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    garden tool, pruner,shear,hinge,spring hinge,twisted yarn,polyester,nylon,yarn
    Inflight supplies like beverage servers, tongs, trays, towels, textiles,gifts and High quality porcelain for business and first class guests.
    Scientific Instruments, Scientific Equipments, Lab Equipments like Autoclave, Automatic Water Still (Manesty type), Bacteriological Incubator,Bod Incubator, Colony Counter, Constant Temperature Water Bath, Double Walled Water Bath, Egg Poultry Incubator, Electric Bunsen Burner, Fum Hood Chamber, Heating Mantle, Hot Air Oven, Humidity Chamber, KJELDAHL Distillation Unit, laboratory Furnace, Laminar Air Flow Bench, Laminar Air Flow Bench (Vertical), Microprocessor Controlled, Mini Rotary Flask Shaker, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Oven and Incubator Combined, Rectangular Hot Plate, Rota Dyer Machine, Round Hot Plate, Serum Inspissator, Slide Warming Table, Ultra Cryostat Constant Temperature Baths, Ultra Low Freezers, Universal Bath, Vacuum Oven, Water Still.
    circuit breaker, contactor, relay, push button,starter,power supply, electric accessory
    perimeter security detectors
    synchronouns motor. stepping motor. dc gear motor. micro pump
    Dear Sir / Madam, We are
    Milkpowders from Holland(europe)special blends,butter,eggs etc etc.all dairy products. also the BEST QUALITY Calfmilk.(feed)products. ------------------------------------- ,Special BRASIL Products,,canesugar,soyabeans,corn, etc.
    paper machine,paper making machine,paper processing machinery
    HM Impex Enterprises is serving the needs of orthopedic Implants since its existing in 1999. The idea behind the establishment of our company was to provide better quality orthopedic implants on competitive prices with the imported stuff and to keep the implants within the reach of common man. The company started with its limited sources i.e. few machines and a work team of only four workers. The proprietor resulted in a well grown workshop with new machinery and skilled manpower. The production capacity has increased up to 40 times as compared to our beginning in 1999. Our company never compromise on standard materials AISI 316L for the production of our products. The finishing Techniques and designing of our products are carried on standardized
    Oxymetholone,Oxandrolone ,Progesterone,Stanozolol,Tibolone,Allylestrenol,Prasterone Enanthate
    Greetings, Dears, I need your cooperation in Joint business It's my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country. Though we have not met before but one have to believe in someone before having a success. I am still young, The only child of my late parent (Late) Dr Wiliams Kuame, Native of Sierra Leone. Due to the series of continuous war in our country. It is about an amount of money which is my inheritance from my late parents. The Amount is($8.600, 000.00) Eight Million, Six hundred thousand United.States dollars which my late father deposited in a credit commission/ finance firm outside our Country before he was assassinated by some unknown enemies persons belived to be hire killers. I want you to recieve the money and pay it into your account for the me safely. I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough for security and political reasons. I urge that you help me to invest this fund in your country in any lucrative venture you discover good while i continue with my educations Now permit me to ask these few questions:- 1. Can you honestly help me as your SON? 2. Can I completely trust you? 3. Can you get me a good school for the continuation of my educational carrier which was disrupts by the sudden death of my parents? If you can be of an honest and sincere assistance to me, I will be pleased to offer to you 15% of the total fund for your kind and humane assistance. Further details will be made known to you upon the confirmation of your interest to assist me with your full data and current Identity card attached. I am immensely waiting for your urgent response. With due Regards, WILFRED KUAME
    Tin, solder tin, alloys, tin oxide, tin tetrachloridre, pvc heat stabilizer, TBTO
    Our productsㄩ ﹛﹛1﹜Pottery and porcelain for room decoration: human and animals, alarm clock, angel ,casket, vases, big or small basket of flowers or colorful fruit plates, Dutch windmills or wind-bells, artificial bonsai ,etc; ﹛﹛2﹜Kitchen appliance: Sealed jars, sugar jars, coffee jars, sanitary ware ,etc. ﹛﹛3﹜Holiday decorations: Christmas or other holiday decorations, candles, arts and crafts; ﹛﹛4﹜Light pottery and porcelain: All kinds of light pottery and porcelain products;
    Insulation forming machine series ,insulating machine series, coil inserting machine , coil winding machine series, pre-shaping machine series ,intermediate shaping machine series,final shaping machine series,coil lacing machine series,automatic production line, coil inserting machine mould,shaping machine mould,coil winding machine mould, machine mould blade.
    Xanthan gum,Monosodium Glutamate,Sodium erythorbate,Potassium sorbate, Sorbic acid, sodium benzoate,benzoic acid,mannitol,sorbitol,Acesulfame,Aspartame,L-lactic acid,Lactic acid,L-malic acid,DL-malic acid,L(+)-Tartaric acid,DL-Tartaric acid,Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC),Bromelain,Papain,Sodium Alginate,sodium hyaluronate If you are interested in our products, please contact me by
    mixed pickles, following mixed pickle , mango pickle, garlic pickle, chilli pickle, carrot pickle
    Portable Air Coolers, Evaporative Air Cooler, Indoor Air Cooler
    Woven,Knit,sweater,Headwear,Home textile,Jute made product,Jute yarn,Silk fabric & garment etc.