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Product: Quzhou Jiuchen Door Control Technology Co,.Ltd, are Taiwan joint venture high-tech enterprise on researching ,producing ,selling mechanical & electrical integration. Located in No.125 JianXin Road,...,automatic door,automatic sliding doors,automatic doors operator,access control,door accessories, Automatic doors include automatic sliding doors, hermetic doors, revolving doors, curved sliding doors, microwave motion sensor, door sweep brush, automatic curved sliding door, infrared photocell, automatic door locks, touch sensor, boxer machine, automatic sliding gate motor,automatic door ,garage door, sliding door, revolving door, air-tight door , door accessories. Automatic Door Sensor, Contactless Switch, Remote Control, Push Button, Automatic Door Safety Beam, Microwave Sensor,Password access control,infrad sensor, door clamper, China Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Terminals Manufacturers ...
Product: The Packaging Machines division of LABH GROUP is involved in integrating the design, development, manufacturing, of Turn-Key Projects and individual machines for Packaging Industry. The Turn-Key...,Automatic pouch packing machine with advanced volumetric cup filler system, Fully Automatic Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Pouch Packing Machine With Multihead Combinational Weigher Filler (Collar Type, Advance Model), Fully Automatic, Single Head Vertical Form, Fill And Seal Pouch Packing Machine With Gravity Filler (Collar Type), Automatic Horizontal Pick, Fill and Sachine With Piston Filler For Pouch (Rotary Indexing Type), Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine, Automatic Rotary Bottle Rinsing, Filling And Capping Line With Gravity Filler, Automatic Linear Bottle Filling and ROPP Cap Sealing Line with Piston Filler (Mono Block), Automatic Linear Bottle Filling and Foil Cutting, Placing & Sealing Line with Gravity Filler (Mono Block), Automatic Linear Cup Filling And Foil Cutting, Placing & Sealing Line With Gravity Filler (Mono Block), Automatic Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine For Wrap Around Label (Vertical Model), Automatic Shrink Label Inserting Machine, Automatic Shrink Tunnel with Web Sealer Attachment for Group Packing Of Bottles, India Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Terminals Manufacturers ...
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Product: all whit good working condision,Lathes Vertical turning lathe 1516, 1983. Maximum diameter of work piece – 1600 mm. Price 10.000 €. Vertical turning lathe 1512, 1984. Maximum diameter of work piece – 1200 mm. Price 8500 €. Heavy duty lathe VDF E15,1984,Max. dia.1600mm.,max length 8000mm.,price 60 000 Euro Roll-cutter lathe RT 101(Ryazan) 1961,dia. 450mm,.length 2200mm.Price 5000 Euro Centering and end facing lathe KZ4254 (Kramatorsk) 1982 Screw-cutter lathe 1M63(Russia), 1975. Work piece maximum diameter above bed 630 mm; Work piece maximum length 2800 mm. Price 2500 €. Screw-cutter lathe 16A20F3S32, 1990. Price 5000 € .Turning-copying semiautomatic machine 1B832(Kramatorsk) with 2 carriages, 1982, max diameter 300, Length- 2600 (for primary carriage (train) wheel axis processing) Double-support lathe for wheelset turning Rafamet UBC 150 1978, Max processing diam. 700-1500mm, Distance between wheels 1435mm (can be regulated to 1524mm and 1676mm) Price – 37.000Euro Horizontal six-spindle automatic bar lathe 1B240-6K(Russia), 1989. Maximum length of bar 4000 mm; Work piece length 160 mm; Work piece diameter 40 mm. Price 4600 €. Horizontal eight-spindle automatic lathe 1B240-P8K(Ukraine), 1986. Work piece length 160 mm; Work piece diameter 32 mm. Price 4800 €. Semi-automatic vertical eight-spindle sequence action lathe 1K282(Russia), 1986. Work piece diameter 250 mm; Work piece length 350 mm. Price 4900 €. Chucking lathe 1P756DF3RM NC31-02(Russia), 1989.4 units D max – 500mm, L max –320mm. Price 5500 €/Unit Chucking lathe 1P752MF305(Russia), 1988. 