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Ningbo Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(China)
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Product: Ningbo Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly Ningbo Chinese Pharmaceutical Factory) Established in 1965, is a building manufacturer according to GMP requirements. Has been formed...,plant extract herbal extract, China natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: plant extract herbal extract,herbal,act
Qingdao Reach International Inc.(China)
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Product: Qingdao Reach International Inc is a multi-purpose international business entity, was established in 2000, located and registered in Qingdao City, Shandong Province of China. We specializing in...,FOOD INGREDIENT, HIGH POLYMER,ANTIOXIDANT,FEED ADDITIVE, FERTILIZER,PRESERTIVES,HERB EXTRACT,, China natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: food ingredient,antioxidant,feed additive
B&K Technology Group (China) Co., Ltd.(China)
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Product: This is Ms. Meleanor Lee from B&K Technology Group(China) Co. , Ltd. We are a leading ISO 9000:2001 and GMP manufacturer of herb extract , Capsule &Tablets (OEM) , food additives &....,herb extract,herbal extract,botanical extract,plant extract,capsules,tablets,supercritical,pharmaceutical machinery,extraction machine,natural food pigment, natural additives,natural preservative,Ginkgo Biloba Extract,Sucralose,Pueraria Flavones,Grape Seed Extracts,ε -Polylysine,epsilon Polylysine,green tea,, China natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: pharmaceutical machinery,extraction machine,supercritical
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Product: Xi'an Erica Botanical Products Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a professional producer that provides natural plant extracts for the industries including medicine and pharmaceuticals, health...,plant extract,herb extract,food additive,cosmetic skin care,flower essences,alon ,drugs& medications,flavor,herbalremedies,herbalremedy,health supplements, Taiwan, ROC. natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: plant extract,herb extract,food additive
Pioneer Enterprise(India)
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Product: High quality Herbal extracts, Herbal powders, Nutraceuticals, Essential oils, Phytochemicals, organic herbal extracts herbal,ayurvedic,herbs,vitamins,spices, ayurvedic diet,Herbal Supplements,...,Herbal powders, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Extracts, Natural food colors, Essential Oil, Natural Condiment Powder, fresh herbs, Floral products extract, Specialty Phytochemicals, organic farming, Ayurvedic formulation, Nutrition and Dietary supplements, Natural Essential oils, Spice oil, Floral concretes, bulk herbs, organic herbal extracts, organic herbs, powdered herbs, Super Critical Fluid Extraction, Aromatherapy oils, ayurveda herbs, Medicinal herbs, spice seasoning, Nutraceutical herbs, Oleoresins herbs, herbs and spices, plant extract, ayurvedic diet.natural products for Organic farming, Neem extracts, Neem Oil, Natural Extracts,botanical herbs,biopesticides,vitamin c, vitamin natural ,triacontanol, aromatheraphy, nim,margosa,neim,neembark,neemleaves,azadirachtin, herbal Chinese,oil,biotechnology,natural condiment powders, Pioneer Herbal India, India natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: nutraceuticals,herbal extracts,essential oil
Hangzhou Boda Biological Tech.Co.,Ltd.(China)
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Product: Our company is a high-technology and powerful enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and supplying purely natural plant extracts ? medical intermediary materials ? food additives ?health-care..., water-soluble red yeast rice 0.4%-2% non-citrinin red yeast rice 0.4%-1.5% red yeast rice 0.4%-2% Kombucha powder Chinese herbal extract, bee product, and other natural products, China natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,others,safety equipment and products
Nanjing Zelang Medical Technology Co.Ltd(China)
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Product: the details of the product as follows: Cortex Moutan Extract /tree peony bark extract/paeonia suffruticosa andr. 99%paeonol HPLC 8%-90%Paeoniflorin HPLC quercetin 95%HPLC leonurus sibiricas...,We are a manufacturer of plant extract and herb extract .We specialize in this field for several years, with the strength of traditional Chinese medicine and natural plant extracts of separation technology research and produce(such as Paeoniflorin,oybean Isoflavones P.E ,Synephrine ), with good quality and pretty competitive price. 