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Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,Ltd(China)
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Product: The main products are as follows. If you are interested in any products. Please contact with me: 1 5-HTP 2 Resveratrol 3 Tongkat Ali Extract (Material from Malaysia) 4 Bilberry Extract...,Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,Ltd Herbal Extracts and Ingredients product list : Product Name Latin Name Specification Active Ingredient 1 5-HTP   Griffonia Seed  50~99% 5-Hydroxyiryninphan (HPLC)2 Adenophora Extract  10:13 Agrimory Extract  12:14 Aiye Leaf Extract  4:15 Akebia Caulis Extract  10:16 Alfalfa Extract  5% Total Flavonoids (UV-VIS)7 Alisma Extract  20:1,10:1,4:18 Almond Extract  4:19 Aloe Vera Extract  100:1,NF1110 Althaea Rosae Root  Extract  7:111 Anemarhenae Asphodeliodes Extract  4:112 Andrographis Paniculate Extract  4~95% Andrographolide (HPLC)13 Angelica Extract  1% Ligustilides (HPLC - USA Methods )14 Angelicae Pubescentis Extract  4:115 Asari/Wild Ginger  Extract  10:1,4:116 Asparagus Root Extract  5% Asparagosides (HPLC),10:1,4:117 Astragalus / Bay Chi Extract  0.2~0.4% Flavone & 16% Polysacchrides18 Barley Grass Juice Extract  20:119 Barley Grass Powder   Powder20 Bamboo leaves extract  8-24%Flavones & 2-10% lactones21 Banaba Leaf Extract  1%~10% Corosolic Acid22 Bilberry Extract  15~25% Anthocyanidins (UV) 23 Bitter Melon  Extract  30:1, 60:1,10% Charantin24 Bitter Sophora Root Extract  90% Matrine (HPLC),5:125 Black Bean Peel Extract  15:1 (1% Antho-)26 Black Cohosh Extract  2.5~5% Triterpene glycosides (HPLC)27 Black Tea Extract  30~60% Polyphenols (China UV-VIS)28 Boewellia Sorrata Extract  60% Boewellie Acids29 Bupleurum Extract  5% Bupleurum saikosaponins (UV-VIS),5:1 Company: Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,LtdAdd.: F30,DongMenYiHao Building,No.459 Wanjiali Road,Changsha,China,410003 Changsha, China 410016Contact: Ricky Telephone: 86 18932487892 Fax number: 86-731-84285992Http://www.herbwaybio.comMsn Messenger: ricky@herbwaybio.comE-mail: 30 Burdock Root Extract  4:131 Burdock Seed Extract  40% Arctiin & Arctigenin,4:132 Carrot Juice  20:1   (1% beta-carrot )33 Cascara Sagrada Extract   4:134 Cassia Nomame Extract  8~60% Dimer Flavan (UV-VIS)35 Cassia Tora / Juemingzi Extract  10:136 Cat Nut Extract  4:1,8:137 Cat’s Claw Extract  3~15% Alkaloids (HPLC)38 Caulis Spatholobi Extract  20:139 Celandine Extract  2% Chelldonine (HPLC),4:1,10:140 Chasteberry Extract  5% Vitexin (HPLC) / 15:1,4:1,10:141 Chondroitin Sulfate (Bovine)  90% Chondroitin Sulfate (HPLC)42 Chrysanthemum Extract  10:143 Chrysin Extract  99% chrysin44 Chitosan  90%45 Cinnamon  Extract  4:1,20:1 Water Soluble46 Cinidium Extract  50~90% Osthole (HPLC)47 Cistanche deserticola Ma Extract  2:1~10:148 Citrus Aurantinum Extract  4~90% Synepherin (HPLC)49 Cloves Extract  4:150 Codonopsis Root Extract  4:151 Coleus Forskohlii Extract  20%~98% Forskohlin52 Coptis Root Extract  10% Berberine (HPLC),10:153 Cordyceps Extract Extract  40% Cordyceptic Acid/Polysaccharides54 Coriolus Mushroom / Yunzhi Extract  10~20% Polysaccharides (UV-VIS),10:155 Cornsilk(Job’s Tears Extract) Extract  4:156 Corus officinals  4:157 Corydalis Yanhusuo W. T. Wang Extract  80% Tetrahydropalmatine (HPLC),4:1,25:158 Cranberry (Bilberry) Extract  4:1,10:1,5~25%59 Cranesbill Extract  4:160 Curcumin  30~95% Curcuminoids (HPLC)61 Cuscutae Seed (Dora) Extract  10:162 Dahurian Rhodoendron Leaf Extract  50~70% Proanthocyanidins (UV-VIS)63 Dandelion Extract  3% Flavonoids (HPLC),4:164 Dryopteris Extract  4:165 Echinacea Purpurea Herb Extract  4% Phenolic Compounds (UV-VIS),4:166 Elecampane Flower Extract  4:167 Elecampane Root Extract  4:168 Epimedium Extract  5~30% Icarrin (HPLC)69 Eucommia Bark Extract  20:170 Eucommia Leaves Extract  10:171 Evodia  Extract  20:172 Eyebright Herb Extract  4:173 Fennel Seed Extract  4:174 Fenugreek Extract  4:1,40% Hydroxyl-ILE75 Flaxseed Extract  20%~80% Secoisolariciresinol Diglycoside (SDG)76 Fo Ti / Ho Shou Wu Extract  2% Phosphatide,4:1,12:177 Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract  50% Hydroxycitric Acid78 Garlic  Extract  1~2% Allicin (HPLC)79 Gastrodia Rhizoma Extract  20:180 Galanthamine Hydrobromide   99% Galanthamine (HPLC) *******************************************Company: Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,LtdAdd.: F30,DongMenYiHao Building,No.459 Wanjiali Road,Changsha,China,410003 Changsha, China 410016Contact: Ricky Telephone: 86 18932487892 Fax number: 86-731-84285992Http://www.herbwaybio.comMsn Messenger: ricky@herbwaybio.comE-mail: *******************************************81 Gentian Root Extract  5% Gentiopicroside (HPLC),4:182 Ginger Root Extract  5% Gingerols (HPLC),8:183 Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract  24%/6% (<5PPM)84 Ginseng Root ( American ) Extract  80% Ginsenosides (UV-VIS)85 Ginseng (Panax ) Extract  10~80% Ginsenosides (UV-VIS)86 Gineng Root Extract  7% Ginsenosides (HPLC), 80% Ginsenosides87 Golden Rod Extract  5% Flavonoids (HPLC)88 Golden Seal Root Extract  5~10% Alkaloids (HPLC)89 Gotu Kola Herb Extract  10~80% Triterpenes (HPLC)90 Grape Seed Extract  95% Proantocyanidins (UV-VIS)91 Grape Skin Extract  5% Resveratrol,20~30% Polyphenols (UV-VIS)92 Green Tea Catechins  20~80% Catechins /10~50% EGCg  (HPLC)93 De-caffeinated Green Tea Catechins  20~90% Catechins /10~60% EGCg/<1% Caffeine (HPLC)94 Green Tea Catechins (Ethyl Acetate Free/Grain Alcohol/Water Extraction only)  60~90% Catechins /35~65% EGCg/<1% Caffeine (HPLC)95 Green Tea EGCg  70~95% EGCg (HPLC)96 Green Tea Theanine  20~98% natural L-theanine (HPLC)97 Gymnema Extract  4:1,25% Gymnemic Acids (UV-VIS)98 Gynostemma Extract  20~90% Gypenosides (UV-VIS)99 Hawthorn Berry Extract  2% Vitexins (HPLC),4:1,7:1100 Hawthorn Leaves Extract  2% Hyperosides (HPLC)101 Hedyotis diffusa Extract  12:1102 Hibiscus Flower Extract  1% Anthocyanidins (UV-VIS),4:1103 Honey Suckle Flower Extract  7:1,25% Chlorogenic acid (UV-VIS)104 Honey Suckle Stem Extract  10:1105 Hops Flower Extract  0.35% Flavonoids as Rutosid (HPLC)106 Horse Chest Nut Extract  20% Aesbin (UV-VIS)107 Horsetail Extract  2~7% Silica (Atomic Absorption)108 Houttuynia Extract  10:1109 Huperzia Serrata Extract  1~99% Huperzine A (HPLC)110 Hydrangea Root Extract  4:1111 Inula racemosa Extract  0.2% Alkaloids112 Isatis indigotica fort Extract  60% Indirum,10:1113 Jasmine Tea  Extract  40% Plyphenols (UV-VIS)114 Kava Kava Extract  30% Kavalactones (HPLC)115 Licorice Root Extract  10~26% Glycyrrhizic Acid (HPLC, 100% Natual Extract)116 Ligusticum Extract  10:1117 Ligustrum Extract  20% OLE - Acid,10:1118 Lobelia Intiata Extract  4:1119 Longan Aril Extract  4:1120 Loquat Leaves Extract  15:1121 Lovage Extract  4:1,6:1122 Luo Han Guo Extract  Concentrated Juice 60° Brix123   12:1,80% Mogrosides,25%~45% Mogroside Ⅴ124 Lutein  5%-80% Lutein125 Lycium Extract  15% Polysaccharides (UV-VIS)126 Lycoris radiata Herb Extract  98% Galanthamine (HPLC)127 Macleaya cordata