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    Soda Ash,Acetylene Black,DOP plasticizer,Carbon Black,Oxalic Acid/Carboxylic Acid/Ethanedioic Acid,Hexagonal Boron Nitride,Glycerine,Di-Calcium Phosphate/Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)
    bugging devices survaillance surcurity spy equipment investigative services
    The catalogue of our products: Food additives/chemicals 1. ascorbic acid 2. sorbic acid 3. sodium saccharin 4. taurine 5. potassium erythorbate 6. citric acid 7. aspartame 8. DL-Alanine 9. Disodium 5’-Guanylate (GMP) 10.Calcium Propionate 11.Acesulfame Potassium 12.sodium benzoate
    textile -shirts polos pants jeans jackets branded and non branded
    All kinds of doors, and roll formed steel/metal door frames
    Silk fabrics, Garments , home furnishing
    Electro-Hydraulic Grab,grab bucket, dredging grab, Wireless remote control grab,clamshell grab,Timber Grab,dredging grab,Rope grab,Hydraulic Grab Bucket,Orange Peel grab bucket
    wooden item for festival decoration ,wizard series,antique box series.
    welded wire mesh,welded mesh panel,hexagonal wire netting,barbed wire,razor wire,welded mesh fence, Temporary Fence, chain link Fence, Curvy Welded Fence,field fence,Crimped Wire Mesh,and relative accessories.
    PP bag, jumbo bag, woven bag, container bag, bulk bag, big bag, FIBC bag.
    ICU ventilators,anesthesia ventilators,pulse oximeters
    Yokohama fender, pneuamtic rubber fender, faom filled fender, marine rubber airbag, ship launching airbag, marine salvage airbag
    Water Quality Testing(monitoring) Instrument, PH meter, conductivity meter, TDS meters, ORP meter, pNa meter, salt meter, rotary speed measurement of the machinery manufacturing equipment: Many functions tachometer, air quality testing instrument: thermometer, hygrometer, Others: Refractometer, Water pump. ph meter, TDS Meter, EC meter, ph aquariums, oxygen, conductivity meter, ph electrodes, Refractometer, tachometer, thermometer, pH meters, Orion pH meters, digital pH meters, Corning pH meters, soil pH meters, electronic pH meters, portable pH meters, aquarium pH meters, handheld pH meters, ion meters, ion analyzers, electrochemical meters, chlorine analyzers, pH testers,ph calibration,swimming pool ph meter,aquaculture ph meter,multifunctional ph meter,bench ph meter
    fully finished leather for exports such as cow,sheep,goat,buff.tannery based
    Tea ,(natural tea ,spring tine tea,box natural spring tine gifts ,jasmine longzhu tea,jasmine xianzhu tea.jasmine tea and green tea series etc).
    Common round iron wire nails,Square twisted nails,Concrete/cement/masonry nails,Paper strip nails,Coil nails, coil roofing nails,Clout nails, Galv. square boat nails,copper boat nails,Roofing nails,Panel pins,Oval nails,Flued nails,Stainless steel nails,Brad nails,Narrow Crown staple,Twisted nails,Ring shank nails,Duplex nails,Annylar thread dyewall nails, Pallet nails,Annylar thread underlay nails,Fence staple,Hardened screw type flooring nails,sulphur dye,leather dye,dye intermediates
    3CS,bicycle parts, outdoor and garden tool