000 green tea extract:30%-95% 001 Alfalfa Extract 5:1/5 Flavonoids 002 Asparagus Root Extract 4%~10 Asparagoside 003 Astragalus Extract 0.2%,0.4%/16%;70% Flavone&Polysacchrides 004 Billberry Extract 10%~25% Anthocyanidins 005 Black Coosh Extract 1.5%,2.5 Triterpene glycosides 006 Black Tea Extract 20%~30 Polyphenols 007 Bupleurum Extract 5% Bupleurum saikosaponins 008 Celandine Extract 2% Chelidonin 009 Cordyceps Extract 4:1 Cordyceptic aci 010 Citrus Aurantinum Extract 4%,6%,8% Synepherin 011 Dahurian Rhododendron Extract 70% Proanthocyanidin 012 Dandelion Extract 3% Flavonoids 013 Dongquai Extract 0.1% Ferulic Acid 014 Echinacea Extract 4% Phenolic 015 Elderberry Extract 5% Anthocyanidins 016 Epimedium Extract 5% Epimediosides 017 Eyebright Extract 4:1 Flavonoids 018 Fo Ti Extract 2% Phosphatide 019 Garlic Extract 2% Allicin 020 Gentian Root Extract 5% Gentianin 021 Giant Knotweed Extract 4%~20% Resvertrol 022 Ginger Extract 5% Gingerol 023 Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 24%/6%, 24%/4%28%/8%, 30%/10 Ginkgoflavoglycosides/Terpene Lactone 024 Ginseng Extract 16%~90% Ginsenosides 025 Golden Seal Extract 5% Total Akloides 026 Golden Rod Extract 5% Flavonoids 027 Gotu Kola Extract 10% Triterpenes 028 Grape Seed Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins 029 Grape Skin Extract 20% Proanthocyanidins 030 Green Tea Catechins 60%~85% Tea Catechins 031 Green Tea Extract 40~98% Polyphenols 032 Guarana Extract 16% Caffeine 033 Gynostemma Extract 20%~90% Gypenosides 034 Hawthorn Berry Extract 2.0% Vitexin 035 Hawthorn Leaves Extract 2% Hyperosides 036 Hibiscus Flower Extract 1% Anthocyanidins 037 Hops Flower Extract 0.30% Flavonoids 038 Horse Chest Nut Extract 20% Aesbin 039 Horsetail Extract 7% Silica 040 Jasmine Tea Extract 40% Polyphenols 041 Kava Kava Extract 30% Kavalactones 042 Kudzu Root Extract 90% Isoflavones 043 Licorice Extract 12%~26% Glycyrrhizic Acid 044 Mahuang Extract 6%,8% Ephedrines 045 Maitake Mushroom 15%,20% Polysaccharides 046 Milk Thistle Extract 70%, 80% Silymarin 047 Nettle Leaf/Root Extract 1~1.5% Silica 048 Notoginsemg Extract 10% Notoginsenosides 049 Ooling Tea Extract 30% Polyphenols 050 Pine Bark Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins 051 Red Clover Extract 8%/1% Isoflavone/Biochanin A&B 052 Red Yeast Rice Extract 0.4%,5% Lovastatin 053 Reishi Mushroom Extract 6% Polysaccharides /Triterpenoids 054 Rhodiola Extract 40%/1% Polyphenols/Salisorosides 055 Royal Jelly Powder(F/D) 6% 10-HAD 056 Schisandra Extract 9% Schisandrins 057 Senna Leaf Extract 4%,8% Sennosides 058 ****ake Mushroom Extract 6% Polysaccharides 059 Siberian Ginseng Extract 0.8% Eleutherosides B+E 060 Soy Bean Extract 40% Isoflavones 061 St. John's Wort Extract 0.3% Hypericin 062 Stevia Extract 80%, 90% Steviosides 063 Tribulus Fruit Extract 20%~40% Tribulus Saponins 064 Valerian Root Extract 10:1 Valeric Acids 065 Vitex(Chasteberry) Extract 5% Vitexin 066 White Willow Bark Extract 15% Salicin 067 Wild Yam Extract 4%,6%,8%,10%,20% Saponin on Diosgenin , China natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: chinese herb extract natural plant extract tea tea extract,alfalfa seeds lucerne medicago sativa,momordica
Acclaim Trading Company(Hong Kong)
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Product: We are a trading company based in Hong Kong. We mainly deal in natural beauty products from Thailand, although we also trade other products from Thailand and China. Establishing long term business...,We supply natural beauty products made from natural oils, plant extracts and other natural ingredients from Thailand. Products range from handmade soaps, home spa products e.g. bath salts & scrub, massage oil, body lotion, herb press ball, foot care products, hair care products, floating candles and incense and many more. , Hong Kong natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: ball,candles and holders,incense and incensory
DaXingAnLing Virgin Forest Plant Products Co., Ltd.(shirley at virginforestplant dot com)(China)
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Product: (shirley at virginforestplant dot com) We are one of the largest manufacturers of100% natural plant extracts and vegetable oil in China. The company is located in XiaoYangQi town,DaXinganLing,it..., plant extract, herbal extract, medicine, health product ,drink material,essence oil, beauty product, China natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: plant extract herb extract,plant extract herbal extract,plant extract
Bhagat Aromatics limited(India)
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Product: Menthol Crystals, Peppermint Oil, Spearmint oil, Basil Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Rosemary oil, Vetiver oil, Patchouli Oil, Ginger oil, Spikenard Oil, Valerian Oil, Curryleaf...,Bhagat's Natural menthol Crystals(99.99%), L-Menthol(99.9%), Peppermint Oil, Essential Oils, Spice oil, Oleoresins, Carrier oils, Plant Extracts, Natural Food Colours, Flavours, Organic Oils and Herbs., India natural plant extracts Manufacturers ...
Main Products: peppermint oil,essential oils,spice oil
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