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Product: Hello all buyer We are HX EXPORT CENTER as one of the big exporter of Agricultural in Vietnam and the products are made from Agriculture. We have exported large quantity to USA and Asian...,Tapioca starch, rice flour, seaweed, turmeric, ginger, chili, corn cob, bagasse briquette, cashew nut, cashew shell oil, rice husk pellet, wood pellet, rice husk briquette, Vietnam lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: tapioca starch,rice flour,seaweed
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Product: We are producers and exporters of arts and crafts of high quality. We are based in Viet Nam. Our products are made of lacquer, bamboo such as furniture, bowl, box, dish, vase, home decoration...and...,Bamboo, lacquer, handicrafts, furniture, home supplies, picture., Vietnam lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: bamboo,lacquer,handicrafts
DM Trading(South Africa)
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Product: DM Trading is an Import ?Export Company, privately owned and established in South Africa. Our aim is to supply quality products at good prices. We constantly negotiate special deals with...,Bacardi Breezer, Amarula cream, Red wine, white wine, Heineken, Amstel lager, Mr Brown Iced coffee, various fruit juice, Smirnoff Vodka, Gordon's Gin, various beer, various alco-pops, Colgate toothpaste, Axe, Vaseline intensive care, Vaseline petroleum jelly, Mentadent P toothpaste, Dove body lotion, Lux body lotion, Ego, Lux soap, Palmolive soap, Always pads, Pampers, Huggies, Kleenex tissues, Detol, Johnson and Johnson products, Kotex sanitary pads, Vicks vapor rub, brand name clothing, , South Africa lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,pigments and dyes,others
scrapscrapltd(United Kingdom)
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Product: hms 1 and 2 for sale . 300 MT HMS 1 & 2 ( 80:20) in containers2. 1000 MT Used Rails in bulk or containers below is our companys quotation of the products HMS 1&2 80/20 Chemical...,hms i and 2 scraps , United Kingdom lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: hms i and 2 scraps,packing material,plastic products
V-team Co.,Ltd(Vietnam)
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Product: Our company is a trading in Vietnam. We are strong in sell and service in scientific, agriculture, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and mechanic equipments such as centrifugal, PCR, grinding...,centrifugal, PCR, Elisa, Liquid handling, dissolve machine, grinding machine, seed polishing, tractors, tillage,... , Vietnam lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: centrifuge,grinder,tiles
Tra Vinh Food-Stuffs and Agricultural Products company(Vietnam)
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Product: Cá tra fillet: Pangasius Hypophthalmus: skinless, boneless, well-trimmed, belly off, fat off, (or untrimmed),.. Kích thướcSize: 60/120, 120/170, 170/220, 220 up Glazing: 40%, 35%,...,white meat, light pink, light yellow, steak, whole round pangasius headed., Vietnam lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: light pink,steak,white meat
Trelang Manufacture And Import-Export Co.,Ltd(Vietnam)
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Product: Established since 1999, beginning as a sub-contract workshop TRE LANG has profuse experience in bamboo projects of resots, hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shop, cafeteria, gardens, landscapes,...,rattan,bamboo funiture, gazebo, floor, basketwares, tray, lamp, bar,furniture, gazebo, fence, Vietnam lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: basketry,bamboo and wooden crafts,bamboo and wooden vases
Ergonomics Consulting C.A.(Venezuela)
