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Jason Fidelity Consulting Ltd (Canada)(Canada)
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Product: Flavors,extracts,Ethyl Formate,Butyl Formate,Amyl Formate,Isoamyl Formate,Hexyl Formate,Benzyl Formate,Phenethyl Formate,Geranyl Formate,cis-3-Hexenyl Formate,Citroneyllyl Formate,Methyl...,Flavors,extracts,Ethyl Formate,Butyl Formate,Amyl Formate,Isoamyl Formate,Hexyl Formate,Benzyl Formate,Phenethyl Formate,Geranyl Formate,cis-3-Hexenyl Formate,Citroneyllyl Formate,Methyl Acetate,Ethyl Acetate, Propyl Acetate,Butyl Acetate, Isobutyl Acetate, 2-Methylbutyl Acetate, Amyl Acetate, Isoamyl Acetate,Hexyl Acetate,trans-2-Hexenyl Acetate,Heptyl Acetate,Octyl Acetate, Nonyl Acetate, Decyl Acetate, Benzyl Acetate, Eugenyl Acetate, Isoeugenyl Acetate, Citronyllyl Acetate, Neryl Acetate, Phenyl Acetate, p-Cresyl Acetate,Geranyl Acetate,cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate, Lauryl Acetate, Anisyl Acetate, Cinnamyl Acetate, Phenethyl Acetate, Jsmonyl, Linalyl Acetate, DMBC acetate, Methyl Propionate, Ethyl Propionate,Propyl propionate,Isobutyl propionate, Isoamyl propionate, Amyl propionate, Hexyl propionate, trans-2-Hexenyl propionate, Allyl cyclohexane propionate, Benzyl propionate, geranyl propionate, Citronellyl propionate, Cinnamyl Propionate, Phenethyl propionate, cis-3-Hexenyl propionate, Furfuryl Porpionate, Methyl butyrate, Ethyl butyrate, Propyl buryrate, Isopropyl butyrate, Butyl butyrate, Isobutyl butyrate, 2-Methylbutyl butyrate,Amyl buryrate, Isoamyl butyrate, Hexyl butyrate, Cyclohexyl butyrate, tran-2-Hexenyl butyrate, Heptyl butyrate, Octyl butyrate, Allyl butyrate, Benzyl butyrate, Geranyl butyrate, cis-3-Hexenyl butyrate, Citroneyllyl butyrate, Cinnamyl butyrate, DMBC butyrate, Phenethyl butyrate, Buty btyrate, Furfuryl butyrate, Methyl isobutyrate, Ethyl isobutyrate, Propyl isobutyrate, Butyl isobutyrate,Isobutyl isobutyrate,Isoamyl isobutyrate,Hexyl isobutyrate, Octyl isobutyrate, Cinnamyl isobutyrate, Benzyl isobutyrate, Neryl isobutyrate, Phenethyl isobutyrate, 3-Phenylpropyl isobutyrate, 2-Phenxoyethyl isobutyrate, Geranyl isobutyrate, cis-3-Hexenyl isobutyrate, cis-3-Hexenyl isobutyrate, p-Cresyl isobutyrate, Methyl 2-methylbutyrate, Ethyl 2-methylbutyrate, Isobutyl 2-methylbutyrate, n-Butyl 2-methylbutyrate, 2-Methylbutyl 2-methylbutyrate, Amyl 2-methylbutyrate,Isoamyl 2-methylbutyrate, Hexyl 2-methylbutyrate, Heptyl 2-methylbutyrate, cis-3-Hexenyl 2-methylbutyrate,Phenethyl 2-methylbutyrate,Ethyl valerate, n-Butyl valerate, Amyl valerate, Hexyl valerate, trans-2-Hexenyl valerate, cis-3-Hexenyl valerate, Benzyl valerate, Methyl isovalerate, Ethyl isovalerate, Butyl isovalerate, Isoamyl isovalerate, Amyl isovalerate, Hexyl isovalerate, cis-3-Hexenyl isovalerate, Benzyl isovalerate, Phenethyl isovalerate, Geranyl isovalerate, Methyl hexanoate, Ethyl hexanoate, Propyl hexanoate, Allyl hexanoate, Butyl hexanoate,Isobutyl hexanoate, trans-2-Hexenyl hexanoate, 2-Methylbutyl hexanoate, Amyl hexanoate, Isoamyl hexanoate, Hexyl hexanoate, Phenethyl hexanoate, cis-3-Hexenyl hexanoate,Ethyl 2-ethylhexanoate,Heptyl hexanoate, Furfury hexanoate, Benzyl hexanoate, Methyl heptanoate, Ethyl heptanoate, Butyl heptanoate, Octyl heptanoate, cis-3-Hexenyl heptanoate, Allyl heptanoate, Methyl octanoate, Ethyl octanoate, Butyl Octanoate, Isoamyl octanoate, Hexyl octanoate, cis-3-Hexenyl octanoate, Allyl octanoate, Decyl octanoate, Benzyl octanoate, n-Heptyl octanoate, Amyl octanoate, Phenethyl octanoate, Methyl nonanoate,Ethyl nonanoate, Allyl nonanoate, Isoamyl nonanoate, Phenethyl nonanoate, Methyl decanoate, Ethyl decanoate, Butyl decanoate, Benzyl decanoate, Heptyl decanoate, Isoamyl decanoate, Isobutyl decanoate, Isopropyl