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Sanyam Exports(India)
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Product: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers & Exporters of Dyes & Pigments in the name P.D. INDUSTRIES Established in 1971. Since then the company has improved and expanded its product...,Basic Dyes Malachite Green-Basic Green - 4-42000**Diamond Green-Basic Green - 1-42040**Methylene Blue 2b-Basic Blue - 9-52015**Methylene Blue (Zinc Free)-Basic Blue - 9-52015**Victoria Blue B-Basic Blue - 26-44045**Victoria Blue R-Basic Blue - 11-44040**Methyl Violet-Basic Violet - 1-42535 **Auramine (O , Oh)-Basic Yellow - 2-41000**Auramine (Sprit Soluble)-Basic Yellow - 2-41000** Rhodamine-Basic Violet - 10-45170**Basic Magenta-Basic Violet - 1-42520**Basic Magenta-Basic Violet - 14-42510**Chrysodine-Basic Orange - 2-11270**Bismark Brown-Basic Brown - 4-21010**Bismark Brown R-Basic Brown -1-21000**Crystal Violet-Basic Violet 3-42555** Liquid Dyes Malachite Green Liquid-Basic Green - 4-42000**Victoria Blue B Base Liquid-Basic Blue - 26 44045**Rhodamine B Base Liquid-Basic Violet - 10-45170**Brillant Green Liquid-Basic Green - 1-42040**Methyl Violet Liquid-Basic Violet - 1-42535**Ethyl Violet Liquid-Basic Violet - 1-42535** Crystal Violet Liquid-Basic Violet 3-42555 Sulphur Dyes Sulphur Black-Sulphur Black -1-53185**Solubilised Sulphur Black-Sulphur Black -1-53186** )Sodium Thiosulphate-Sugar Grade & Textile Grade (Hypo) Pigments Range Ultramarine Blue-Pigment Blue 29-77007 (Laundry & Industrial Grade)**Chinese Blue-Pigment Blue 27-77510**Prussian Blue-Pigment Blue 27-77510**Alpha Blue-Pigment Blue 15-74160**Beta Blue-Pigment Blue 15.3-74160**Phthalocyanine Green-Pigment Green 7-74260 Solvent Dyes Victoria Blue Base-Solvent Blue 4-44045:1** Methyl Violet B Base-Solvent Violet 8-42535:1** Rhodamine B Base-Solvent Red 49-45170:1**Chrysoidine B Base-Solvent Orange 3-11270:1** Cryastal Violet B Base-Solvent Violet 9-42555:1 Acid Dyes Acid Black 210**Acid Black 10 Bx-Acid Black 1-20470**Patent Blue H'conc-Acid Blue 1-42045 ** Comassie Blue-Acid Blue 15-42645**Acid Patent Blue As-Acid Blue 7-42080**Erigulosine G D/Conc . 200%-Acid Blue 9-42090**Acid Milling Violet 4bs D/Conc-Acid Violet 17-42650**Acid Violet 4 Bs-D/Conc-Acid Violet 49-42640 Food dyes Tartrazine-Food Yellow 4-19140** Sunset Yellow Fcf-Food Yellow 3-15985** Ponceau 4r / New Coccine-Food Red 7-16255** Carmoisine / Azorubine As-Food Red 7-14720** Indigo Carmine / Indigotine-Food Blue 1-73015 **Erythrosine-Food Red 14-45430 **Amaranath-Food Red 9-16185 **Quinoline Yellow - Ws-Food Yellow 13-47005 **Brilliant Blue Fcf-Food Blue 2-42090 **Chocolate Brown/Brown Ht-Food Brown 3-20285 **Allura Red-Food Red 17-16035 **Patent Blue V-Food Blue 15-42051 **Food Green S/Brilliant Green Bs-Food Green 4-44090 **Black Pn / Brilliant Black Bn-Food Black 1-28440**Fast Red E-16045** Optical Brighteners Ob White 2ba/2b/2b Conc-Brightener 24**Ob White Hi-Brightener Reddish** Ob White Whn-Brightener 253** Ob White Pc-Brightener 124** Ob White 2b Liq-Brightener 220** Ob White R-Brightener 199**Ob White Bvn-Brightener 1** Ob White 4bm-Brightener 28, India sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: pigments and dyes,tiles,dryers
TianJin TaoShi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan, ROC.)