4 Units Price 4500 €./Unit Turning-revolver lathe 1325F30-01(Russia), 1987. Bar maximum diameter 25 mm. Price 4000 €. Turning-revolver lathe 1V340F30PM(Russia), 1989. Bar maximum diameter 40 mm; Work piece length 120 mm; Work piece diameter 200 mm. Price 4500 €. Sliding Head Auto Lathe TORNOS R16., Price 2900 €. Single-Spindle Swiss-Type Automatic Screw 1V06A.(new) Maximum size of bar stock, 6mm. Price 2500 € Single-Spindle Swiss-Type Automatic Screw 1V10B. (new) Maximum size of bar stock, 10mm. Price 3200 €. Boring machines Jig Boring Mitsui Seiki 6CN 1987. ,CNC Fanuc,table 760x1200mm. Jig Boring 2E460(Russia), 1976.,1000x1600mm. Price 9000 € Jig Boring 2455F1, 1986.,630x900mm.,. Price 6800 € Jig Boring 2E450AF30(Russia), 1989.630x1120mm., Price 8500 € Jig Boring 2А450, 1980. 630 x 1120 mm. Price 3800 € Jig Boring 2V440A Russia), 1973.,400x800mm., Price 3000 € Jig Boring KR450, 1965. 380 x 525 mm., Price 3600 € Jig Boring 2431F10, 1991..320x560mm., Price 6600 € Jig Boring 2421(Russia), 1989. 450 x 500 mm. Price 4400 € Horizontal borer 2N636GF1, 1985,1800x16000mm.,Ф 110mm.,. Price 25000 € Horizontal borer 2B635, 1963. 1600x1600mm.,ф 160mm., Price 14000 € Horizontal borer 2A622F4, 1981,1120x1250mm.,Ф 110mm.,. Price 16000 € Horizontal borer 2A622F2-1,1981.1120x1250mm.,spindle dia.110mm. Price 10 000 € Horizontal borer 2622G, 1974.,1130x944mm.,Ф 110mm., Price 8000 € Horizontal borer 2620, 1975.,1130x944mm.,Ф 110mm., Price 7000 € Horizontal borer 2A614 1970,1000x1000mm.,Ф 80mm., Price – 5600 Euro. Radial Drilling Machine Csepel RFh 100/3000 1989. Diameter-100mm.,Length-3000mm . Price 9000 € Radial Boring 2M58-1 1982. Diam. 100mm L – 3150mm Price 8000 € Radial drill 2A55, 1983. Drilled diameter 50 mm. Price 2300 EURO Radial Drilling Machine 2E52 1973 Diam. 25mm Price – 1800 Euro Boring 2E78PM 1988. Price 1500 € Grinding machines Cylindrical grinder CHS4-31, 1981,800x3100mm. Roll-grinding machine CHS-193, 1965. 2000 x 5000mm, Price – 37000 Euro Planer-type grinding machine WEMA ASCHERSLEBEN SZ 08-06, 1980. Grinding length 2000 mm. Grinding width 1000 mm Internal Grinding Machine 3K229A, 1989. Price 5200 € .Semi-automatic universal hole grinder 3M227МF21988. Work piece diameter 400mm, Work piece length 200mm. Price 3400 € Centreless grinder 3E183(Russia), 1990. Price 3500 € Cylindrical grinder Okuma GPB-250, 1970 .250 x 1000mm Cylindrical grinder 3131, 1971. 280 х 1400 мм Price 5500 € Cylindrical grinding machine 3U12A, 1986. Work piece maximum diameter 200 mm; Work piece maximum length 750 mm. Price 3300 € Cylindrical grinding machine 3U10V, 1986. Price 2800 € Cylindrical grinding machine 3U132M, 1986. 280 x 1000. Price 3500 € Cylindrical grinding machine 3M151, 1980. Price 2600 € Cylindrical grinding machine 3М152(Russia), 1987. Work piece maximum diameter 200 mm; Work piece maximum length 1000 mm. Price 3300 € Cylindrical grinding machine 3М152MF2(Russia), 1987. Work piece maximum diameter 200 mm; Work piece maximum length 1000 mm. Price 3800 € Internal Grinding Machine VSZ-103 1981. 