,Barium carbonate
    professional exporter of variety of products from Wenzhou
    CANNA SCHNAPS (bottle 750 ml) - KOSHER CERTIFICATION - the one and only kosher Cachaca worldwide. - 100% double distilled in copper stills. - Aged one year in selected oak barrels partially mixed with fresh apple fruits. - Unequalled smoothness, pureness and mellow flavor. - Low acidness, soft and excellent for cocktails. - 42% alcohol/volume.
    Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting, Green Sand Casting, Aluminum Sand Casting, Grey Iron Casting
    Metal Buckle, Metal Lock, Snap Hook, Eyelet, Rivet, Chain, Zipper Slider
    Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearing,Precision Tapered Roller Bearings,Rolling Mill Bearings
    wire mesh,stainless steel wire mesh,fence,decorative wire mesh,welded wire mesh
    Garlic, Ginger, Onion and Potato
    Stainless steel wire mesh, Black wire cloth, Filter mesh/filter disc, Expanded metal mesh machine, Crimped wire mesh machine, Barbed wire machine, Oil Vibration sieving mesh, Steel grating, Plastic Coated Gabion mesh/box/ hexagonal wire netting
    Vanilla India Producer Company Limited (Vanilco) is a new venture, promoted by Indian Vanilla farmers, with active support of Infam (the biggest farmers association of India which aims at establishing self-reliant communities through empowerment and sustainable development), to protect the long-term interest of vanilla growers all over the country. It is a producer company with the twin objectives of promoting vanilla production and processing to international standards. The Vanilco is owned by the farmers and works in tandem with them to produce and market the best and choosy vanilla beans and extracts. Vanilco invites bids for the sale of vanilla beans short and vanilla beans long offered under the following grades. Grade A: 4 Mt. (Above 14 cm) Grade B: 1.5 Mt. (9cm-14 cm) Grade C: 0.5 Mt (Below 9 cm)
    titanium dioxide,LABSA, SLES, zinc oxide, sodium tripolyphosphate(STTP), oxalic acid, formic acid, glacial acetic acid, sodium formate, caustic soda
    food and drink, electronics, frozen fish, truckheads, etc
    pharmacetical raw material, chemical raw material
    Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Plate,Stainless Steel Plate,304 Stainless Steel Coil