Extract  35% Sanguinarine (HPLC)128 Magnolia Bark Extract  Magnolol+Honokiol 90%HPLC129 Maitake Mushroom Extract  15~20% Polysaccharides (UV-VIS)130 Malva Verticillata Extract  4:1131 Medicago Extract  10% Coumestrol132 Milk Thistle Extract  80% Silymarin (HPLC),80% Water soluble133 Morinda Root Extract  4:1134 Motherwort Extract  5:1,20:1 *******************************************Company: Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,LtdAdd.: F30,DongMenYiHao Building,No.459 Wanjiali Road,Changsha,China,410003 Changsha, China 410016Contact: Ricky Telephone: 86 18932487892 Fax number: 86-731-84285992Http://www.herbwaybio.comMsn Messenger: ricky@herbwaybio.comE-mail: ******************************************* 135 Moutan Black Extract  10:1,20:1136 Mucuna Extract  20% L-Dopa (HPLC),20:1137 Mulberry Leaf/Berry Extract  10:1138 Mustard Seed Extract  10:1,20:1139 Nardostachytis Extract  10:1140 Nettle Root  Extract  1% Silic Acid (HPLC),4:1141 Notoginseng Root  Extract  10:1,4:1142 Notoginseng Leaf Extract  80% Notoginsenosides (HPLC),4:1143 Notopterygium Root Extract  12:1144 Nuphar Pumilum Root Extract  12:1145 Nutgrass Extract  4:1146 Oat Straw Extract  10:1147 Ocimum sanctum  Extract  0.2% Alkaloids (HPLC)148 Oleanolic acid Extract  98% Oleanolic acid (UV-VIS)149 Oolong Tea  Extract  30~90% Polyphenols (UV-VIS)150 Ophiopogonis Extract  20:1,5:1151 bitter orange extract   98% Hesperidin 152 Paeonia lactiflora Pall Extract  4:1,10:1,80% Glycoside153 Passion Flower Extract  4:1154 Peppermint Extract  4:1,8:1155 Pine Bark Extract  95% Proanthocyanidins (UV-VIS)156 Pinelliae Extract  4:1,7:1157 Piper nigrum Extract  10% Piperine158 Plantago Herb Extract  10:1159 Plantago Seed Extract  4:1160 Poncirus  Extract  4:1,10:1161 podophyllotoxin  95% HPLC    98% UV162 Poria Cocos   Extract  4:1~20:1,10% Polysacchorides (UV-VIS) *******************************************Company: Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,LtdAdd.: F30,DongMenYiHao Building,No.459 Wanjiali Road,Changsha,China,410003 Changsha, China 410016Contact: Ricky Telephone: 86 18932487892 Fax number: 86-731-84285992Http://www.herbwaybio.comMsn Messenger: ricky@herbwaybio.comE-mail: ******************************************* 163 Phyllanthus emblica  Extract  35% Polyphenlos (UV-VIS)164 Pu Erh Tea  Extract  15~30% Polyphenols (UV-VIS)165 Pueraria/Kudzu  Extract  40~95% Isoflavones (HPLC)166 Pumpkin Seed   Extract  4:1,10:1167 Pygeum Africanum  Extract  25% Phytosterols168 Quercetin  98% Quercetin (UV)169 Rabdosia japonica Hara Extract  60% Diterpene170 RADIX STEMONAE Extract  4:1,10:1172 RADIX PLATYCODI Extract  4:1,8:1173 Raspberry Extract  4% Raspberry ketone (HPLC),4:1,12:1174 Rauwolfia serpentina Extract  4:1175 Red Clover  Extract  2.5~40% Isoflavones (HPLC)176 Red Peony Extract  12:1,Paeoniflorin 40%177 Red Rice Yeast Extract  0.5~1.5% Lovastatin (HPLC)178 Rehmannia(Cooked) Extract  4:1,6:1179 Reishi Mushroom Extract  4:1,10~30% polysacchrides180 Resveratrol  10~99% Resveratrol (HPLC)181 Rhizoma Drynaria Extract  10:1182 Rhizoma Cibotii Extract  4:1183 Rhodiola Extract  40~50% Polyphenols, 1~3% Salisorosides184 Rhubarb Root Extract  9% Anthaquivone (HPLC),10:1185 Rosehips Extract  5% Ascorbic Acid, 5:1186 Rosemary Herb Extract  6~25% Carnosic Acid (UV-VIS),4:1187 Salvia Root Extract  8:1, 2%~20% Tanshinone IIA188 Sarsaparilla Root Extract  4:1189 Saw Palmetto Berry Extract  25~90% Fatty Acids & Sterols (GC),4:1190 Schisandra Berry Extract  2~9% Schisandrins (HPLC),10:1191 Scultellaria Root