cinnamate, Butyl cinnamate, Isobutyl cinnamate, Allyl cinnamate, Amyl cinnamate, Isoamyl cinnamate, Phenethyl cinnamate, Benzyl cinnamate, Methyl Benzoate, Ethyl benzoate, Butyl benzoate, Isobutyl benzoate, Hexyl benzoate, Amyl benzoate, cis-3-Hexenyl benzoate, Methyl phenylacetate, Ethyl phenylacetate, Butyl phenylacetate, Isobutyl phenylacetate, Amyl phenylacetate, Isoamyl phenylacetate, Eugenyl phenylacetate, Hexyl phenylacetate, Benzyl phenylacetate, Phenethyl phenalacetate, cis-3-Hexenyl phenylacetate, Geranyl phenylacetate, p-Cresyl phenylacetate, propyl phenylacetate, Allyl phenylacetate, Citronellyl phenylacetate, Methyl salicylate, Butyl salicylate, Isoamyl salicylate, cis-3-Hexenyl salicylate, Hexyl salicylate, γ-Hexalactone,γ-Heptalactone,γ-Nonalatone,γ-Decalactone,γ-Undecalactone,γ-Dodecalactone,Ethyl laurate, Isoamyl laurate, Benzyl laurate, Methyl myristate, Ethyl myristate, Ethyl palmitate, Ethyl oleate, Diethyl malonate, Dimethyl succinate, Diethyl sebacate, Triethyl citrate, Ethyl lactate, Butyl lactate, cis-3-Hexenyl lactate, Methyl 3-methylthiopropionate, Ehtyl 3-methylthiopropionate, Methyl 2-methyl-2-pentenoic acid, Ethyl 2-methyl-2-penenoate, Ethyl 2-methyl valerate, Methyl trans-2-hexenoate, Ethyl trans-2-hexenoate, cis-3-Hexenyl trans-2-hexenoate, Methyl trans-3-hexenoate, Ethyl trans-3-hexenoate, cis-3-Hexenyl trans-3-hexenoate, Methyl trans-2-octenoate, Ethyl trans-2-octenoate, Methyl-2-nonenoate, Allyl phenoxyacetate, Anisyl alcohol, Cinnamyl alcohol, trans-2-Hexenol, 2-Phenoxyethyl alcohol, 2-Methyl-2-pentenoic acid, 2-Methyl valeric acid, trans-2-Hexenoic acid, trans-3-Hexenoic acid, Dimethyl sulfide,Dibutyl sulfide, Isoeugenyl benzyl ether, p-Cresyl methyl ether, Dimethyl hydroquinone, Acetaldehyde diethyl acetal, trans-2-Hexenal diethyl acetal, Octanal diethyl acetal, Nonanal diethyl acetal, Hexanal propylen glycol acetal, trans-2-Hexenal propylene glycol acetal, Hexanal propylene glycol acetal, trans-2-Hexenal propylene glycol acetal, Hexanal diethyl acetal, Heptanal propylene glycol acetal, Octanal propylene glycol acetal, Furfural propylene glycol acetal, Citral propylene glycol acetal, Vanillin propylene glycol acetal, Ethyl vanillin propylene glycol acetal, Heliotropin proylene glycol acetal,Fructone, Fraistone, Benzaldehyde glyceryl acetal, Lemonile, 40%Acetaldehyde in alcohol solution, Canada allyl hexanoate Manufacturers ...
Main Products: flavors,extracts,ethyl acetate
Jiali International Corp.(Taiwan, ROC.)
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Product: Dear Sir or Madam: This is from Jiali International Corp., and pleased to know you.. We obtained your details from your website, and wish to introduce our company. As a...,Monosodium Glutamate,Citric Acid ,Citrates ,Potassium Sorbate ,Sorbic Acid , Ascorbic Acid , Sodium Benzoate , Xanthan Gum,Medicine raw material ,intermediate,3-(trifluoromethyl)cinnamic acid,Anaphalis Oil,Fructone,Palmitic Acid,Ethyl Benzoate,Methyl Hexanoate,Allyl Hexanoate, Taiwan, ROC. allyl hexanoate Manufacturers ...
Main Products: monosodium glutamate,citric acid,potassium sorbate
Zouping Mingxing Chemical CO.,LTD(China)
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Product: Zouping Mingxing Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, It is the pilot-scale experiment base of UNILAB Research Center of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Zhejiang University, and has established...,Diallylamine, Allyl alcohol, Dichlormid, pivaloyl chloride, Rechargeable Batteries, Acetyl acetone, Furazolidone, dibromomethane, Oxytetracycline HCl, China allyl hexanoate Manufacturers ...
Main Products: diallylamine,allyl alcohol,dichlormid
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