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  Huatao-HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD.
geotextile, geomembrane, compound geomembrane, geogrid, geocell, sodium bentonite geosynthetic clay liner, three-dimension compound plastic geonet, waterproof sheets, tire base fabric, linoleum base cloth, waterstop,geonet, geobag  
  Hangzhou RIYANG plastic pipe Welding Machinery Co.
hdpe pipe butt fusion welding machine,ppr pipe socket fusion welding machine,pipe saw,pipe cutter,hot air gun,geomembrane wedge welder,plastic hand extrusion welder,saddle fusion welder 
  China Huatao Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd.
geotextile geomembrane geogrid geocell geotextile bag geotextile fabric hdpe geomembrane LDPE geomembrane pvc geomembrane fiberglass geogrid plastic geogrid biaxial geogrid uniaxial geogrid polyester geogrid non woven geotextile nonwoven geotextile hdpe geocell... 
  Shandong Tianhai New Materials Engineering CO.,LTD
geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, geotextile, non woven geotextile, green roof drainage board, composite geomembrane ,compound geomembrane,GCL, bentonite geosynthetic layer 
  Taian Sunshine Fiberglass Products Co.,Ltd
Fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid, geocomposite, geocell, geomembrane, geonet, geotextile,GCL 
  Changsha Changtan Machinery Co., Ltd.
drilling rig, drilling machine, diamond core bits, reaming shells, DTH hammer, DTH bit, mud pump, grout pump, core barrel, drill rod, injection pump, threaded bit, geomembrane liner, laboratory facilities, coupling, rock bit, rock drilling tools, mining tools, rock drill bits, rock drill... 
  Shandong Hongxiang Chemical Fibre Group Co.,Ltd
geosynthetics,Geomembrane ,geotextile 
  Shandong Taifeng Geosynthetics Corporation
HDPE,LDPE and EVA geomembrane,geocell,geonet,polymat,geogrid 
  Wil-key International Sdn Bhd
HDPE Geomembrane, HDPE Welding equipment, Geotextile, Geogrid, Geosynthetic Clay Liner 
  Jinan Fangxin Group
pvc profile, window & door and the assembling machine, pvc pipe & fittings, pvc board, pvc membrane, geomembrane, PTFE, pvc cable material, waterproof material production line and so on. 
  Shandong Taifeng Geosynthetics Corporation
sheet, lining, Geomembrane; GGeotextile,;Geogrid; Geocell(Geoweb); Geocomposite; Geonet; Geomat  
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