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  Giai Photonics Co.,Ltd
Optical Prism,Optical Lenses,Optical Filters 
  Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Compound Optical Microscope,Stereo Optical Microscope,Digital Optical Microscope 
  Shenzhen Sharetop Technology Co.,ltd
optical splitter , optical coupler , WDM , optical transceiver ,EDFA 
  Hunan Guanglian Photoelectricity Technology Co.,Ltd
fiber optical cable, opgw, adss, fiber optic splice closure, fiber optic patch cord 
  Ningbo Hanson Technology Co.,Ltd.
Optical Fiber Cable,PLC Optical Fiber Splitter, Optical Distribution Frame, Optical Terminal Box, Fiber Distribution Box, Optical Splice Closure,Patch Cord,Optical Crossing Connect Cabinet, FTTH Fast Connectors, etc. 
  West Coast Tech Limited
Optical Element, optical Component, Prisms, Lenses, Mirror, window, filter 
eyewear,optical frames,sunglasses 
  GB-Link Technology Inc. Ltd
CFP Optical Transceiver,QSFP + Optical Transceiver,SFP + Optical Transceiver 
fiber optic patch cord, PLC splitter, optical cable 
  Hangzhou Softel Optic Company
CATV Optical Transmitter,1550nm Optical Transmitter,CATV Fiber Optic Transmitter 
  Shenzhen Wiitek Technology Co.,Ltd
100g cfp-sr10,40g cfp-lr4,40g qsfp-sr4,qsfp aoc ,qsfp pcc, sfp+ cables module,10g xfp, 10g xenpak,10g x2, 10g sfp+,10g bidi xfp ,10g bidi sfp+ ,10g sfp++ modules and 150M~4.25G SFP,10G SFP+ BIDI/CWDM/DWDM Modules,40G/56G QSFP+ LR4/SR4 Modules,10G XENPAK CWDM/DWDM Modules,10G X2 CWDM/DWDM... 
  Weihao International Trading Co.,Ltd
Brand Name Sun Glasses,Branded Optical Frames,Branded Sunglasses For Women
professional, manufacturer, crystal, optical, components, photonics 
  Wenzhou Comity Optical Co.Ltd
Acetate Optical Frames,Metal Optical Frames,Titanium Optical Frames 
  Qingxian Boyue Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
powder metallurgy,sewing machine,metal precision casting,optical instrument 
  Excelsior Hardware & Plastic Co.,Ltd.
sheet metal fabrication,including rack mount,stamping parts,metal bracket,optical fiber enclosure,distribution box,etc. CNC machine service, aluminum extrusion profile,including aluminum enclosure,heat sink plastic injection 
Optical Fiber Patch Cord ,Optical Fiber Splitter,Optical Fiber Connectors 
  MONV Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
SFP Optical Transceiver,BIDI Optical Transceiver,CWDM SFP Transceiver 
We manufactures and supplies the optical communication products such as PLC splitters, Fiber optic patch cords, Pigtails, Connectors, Adapters, Attenuators, Fiber optical cables. 
  Shenzhen Siemax Cables Technology Co.,Ltd
Type of Products Exported : optical fiber cables,optical patchcords,PLC splitters,attenuators,adaptors,connectors 
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