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  wuhan xinrong new materials
tellurium, indium, gallium, antimony, cadmium, selenium, bismuth, germanium, tin and other rare earth, transition metal compound and elemental materials, target purity of 99% -99.99999%. 
  Changsha Santech Materials Co., Ltd
"1. High Purity Rare Metals & Oxide in ingot, powder, wafer, wire, granular, crystal and customized form bismuth 99.99%, tellurium 4N 5N, germanium 5N 6N, indium 99.99% 99.999%, gallium 4N 5N, selenium 99.99% 2. Precious Metals 3N5 up: gold 99.999%, silver, iridium, Ruthenium, Rhenium, Rhodium,... 
  Hebei Wanda Industrial Co., Ltd.
Selenium, Selenium Dioxide, Selenium Powder, Selenium Granule, Tellurium Metal, Cerium Metal, Cerium Oxide, gallium metal,germanium ingot  
  Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited
Minor Metals´╝Ü tellurium, bismuth, vanadium, germanium, gallium, mercury, thallium, selenium, antimony, zirconium, cadmium, scandium, yttrium, cerium, lanthanum Chemicals: tellurium dioxide, tellurium chloride, bismuth trioxide, bismuth vanadate, bismuth nitrate, vanadium dioxide, vanadium... 
  Changsha Youcheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd
indium ingots, indium granule, indium wire, indium powder, indium foil, indium oxide, indium hydroxide, indium chloride, indium nitrate, Manganese sulfate Monohydrate (feed grade), Zinc sulfate Monohydrate, Zinc sulfate Heptahydrate. rare metal gallium, germanium, vanadium, tellurium, bismuth,... 
  wuhan ruicai commercial trade co.,ltd
4n-5n Tellurium Granule 0.5-2.5mm 4n-5n Tellurium Powder Mesh 100-400 5n-7n High purity tellurium 4n-6n Tellurium Dioxide 5n-7n High Purity Gallium 4n-6n cadmium telluride 4n-5n indium ingot 6n high purity indium 4n-5n Bismuth granule 4n-5n bismuth oxide 4n-7n Gallium metal 6n-7n... 
  Guangzhou Litop Non-ferrous Metals Co., ltd
iridium,ruthenium,rhenium,rhodium,palladium,silver powder, High purity indium,gallium,tellurium,selenium,tin,antimony,zinc,bismuth,copper,aluminum,cadmium,  
  Guangzhou Youyuan Metals & Chemicals Co., ltd
indium wire ,indium foil,indium powder,indium ball ,indium ingot,indium rod,high pure indium,bismuth,zinc,antimony,tellurium,gallium,selenium,tin,Cadmium,Arsenic,aluminium 
  Unimet Ltd.
Gallium metal and scrap 
  Sichuan Western Minmetals Corp.Ltd
tungsten, Molybdenum, Silicon , arsenic, gallium, Indium, antimony, tellurium, mica, Lithum, Ferrous-tungsten, PVC 
  Changsha Asian Light Economic Trade CO. Ltd.
indium ingot 99.99%min, indium ingot 99.999%min, indium ingot 99.9999%min, bismuth ingot 99.99%min, gallium metal 99.99%min, gallium metal 99.9999%min, gallium metal 99.99999%min, vanadium metal 99%min, vanadium metal 99.9%min, iridium powder 99.95%min, palladium powder 99.9%min, palladium wire,... 
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