500 x 1300mm. Price 9000 € Optical Profile Grinder 395M1(Russia),1983. Work piece maximum diameter 150 mm; Work piece maximum length 60 mm. Price 2800 € Semi-automatic tool-grinder for circular saw blade 3D692(Russia). Work piece maximum diameter 1430 mm. Price 2300 € Semi-automatic tool-grinder for drill, countersink, tap 3E653(Russia), 1989.Work piece dia.32 mm. Price 1000 Surface grinding machine 3M722AF1(Russia), 1982,. 400 x 1250 mm. Price 5000 € Surface grinding machine 3D711AF11(Russia), 1988. 630 x 200 mm. Price 4300 € Surface grinding machine 3E711VF1 1986, 630 x 200 mm ,Price 4000 € Tool – grinding machine 3B662VF2(Russia), 1988. Price 3000 € Universal tool-grinder 3E642(Russia), 1988. Work piece maximum diameter 250 mm; Work piece maximum length 500 mm; Altitude of the centres above a work face of a table 125 mm. Price 3000 € Diamond lapping tool-grinder 3В622D(Russia), 1990. Altitude of a set cutter 25 mm.; Cutter length 200 mm; Length of an abrasive wheel 150 mm. Price 800 € Tool – grinding machine NAGEL 30 CZ, 1980. Max. diameter of work piece – 265 mm. Max. length of work piece 300 mm. Price 2000 € Tool – grinding machine NAGEL 110H, 1980. Max. diameter of work piece – 265 mm. Max. length of work piece 300 mm. Price 2000 € Machine for finishing treatment of holes 3A893(Russia), 1988. Price 4200 € Vertical honing machine 3E820-25293, 1987. Price 4300 € Vertical honing machine 3G833, 1985. Price 1500 € Circular saw blade grinder Vollmer CHT, 1983 . Price - 3000 Euro Grinding machines Copy mill, twin spindles Starrag KF - 200, 1989. 900 x 500 x 400 mm Price 14000 € Plano miller GF563 1961Table dimensions 2500 x 6000mm Plano miller 6608 1967. table 800х3500mm., Price 10 000 € Plano miller 6606 1980, table 630х2000mm., Price 9000 € Vertical milling machine 65A80F1 11, 1986(Russia). 630 x 2000 mm. Price 8500 Euro Vertical milling machine Olivetti M-25 1986 Knee-type milling machine GF2171S5(Russia). 400 x 1600 mm. Number of instruments - 11. Price 7500 Euro Vertical-milling knee-type machine FSS 400,400x1600mm. Price 5500 Euro Universal horizontal-milling machine Heckert FW400/E ,1987, 400x1600mm. Price 5500 Euro Vertical-milling knee-type machine 6T12(Russia),1989. Table dimensions 1250 x 320 mm. Maximum table movement: - longitudinal 800mm, transverse 320, vertical 420 mm. Price 2000 Euro Vertical-milling machine 6M13P (Russia), 1985, 1250x320mm.,Price 3500 Euro Vertical-milling knee-type machine 6R12(Russia), 1987. 1250 x 320 mm Price 3200 Euro Vertical-milling machine 6R13(Russia), 1985. 1600 x 400 mm Price 3500 Euro Vertical-milling machine UF 0805 1982. Horizontal-milling 6T82, 1989. 320 x 1250 mm. Price 2700 Euro Horizontal-milling 6T80, 1991. 200 x 800 mm. Price 5500 Euro Horizontal-milling 6T80SH, 1985. 200 x 800 mm. Price 4000 Euro Universal horizontal-milling knee-type machine 6R82-1(Russia), 1988.1250 x 320 mm. Price 3800 Euro Universal horizontal-milling knee-type machine with swivel head 6T80SH, 1985. 800 x 200 mm. Price 5000 Euro Key seating machine 692D 1988 Max. shaft diameter150 mm; Work piece maximum length 60 mm. Price 2800 € Semiautomatic milling machine SI-041. 1988 Price 2700 Euro Thread and Worm Milling Machines Thread-rolling machine A9518B (Russia). 1991. Diameter of thread 3-45 mm, legth 58 mm Price 2700 Euro Gear processing machinery Gear-hobbing machine 5K328 - Russia. Work piece diameter 1350 mm, max module 12. Gear-hobbing machine 5K324A, 1977 - Russia. Work piece diameter 540 mm, module 8. Gear-hobbing machine 53A80N(Russia), 1980. Work piece diameter 800 mm, module 10. Spur gear-hobbing machine 5K32A,1979-1981. Work piece maximum diameter 800 mm; Wheel teeth module 10. Spur gear-hobbing machine 5K32,1970. Work piece maximum diameter 800 mm; Wheel teeth module 10. Gear-hobbing machine 5304P 1972 Gear-hobbing machine 5K310 1977. Semiautomatic spline-milling machine 5350A. 1975 max diameter 150mm, Max module - 6 . Price –3500Euro Semiautomatic gear-hobbing machine 53A30. 