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Product: Ergonomics Consulting C.A. is a trading company located in Caracas Venezuela. Most of the material that we offer is locate it in Germany. So, if you are interesting please send your requeirement by...,STOCK LIST FOR ENGINES (RECONDITIONED) acc. To Sales Range 1-2005 Make. KHD / SrNo. 2000 / Model. RBV-6M-545 / HP. 800/ Rotation rpm. 380 Make. KHD / SrNo. 2001 / Model. BA-6-M-528 / HP. 600/ Rotation rpm. 750 Make. KHD / SrNo. 2002 / Model. A-8-M-517 / HP. 150/ Rotation rpm. 1000 Make. KHD / SrNo. 2003 / Model. MAH-711 / HP. 5.5/ Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. KHD / SrNo. 2004 / Model. MAH-914 / HP. 9/ Rotation rpm. 1200 Make. MWM / SrNo. 2100 / Model. TRH-348 S u. SU / HP. 750/ Rotation rpm. 375 Make. MWM / SrNo. 2101 / Model. TRH-518-A / HP. 325/ Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. MWM / SrNo. 2102 / Model. TRH-KDW-415-Z / HP. 15 / Rotation rpm. 1000 Make. MTU / SrNo. 2200 / Model. 12-V-396-TB-33 / HP. 1350 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. MTU / SrNo. 2201 / Model. 10-V-443 / HP. 400 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. MTU / SrNo. 2202 / Model. 16-V-362 / HP. 1550 / Rotation rpm. 1550 Make. MTU / SrNo. 2203 / Model. 8-V-837 / HP. 770 / Rotation rpm. 2100 Make. MAN / SrNo. 2300 / Model. D-2542 ME / HP. 450 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. MAN / SrNo. 2301 / R-8-V-16/18 / HP. 450 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. MAN / SrNo. 2302 / Model. D-2566 / HP. 350 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. MAN / SrNo. 2303 / Model. D-2558-T / HP. 370 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. SKL / SrNo. 2002 / Model. 4VD 14/12,5 SRW / HP. 90 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Make. SKL / SrNo. 2003 / Model. 4VD 12-9,9 SRL / HP. 25 / Rotation rpm. 1500 Preise verstehen sich Netto, getestet und verpackt ab Lager Deutschland Prices are net of taxes, test run and packed ex ware house Germany Zwischenverkauf ist vorbehalten Subject to prior sale Gewährleistungsgarantien, Zahlungsbedingungen verhandelbar Warranty Guarantee, Payment Conditions negotiable GEN SETS Sr.No. 4000/Make. MTU Siemens/Model. 12-V-625/KVA 1500/Voltage. 11000/cy 50/Bh 5500 Sr.No. 4001/Make. MTU Siemens/Model. 12-V-396-TB-33/KVA 1250/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 1100 Sr.No. 4002/Make. KHD A.v Kaick/Model. BA-8-M-816/KVA 350/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 3500 Sr.No. 4003/Make. MWM Schneider/Model. D-232-V-8/KVA 110/Voltage. 440/cy 60/Bh 1870 Sr.No. 4004/Make. MWA A.v. kAICK/Model. TBRH-618-V-16/KVA 550/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 310 Sr.No. 4005/Make. SKL Dessau /Model. 8-NVD-26-A-3 /KVA 330/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 300 Sr.No. 4006/Make. FIMAG /Model. 12,5-14 SRW /KVA 45/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 65 Sr.No. 4007/Make. FIMAG /Model. 9.9? SRL /KVA 20/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 30 Sr.No. 4008/Make. SACM /Model. AGO-195 /KVA 1800/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 800 Sr.No. 4009/Make. MWM /Model. TRG-441-V-16 /KVA 1800/Voltage. 10500/cy 50/Bh 20500 Sr.No. 4010/Make. FIMAG /Model. 9.9? SRL /KVA 20/Voltage. 400/cy 50/Bh 30 Sr.No. 4010/Make. Wärtsilä /Model. 8-L-46 /KVA 9000/Voltage. 11000/cy 60/Bh 514 SHIP GEAR BOXES Sr.No. 3000/Make. Reintjes /Model. WAV-1400 /RATIO. 2.04/HP. 1040/RPM 720 Sr.No. 3001/Make. Reintjes /Model. WAV-461 /RATIO. 5/HP. 560/RPM 1800 Sr.No. 3002/Make. Reintjes /Model. WAV-400 /RATIO. 2.5/HP. 1000/RPM 750 Sr.No. 3003/Make. Reintjes /Model. WAV-400 /RATIO. 2.96/HP. 1000/RPM 900 Sr.No. 3004/Make. Reintjes /Model. BGA-200-A /RATIO. 3/HP. 250/RPM 1800 Sr.No. 3005/Make. Reintjes /Model. UHS /RATIO. 2/HP. 600/RPM 750 Sr.No. 3006/Make. I. & St /Model. GUS-280-A /RATIO. 4/HP. 458/RPM 1500 Sr.No. 3007/Make. I. & St /Model. GUU-280-A /RATIO. 2/HP. 450/RPM 3000 Sr.No. 3008/Make. Pont-A-Mousson/Model. PM/RATIO. 5/HP. 1450/RPM 1350 NEW 3100/ Make. TWIN-DICS/Model. MG-5145-SC/RATIO. 5/HP. 1300/RPM 2300 , Venezuela lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: testers,axe,mens and boys