Extract  10:1192 Scutellaria baicalensis Grorgi. Extract  80~95% Baicalin (HPLC),4:1193 Semen Coiois Extract  15:1194 Semen Cuscutae Extract  5:1195 Sesame Extract  30%, 60%, 90% Sesamine196 Senna Leaf Extract  4~8% Sennosides (HPLC),4:1197 Shavegrass Extract  2% Silica (Atomic Absorption)198 Shiitake Mushroom Extract  6~15% Polysaccriarides (UV-VIS),4:1199 Siberian Ginseng  Extract  1% Eleutherosides B + E (HPLC)200 Siberian Milkwort  4:1201 Siler Extract  4:1,12:1202 sinomenine   98%203 Soy Isoflavones  10~80% Soy Isoflavones (HPLC)204 Spirulina Powder   60% Protein (UV-VIS)205 Stephania cepharantha Hayata Extract  80% Total Alkaloids206 St. John’s Wort Extract  0.3% Hypericins  (UV-VIS/HPLC)207 Stemonae Extract  5:1208 Stevia  80~90% Steviosides, 20%~80% Reb.A209 Sunflower  Extract  5:1 (100% Water Soluble)210 Tea Saponin  60% Saponin (HPLC)211 Teasel Root Extract  8:1212 Terminalia bellerica Extract  60% Tannins (UV-VIS)213 Terminalia chebula Extract  40% Tannins (UV-VIS)214 Theaflavins  10~60% Theaflavins (HPLC)215 Thyme Extract  4:1216 Tangeretin   98%217 Tongkat Ali Extract   25:1,100:1218 Tomato  Extract  6% Lycopene (HPLC)219 Tribulus Terrestris Extract  20~40% Tribulus Saponins (HPLC)220 Turmeric Root Extract  30~95% Curcuminoids221 Uva Ursi Leaf (Xiong Guo) Extract  20% Arbutine,4:1222 Valerian Root Extract  0.8% Valerianic Acid,5:1,10:1223 Vitex/Chasteberry Extract  5% Vitexin (HPLC),4:1,10:1224 Wheat Grass Extract  4:1225 White Atractrylodes Extract  4:1,10:1226 White Kidney Bean Extract  12:1 , 1% Phaseolin227 White Peony Extract  1.5% Albasides (HPLC),80% Glycosides (HPLC),30% peaoniflorin228 White Tea Extract  30~90% Polyphenols (UV-VIS)229 White Willow Bark Extract  12~25% Sallcin (HPLC),4:1230 Wild Yam Extract  8~16% Saponin on Diosgenin (HPLC),10:1231 Wormwood Extract  4:1,98% Artemisnin232 Yohimbe Bark  Extract  8~98% Yohimbines233 Ziziphi Extract  2% Jujubiside (HPLC),10:1 , China Terminalia Chebula Manufacturers ...
Main Products: 10:1,60:1,china
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Main Products: tamarind kernel powder,gum olibanum,annatto seeds
Svm Exports(India)
[ Profile | Inquiry Now ] [ Importer and Exporter] [Tel:91 461 4002353]
Product: SVM EXPORTS, a company engaging in the cultivation of medicinal plants and undertaking marketing and exporting of medicinal herbs and natural drugs.We are actively involved in cultivation of..., Acorus Calamus, Aloe Vera, Alpinia Calcarata, Andrographis Paniculata, Asparagus Racemosus, Azadirachta Indica, Bacopa Monniera, Bixa Orellana, Carica Papaya, Cassia Angustifolia, Cassia Fistula, Centella Asiatica, Coleus Forskohlii , Curculigo Orchioides, Curcuma Longa linn , Cymbopogon citratus, Datura Metel , Eclipta alba, Emblica Officinalis , Eucalyptus globulus, , Gloriosa Superba , Gymnema Sylvestre, Jatropha curcas , Lawsonia Inermis, Morinda Citrifolia , Moringa Oleifera, Mukia Maderaspatana, Nelumbo Nucifera, Ocimum sanctum, Passiflora Incarnate, Phyllanthus Amarus, Piper longum Linn, Rauwolfia Serpentina, Rumex crispus ,Salacia Oblonga , Solanum Xanthocarpum, Terminalia Belerica, Terminalia Chebula, Tribulus terrestris, Vinca Rosea, Withania Somnifera , India Terminalia Chebula Manufacturers ...
Main Products: eucalyptus,power supply,organic
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Terminalia chebula Extract

Terminalia Chebula Extract (Shirley at virginforestplant dot com)

Terminalia chebula Extract

Terminalia chebula Extract
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