1980 Max diameter 320mm, Max module – 6. Semiautomatic gear-hobbing machine 53A30P. 1980 Max diameter 320mm, Max module – 6. Thread-grinding machine 5821, 1976. Semi-automatic spur gear-grinding machine 5A841(Russia), 1980. Work piece maximum diameter 320 mm; Module of a gears 8. Semi-automatic spur gear-grinding machine 5A868 1984 Semi-automatic gear planer 5A250P (Russia), 1979.max.module 10, Semi-automatic gear planer 5S237(Russia), 1988 max diameter 125mm, max. module – 2 Semi-automatic gear planer 5S276P(Russia), 1989. max.dia500mm.,max.module 10 Semi-automatic spline-milling machine 5A352PF2, 1987 Gear planer 5V12, 1974.200 x 5 Machining centres IR320 CNC Bosch 1983. Price 8000 € IR200 CNC Fanuc , 1990, 24 tools. Price 9.000 € C500/04 CNC 600 - 1, 1985. 500 x 2000 mm., 6 tools. Price 10000 € LR395 PMF4, (Russia) , 1989. 1250 x 1250 mm. x - 2000, y - 1400, z – 1000, w - 500 mm. Price 22000 € Liechti Multimill MM2600 Machining Centre,1987. Price – 18.000 Euro Rambaudi Ram-Matic 600E/2. 2 Head Vertical Machining Center 1986. Rambaudi Ram-Matic 800Dt-2. 2 Head Vertical Machining Center 1989. Heckert CW-1000CNC 600-3. 1982 ,table1000 x 1000mm., Price 22000 Euro Vertical machining centre KAFO VMC 1500(Taiwan), 1999 Planing machines Vertical shaper 7D430. 1980. Price 3500€ Planer-miller machine 7212(Russia), 1978,. 1120 x 4000 mm. Price 15000 € Electroerosion Machines Copying-broaching electrical-discharge machine 4E723 – 01F1(Russia), 1986. Price 4500 EURO EDM Machine Agiecut 200. 1987. EDM Machine Agietron EMS-3. 1986. Presses Double-action hydraulic press P236B,( made in Riazan 1987, Russia). Capacity (tons) – 2600 (1600 + 1000), dimensions of the pull-out table – 3550 x 3550 mm.,weight 600 ton., Can be used. Double-action mechanical press Erfurt PKnZT V1 1000 FS, 1975, Capacity (tons) – 1000(400/630), stroke 950/600 mm. 4000 X 2500 mm, Knuckle-Joint press KB8340 1987. Capacity (tons) – 1000. table - 800 x 800 mm. Knuckle-Joint press K8340 1975. Capacity (tons) – 1000. table - 800 x 800 mm. Hydraulic press P0443, 1970. Capacity -2000 tons. Table – 1000 x 1000 mm. Stroke 500 mm.. High speed sheet-stamping press (automatic) Wema Zeulenroda PASZ 160/2.1985. Capacity – 160 tons Price – 20.000 Euro Sheet-stamping high speed press (automatic) Schuler A2-200/360,1984(new). Capacity (tons) - 200, 100 - 350 s.p.m., table 1350 X 1100 mm., stroke 30 mm. Price 35000 €. Automatic Sheet stamping transfer press AA6138 (Ryazan) 1988. With movable table, capacity – 630. Table – 1500 x 3850mm Automatic upstroke sheet stamping press АА6130A(Barnaul), 1987. Capacity (tons) – 100, 30 - 80 s.p.m., no of stages 8. Price 12000 Euro Sheet-stamping press(automatic) AG6230, 1990. Capacity (tons) – 100. Price 7000 €. Single-crank single-acting close-frame press K2538, 1978. Capacity (tons) – 630, stroke - 320 mm, table 1250 X 1250 mm. . Single-crank single-acting close-frame press KG9538.01, 1988. Capacity (tons) – 630, table 1250 X 1250mm, . Double-action mechanical press Erfurt PKnZT V 500 FS, 1980, Capacity (tons) – 500(315+200),stroke 500mm., 1600 X 2500 mm.,shutheight-1600mm., . Single-crank single-acting close-frame press K2536, 1984. Capacity (tons) – 400, stroke - 250 mm, table 1000 X 1000 