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Product: The process begins in your plant. Your Aidelong consultant may ask our laboratory to analyze your needs. Aidelong consultants and field service technicians bring years of experience to provide...,Pigment Red , Oxalic Acid , Acetone , Glacial Acetic Acid , Sodium salt , High Density Polyethylene , Chrome Oxide Green , Caustic soda solid , Red Lead , Xanthan gum , Dioctyl Adipate , Pentaerythritol , Formic Acid , Sodium Metabisulfite , Carboxyl Methyl Celluiose CMC , Lithopone , Caustic Soda Pearls , Dioctyl phthalate , Phosporic acid , Sulphur Black , Aluminum Sulfate , Calcium Chloride , mercury , Food grade caustic soda flakes , Dodecyl Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid , Sodium hydroxide , Sodium Tyipolyphosphate , Sodium Hexametaphosphate , Caustic Soda flakes , Urea..., Taiwan, ROC. sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: pigment red,oxalic acid,acetone
zhengzhou bestchem imp. and exp co.,ltd.(China)
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Product: Situated in Zhengzhou city of the Central part of China, a beautiful city alongside the Yellow River, Bestchem I & E. Co. Ltd is probably the epitome of Chinese new chemical economy. It is an...,01. Aluminum Sulphate 02. Polyaluminium Chloride 03. Benzoic Acid 04. Borax 05. Boric Acid 06. Calcium Carbonate 07. Calcium Chloride 08. Carbon Black 09. Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose 10.Chrome Yellow 11. Ferrous Sulphate 12. Formic Acid 13. Iron Oxide 14. Lithopone 15. Oxalic acid 16. Pentaerythritol 17. Petroleum Resins 18. Sodium Benzoate 19. Sodium Bicarbonate 20. Sodium Hydrosulphite 21. Sodium Hyposulphite 22. Sodium Sulphite 23. Stearic Acid 24. Sulphur Black 25. Titanium Dioxide 26. Zinc Chloride 27. Zinc Oxide 28. Zinc Sulphate , China sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: axe,tea,carbon
Hebei Jie Dyes Co.,Ltd(China)
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Product: We are one of the manufacture and exporter in China. We manufacture and export various dyes like acid dyes, basic dyes, sulphur dyes,like sulphur black br,sulphur black bn,sulphur black 521,sulphur...,sulphur black , direct dyes , acid dyes basic dyes sulphur dyes, China sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: sulphur black,direct dyes,acid dyes basic dyes sulphur dyes
Qingdao HengZhiYuan Chemicals Co.,Ltd(China)
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Main Products: caustic soda,sodium hexametaphosphate,sodium metabisulphite
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Product: Fullboom Chemical (SJZ) Company is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter. Our ,Sulphur Black , sulphur yellow brown 5g , sulphur yellow gc , sulphur bordeaux 3b auramine o , malachite green crystal , chrysodine , China sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: sulphur black,sulphur yellow brown 5g,sulphur yellow gc
Henan Luoran Co.,Ltd.(China)
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Product: Henan Luoran Co., Ltd is situated in one of the ten most charming cities, Luoyang. It is the largest manufacturing base of dye intermediate 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene in China. It has Shanghai Dipu...,The company key products are Sulphur Black , 2 , 4-Dinitrochlorobenzene , 2-Amino-4-Nitrophenol , 2 , 4-Dintrophenol (Sodium Salt) , , 6-Bromo-2 , 4-Dinitroaniline , 6-chloro-2 , 4-Dinitroaniline and so on., China sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: 4-dinitrochlorobenzene,2-amino-4-nitrophenol,4-dintrophenol (sodium salt)
Golden Bridge Ent. Inc.(Turkmenistan)
