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  Wenzhou Comity Optical Co.Ltd
Acetate Optical Frames,Metal Optical Frames,Titanium Optical Frames 
Catalyst Grade Titanium Dioxide, SCR Catalyst, Titanium Tungsten Powder, R6658, R6600, R6638, R6618, R6628 
  Emperor Pigment Corporation
iron oxide pigment, organic pigment, solvent dyes, titanium dioxide etc. 
  Shenzhen Xinxing Metal Technology Co., Ltd
Titanium Sheet Plate,Titanium Sheets,Zirconium Plate 
China fusion splicer Fusion Splicer ALK-88A (portable) Fiber Optic Equipment China Fusion Splicer ALK-88A (portable) Fiber Optic Equipment Hardness quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof fusion splicer titanium alloy fusion splicer rubber protection function fusion splicer Fast: 7s fast... 
  ootrend jewellry co,ltd
stainless steel rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, titanium rings and tungsten steel rings and bracelets.  
  Union Titanium Enterprise Co., Ltd
titanium dioxide,tio2,rutile titanium dioxide,anatase titanium dioxde,titanium white,pigment white 6,titanium oxide,barium sulphate, barium sulfate,precipitated barium sulphate, precipitated barium sulfate, baso4, barite, natural barium sulphate ,lithopone, Manufacturer china shanghai palnt  
titanium dioxide,PAM,PAC,HEDP,AMTP,TCCA,Exchange Resin Cation,Aluminium Sulphate,Aluminium Hydroxide , sodium formate,sodium bicarbonate, Silica gel,Activated Carbon,Bakelite Powder,SAP, Barium Chloride 
  Guangdong Bolliya Metal Building Materials Co.,Ltd
aluminum composite panel copper composite panel stainless steel composite panel titanium zinc composite panel honeycomb panel 
  Hebei Wanye Chemical Stock Limited Corporation
chemical,chemicals,surfactant,chemical auxiliaries,STPP,SLES,LABSA,Titanium dioxide 
  YuXing Chemicals Co.,Ltd
titanium dioxide.iron oxide ,pvc resin,stpp,shmp,etc. 
  YUXING Chemicals Co., Ltd.
titanium dioxide, iron oxide, STPP, SHMP 
  Baoji Jiemoon Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
Titanium bar, titanium pipe,titanium tube, titanium wire,titanium sheet, titanium plate, titanium fasteners,titanium foil,titanium ingot,titanium fittings,titanium anode,titanium flange,titanium equipments, titanium artwares  
  huaxia group
Huaxia Group is united by 4 mills and 1 trading company. "CSM" as one of the largest and leader manufacturers of titanium, stainless steel, duplex & super deplex, nickel & nickel alloy for tubes/pipes, plates/sheets, bars/wires, clad plates in China. Huaxia supplied 5000MT titanium tubes, 3000MT... 
  Able Target Limited
Borides: Chromium Boride, CrB(2)Lanthanum Boride, LaB(6)Molybdenum Boride, Mo(2)B(5)Niobium Boride,NbB(2),Tantalum Boride, TaB(2)Titanium Boride, TiB(2)Tungsten Boride, W(2)B, Vanadium Boride,VB(2),Zirconium Boride, ZrB(2) Carbides: Boron Carbide, B(4)C,Chromium Carbide,... 
Tantalum,Niobium,Tungsten,Molybdenum,Titanium,Zirconium,Hafnium,Sputtering Target and Evaporation Materials  
  Servetal Industrial Limited
HDPE resin,LDPE resin,PP resin,GPPS resin,HIPS resin,PVC resin,EPS resin,ABS resin,LLDPE resin,PC resin,EVA resin,PET Chips,titanium dioxide,sodium cyanide,zinc oxide 
  Zhengzhou Vidar Water Industrial Co.Ltd
Poly aluminium chloride, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate and Titanium dioxide 
  Anping Ofolan Metal Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.,Ltd
Titanium Mesh,Nickel Mesh,Tungsten Mesh,Molybdenum Mesh,Zirconium Mesh,Tantalun Mesh,Silver Mesh,INCONEL ALLOY 600|601|625 Wire Mesh,HASTELLOY ALLOY c-276 Wire Mesh,Monel 400 Wire Mesh,UNS S31254,S31803,N08904 stainless steel Wire Mesh, etc 
  Henan Xichuan Yudian Vanadium Co.,Ltd.
Yudian Vanadium Limited Company of Xichuan County / Vanadium pentoxide/ Ammonium metavanadate / Sodium vanadate / Vanadyl sulfate / Ferrovanadium / Ammonium polyorthovanadate / High titanium slag / Si-Al-Ba-Ca alloy / ilmenite sand 
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