mm. . Single-crank single-acting close-frame press KD2536, 1983. Capacity (tons) – 400, stroke - 250 mm, table 1000 X 1000 mm. . Double-crank press K3035B, 1980. Capacity 315 tons, stroke – 400 mm, table – 2500 x 1250 mm, 25 s.p.m. . Double-action mechanical press Erfurt PKnT-315, 1986. Capacity (tons) – 315, 1400 X 1400 mm. Double-action mechanical press Erfurt PKnZT V 315 FS, 1975, Capacity (tons) – 315, 1400 X 2500 mm. . Sheet-stamping press(automatic)Erfurt PTrZSSt 210, (Sliding desktop )1988. Capacity (tons) – 250,., no of stages 10, table 2900 Х 900 mm., stroke 400 mm. . Double-crank press K3534A, 1970. Capacity 250 tons, stroke – 400 mm, table – 2500 x 1250 mm. 18 s.p.m. Single-crank press KB2132, 1980. Capacity (tons) – 160,. . Double-crank press KA3732, 1980. Capacity 160 tons, table – 2000 x 1250 mm,24-48 s.p.m.. Single-crank UM 160M,1980-2units, Capacity (tons) – 160, 1000 X 670 mmEuro Single-crank single-action close-frame press KA2534, 1973. Capacity 250 tons, , table - 1000 x 1000 mm. Single-crank single-acting press KE2330, 1983. Capacity (tons) – 100, table 950 X 630 mm. Price 2700 Euro. Single-crank press KD2128, 1987. Capacity (tons) – 63, Price 2200 Euro. Single-crank press KD2126, 1989. Capacity (tons) – 40, Price 2000 Euro. Single-crank press 82800 1991, Capacity (tons) – 63, Price 3000 Euro. Single-crank press KD2124K, 1988. Capacity (tons) – 25, Price 1400 Euro. Punching press KO120(Russia), 1983. Capacity (tons) – 10. Price 3200 Euro. Air forging hammer M4136. Max mass of drom parts – 400kg. Impact energy – 11kJ. Price – 4500 Euro Air forging hammer M412. Max mass of drop parts – 150kg. Price – 2300 Euro Roll bending machine Strojaren Piesok XZP 120/15 roll (horizontal) Price – 7.000 Euro Hydraulic press for wheel pairs P6736, 1973. Capacity - 400 ton . Price 25 000 Euro Moulding machine LITOSTROI PMPK – 3 – 16/630, 1986. Capacity – 16 КН. Price 2500 Euro. Air or steam bridge-type double- action hammer M1545 1980 Nominal mass of drop parts, kg: 3150. Impact energy, kJ: Others Honing machine Nagel HHM 90, 1980. Range Ø 1,9 - 100mm. Price 2000 € Buffing machine LAPMASTER, 1984. 0,03/ 235 mm. Price 2000 € Spring coiling machine A5214A(Russia), 1988. Wire diameter 0,8 – 2,5 mm; Spring outer dia. 5 – 22 mm. Price2000 PVC Extrusion Line for Pipes and other profiles up to 50 mm. TRUSIOMA EHC1.45.25 – 29/234.7LF, 1990. Price 7500 Euro. Manufacturing line for expanded polystyrene production TRUSIOMA EPS, 1991 (new) Price – 12.000 Euro Hydraulic Automatic Die Cutting Machine Schon 2071A (Leather and Footwear Industry), 1989 Condition-NEW SCHON & Cie Price – 9.000 Euro 160 ton die casting machine A711A07, 1981(2 pc., Moldova). Price 3500 Euro. 250 ton die casting machine A711A08, 1981(2 pc., Moldova). Price 4500 Euro 250 ton die casting machine CLPO - 400/55 (Czech), 1988. Price 5500 Euro. Carbide-tipped drills manufacturing line with LINSINGER, HAHN&KOLB and other machinery. (11 machines) . Price 65000 Euro PET injection moulding system CINCINATTI MILACRON CM 350, 1988(2 units). 32 cavity. The line for manufacture of engines (Vacuum cleaner motor 1000W), 1989. The line is basically consisted of the American, German and Japanese equipment. Asynchronous engines rewinding machine Axis AHW 45 CS, 1986 Asynchronous engines rewinding machine Statomat R/W1Z. 1986 Equipment for production of biopreparations (tanks, mixers, filters) 150-20.000litres Rollforming Line PR-120 SAMESOR OY, (Finland)1988. Material width – 1200mm. Price 55 000 Euro. Sandwich Panel Production Line 1988.(Finland) Price 30 000 Euro. Stainless-steel equipment for production of biopreparations, Mixers volume 150-20 000 litres(Made in France), Tanks volume 120-12 000 litres(Made in France), Filter PALL (Germany), Ultrafilter International(Germany), Mixer BUHLER Speedmix (Switzerland) Best regards Tadas Tel.370 698 28961 Fax.370 37 451929 E-mail. junetadas@gmail.com Kaunas, Lithuania , Lithuania Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Terminals Manufacturers ...