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Product: Dear Sirs, Our Company, Golden Bridge Ent., Inc., Ajman, UAE, deals with different chemical products during 6 years. The main our business is the export of chemicals and raw materials from...,CARBON BLACK K-354 TEST METHODS , DBP Absorption , [cm3/100 g] 98-106 ASTM D-2414 , Sieve residue [%] max , 35 mm , 0.0008 ASTM D 1514 , 325 mm 0.04 , Ash content , [%] max 0.05 ASTM D 1506 , Pour density [kg/m3] 150 ASTM D 1513 , Iodine Adsorption [g/kg] 80 ASTM D-1510 , Sulphur content [% max] 0.03 GOST 256999-50 , Fines content [% max] 6 ASTM D-1508 , Turkmenistan sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: site and landscaping,axe,tents
Pacific Rubbers (P) Ltd.(India)
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Product: We provide services as sourcing agents for the Raw materials for the Rubber Industry, Rubber goods as per customer specifications, from India.,1. Carbon black , Rubber chemicals , Reclaim rubber , Clays , Calcium carbonates , Silica , Sulphur , etc. 2. Moulded , Extruded and Callendered rubber goods., India sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: chemical,carbon,cars
Mega Global Industries Supply(Malaysia)
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Product: Mega Global Industries Supply was established in 1999 at Penang Malaysia . Our objective is to market and distribute a variety of Malaysia Made ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) products and Cleanroom...,yellow chlorinated powder free rubber finger cots , anti-static rubber finger cots , ordinary powder free rubber finger cots , sulphur free rubber finger cots , black conductive rubber finger cots , PU coated nylon gloves , PU Palm Fit nylon gloves , PU top fit nylon gloves , anti-static rubber band , conductive grid tape , powder free latex gloves , powder free nitrile gloves , cleanroom latex gloves , cleanroom nitrile gloves, Malaysia sulphur black br Manufacturers ...
Main Products: gloves,tapes,fasteners and rubber bands
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Sulphur Black BRN
sulphur black BRN C.I.No.:C.I. sulphur black 1 Strength:100% Apperance: Black powder Package: 25kgs/ carton.pp bag,iron drum Usage: They can be used in dying for cotton spinning products.
Sulphur Black BR 200%
Standard: Q-14100LRB007-2004 标准:Q-14100LRB007-2004 Appearance: Black Granular 外观 黑色颗粒 Na2S content: ≤1% Na2S 含量:≤1% Granularity: 40um 粒度:过40目筛 Remains:≥45% 残余物:≥45% Density: 0.65-0.75 堆测密度:0.65-0.75 Color : Same as Stan
Modular Drawer Cabinet
1. Aluminum Ergonomic handle with labels inserted; 2. Centralized safe lock, avoiding drawers to slide accidentally; 3. Partitions and dividers inside the drawer, high density storage for tools, parts and other items; 4. 3-piece type design of cabinet body structure, more firm and endurable; 5.
Windscreen Clean Silicone Windshield Wipers BOSCH Type Gray Refill Color
Windscreen Clean Silicone Windshield Wipers BOSCH Type Gray Refill Color Silicone Car Wiper Blade for Windscreen Cleaner, Size from 12inch to 28inch, BOSCH Type - - - - Brand Name: | CLWIPER | Model Number: | CL607S | Certification: | CE | Place of Origin: | China
White Oxford Cloth Durable Inflatable Dome Party Tent For Advertising
White Oxford Cloth Durable Inflatable Dome Party Tent For Advertising Quick Detail: The tent is made of PVC material. The shape and color can be customed according to the clients requirements. It is suitable for family, school, backyard, shopping mall and playing center and so on.
Bright Green 1 - 16 Layer 1oz Copper Led Printed Circuit Board For Market, Advertisement
BrightGreen1-16Layer1ozCopperLedPrintedCircuitBoardForMarket,Advertisement Description: - - - - Layer | 1-16 | Material | FR4 | Thickness | 1.6mm | Surfacefinishing | HAL/ENIG | Copper | 1oz | Test | ElectricalTest | - - - -

Excellent color fastness Textile Dye , Vat Dyes for dyeing cotton / seat belt webbing

Environment Frendly Water - insoluble Textile Dye for Leather / Paint / Plastic industry

paper dyestuffs Textile Dye , high fastness Vat Dyes for Fabrics Cotton

Sulphur Black
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