Abelgu Finance Company(United Kingdom)
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Product: We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease,We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, at leasing price of 6+2 of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing, please let me know if you are interested in any of our services, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100% funding: For further details contact us with the below information. contact : Mr Abel Aguilar. Telephone: +447035954327 Email: BROKERS ARE WELCOME & 100% PROTECTED!!! Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and cases to our attention and in complete confidence we will work togethers for the benefits of all parties involve. Abel Aguilar, United Kingdom lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: at leasing price of 6+2 of face value,loan financing,other
ICI Ukraine(Ukraine)
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Product: Our company, ICI Ukraine, is an exporter of Ferro Alloys such as FeSi45, 65, 70, 72, 75; FeMn; FeCr; SiMn, etc. Our business is developing and our market is expanding. Our commitment to...,Ferrosilicon, Manganese Metal, Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicomanganese, Ferrosilicon Offgrade, Ferrosilicon Slag, Ukraine lag Manufacturers ...
Main Products: r_c toy cars,on_off night light,t_r t_c fabrics
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Aluminium Sulfate
Aluminium Sulfate Cas No.: 7784-31-8 Specification: Al2O3:15.80%min Fe: 0.70%max PH:3.0min Water Insolubles:0.15%max As:0.0005%max; Pb:0.002%max Granular size:15mm max(Flakys) Use: Treatment for the drinking water and water for industrial use. Packing:PP/PE 50kg/bag Email:Bonny211@gmail.
High Toughness Machined AISI H13 Hot Work Tool Steel Flat Bar
AISI H13 Machined Hot Work Tool Steel Flat Bar for Die Casting -- 50,000 tons Stock -- 7 warehouses and branches -- 47 sets of vertical band saw -- 100 sets of modern facilities -- A group of QC technicians -- Professional technical consulting Quick Details - - - - St
High Power Induction Tunnel Magnetic Lighting 120 - 277V Electronic Ballasts
High Power Induction Tunnel Magnetic Lighting 120 - 277V Electronic Ballasts Quick Detail: Item Type: Induction Tunnel light Lighting Source: Induction Lamp Square Series Input Voltage(V):90-305V ,220V Lamp Power(W): 80W-150W Lamp Luminous Efficiency: 75-85lm/W CRI:Ra>80 Co
mp500 digital Spot inverter welding machine master MIG double pulse
mp500 digital Spot inverter welding machine master MIG double pulse Quick Detail: Hanshen MP Series DSP welding machines are fully digital controlled inverter power source. Its core is digital signal processor(DSP). The DSP centrally deal with the welding data,controlling and monitor
CAT used loader
used anf all in good condition
Aluminum Coating Flat Mirror Optical Mirrors / High Reflective Mirror For Interferometry Folding
Enhanced Aluminum Flat Mirrors Optical Mirrors For Interferometry Folding Flat Mirrors Specifications: - - - - Diameter(mm) | 5.0 | DimensionalTolerance(mm) | 0.25 | ClearAperture(%) | 85 | Thickness(mm) | 2.0 | ThicknessTolerance(mm) | 0.25 | Su

TD27 cylinder head


Waterproof WPC Deck Flooring Recyclable For Pool And Seaside , wpc products

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