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ADIS automatic Doors(Australia)
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Product: ADIS Automatic Doors manufactures in Australia the folllowing models:- a. automatic sliding doors b. automatic swing doors c. automatic stacking doors We are in this business for more than 15...,automatic sliding doors, automatic doors, automatic swing doors, automatic stacking doors, automatic, doors, sliding, Australia Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Terminals Manufacturers ...
Saint Best Group(China)
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Fujian Oryth Industrial Co., Ltd(China)
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Jinxin (Shantou) Machinery Co.,Ltd(China)
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Product: Shantou Jinxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which specially produces plastic machinery, food packing machinery and printing machinery. It owns lots of experienced machine design staffs and...,The major products of our company: various plastic machinery, food packing machinery and printing machinery including: RCX-660 Automatic Cam Cup Making Machine, HPC-660 Hydraulic Cup Making Machine, ASP Series Plastic Slice Extrusion Machines, DCP Series Multi-layer plastic Slice Extrusion Machines, WJ series stationery Plastic slice Extrusion Machines, XC Series and XE Series Full-Automation Vacuum Plastic Absorbing Machines, Automatic Cylinder Edge Rolling Machine, High Speed Automatic Cup Rolling Machine, High Speed Automatic Cup Overlapping Machine, CFD Series Automatic Filling and Sealing Machines, CFS Series Full Automatic 3-Layer Jelly Filling and Sealing Machines, Full Automatic Bottle-blowing Machine, ZY Series Heat Transfer Printers, etc. Our products are welcomed both at home and abroad. Based on superiorities of excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect after service, etc. our products gain the good opinion and trust of clients., China Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Terminals Manufacturers ...
Product: Our factory develops variety of machines based on advanced foreign technology and the real status of our countries what insuring high technology and steady quality. We open up foreign market with...,We are machine producing enterprise and we especially produce serious of machine products. Such as full automatic chopsticks bag producing machine, full automatic chopsticks packaging machine (plastic film, paper) , full automatic toothpick packaging machine, full automatic paper cup(Dixie cup) and paper bowl producing machine, full automatic napkin producing machine(wet paper towel) , reduplicate rolled and vein pressed bumf producing machine with stiletto, cassette napkin producing machine, flat napkin producing machine, a complete set of cycle in bamboo toothpick product line(toothpick machine) and bamboo chopsticks product line(chopsticks machine) and so on. , China Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Terminals Manufacturers ...
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