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Tube Piston Filling Machine with 6 to 12 filling nozzles for detergent, pharmaceutical

Testosterone Enanthate (raw materials)

CaF2 97% SiO2 1.5% Acid Grade Fluorspar Powder Wet / Calcium Fluoride Raw Materials

Thailand Green fashion wall decoration materials
Jiangsu Worldbest pharmaceutical co ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-523-4816248]
Product: Our leading products are some pharmaceutical raw materials such as polysaccharide-peptide, lovastatin, and L-glutamine, Coated VitaminC (90%, 93%, 95%, 97%, 99%), VitaminC DC Granule (90%, 93%,...,Our leading products are some pharmaceutical raw materials such as polysaccharide-peptide, lovastatin, and L-glutamine, Coated VitaminC (90%, 93%, 95%, 97%, 99%), VitaminC DC Granule (90%, 93%, 95%, 97%) Some powders for injection (such as Cefradine for Injection, Cefazolin Sodium for Injection, Cefoparazone Sodium for Injection, Cefoparazone/Sulbactam Sodium for Injection, Cefotaxime Sodium for Injection, Ceftazidime for Injection and Ceftriaxone Sodium for Injection), tablets, capsules and granules ,etc., China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Handan Kangrui Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:+86-0310-7368268]
Product: Biapenem, side chain for biapenem manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals intermediate manufacturers, reliable pharmaceuticals intermediate products suppliers, pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturers,...,Biapenem, side chain for biapenem manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals intermediate manufacturers, reliable pharmaceuticals intermediate products suppliers, pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturers, China medical intermediate product, reliable pharma intermediate products, pharmaceuticals intermediate products exporters, pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers, Pharmaceuticals intermediate products suppliers from China, Handan Kangrui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling various pharmaceuticals intermediate products. Our main prouducts are biapenem, Side chain for biapenem, aztreonam, cefpirome, prulifloxacin, balofloxacin etc. Our company have advanced production equipment and complete inspection equipment's sophisticated production equipment, strong technical force, advanced technology, management standards, Stringent test. With the support of many good relation partners, our products have been exported to many countries and areas in the world. Based on the high purity, good quality, prompt delivery, excellent services, and competitive price, we have gained high popularity among our end-users all over the world. For the products of any intention to cooperation, your phone call or visit are always popular. , China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Product: (info6 at lgberry dot com dot cn) DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in plant extract and foodstuffs. Our factory is located in...,daxinganling,Natural plant extract,health care product,herb extract,Pharmaceutical Raw Materials,medicine,cosmetic ingredient,pigment,natural food color,food additive,beverage, wine, cold drink,IQF fruit,Frozen fruit,3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran 95%, 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin, fucoxanthin 10% and 5%, Sodium copper chlorophyllin 99%, banaba leaf extract, blueberry anthocyanin, etc. , China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Product: Hangzhou Jiancheng Trade Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and trade of chemical materials (heat transfer fruid): Diphenyl and P-terphenyl....,Diphenyl[CAS]: 92-52-4, P-terphenyl[CAS]: 92-94-4Pharmaceutical APIs, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Pharmaceutical raw materials, Ibandronate Sodium Monohydrate,Anastrozole,Letrozole,Fulvestrant,Palonosetron HCl,Azasetron HCl,Sorafenib tosylate,Lapatinib ditosylate,Tamiflu-Oseltamivir,cardiovascular drugs, cerebrovascular drugs,antidepressant drugs, antitumor drug, antineoplastic,a treatment for osteoporosis, anti-cancer, Raw Powders, China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Jyantilal & Sons(India)
[Exporter] [Tel:91-22-28122343]
Product: We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as Leading Manufacturers,Exporters and Importers ,Pharmaceutical Raw materials (Bulk Drugs),Pharmaceutical Formulation (Tablets,Capsuels,Ointment,Syrups,Injections,I V Infusion,Ear and Eye Drops) and Surgical Disposables (Cotton Wool, I V Cannula, Disposable Syringes,Examination Gloves,Surgical Gloves,Maternity Gloves,Crepe Bandages,Cotton Bandages,POP Bandages,Adhesive Tapes) , India Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Main Products: ups,mens and boys,otter
Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:0086-519-231 3185]
Product: Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical CO., ltd., which is one subsidiary company of Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, lying in Yangtze Delta, the home town of Luogeng HUA, the famous..., 1. Pharmaceutical raw materials: (1). Clenbuterol HCL; (2). Propranolol HCL; (3). Furosemide; (4). Telmisartan; (5). Adrenosem; (6). Berberine Chloride; (7). Proglumide; (8). Tiopronin; (9). Lopanoic Acid; (10). Malotilote; (11). Clotrimazole; (12). Azathioprine; (13). Salbutamol Sulphate; (14). Salbutamol; (15). Lithium Carbonate; (16). Praziquantel ; (17). Dopamine HCL; (18). Folic Acid; (19). Oxymetazoline; (20). Carmazepine; (21). Chlorprothixene; 2. Telmisartan intermediates: (1)﹜2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-carboxy-benzimidazole(content 98%) (2)﹜2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-(1-methyl benzimidazole-2-yl)benzimidazole (content 98%) (3)﹜N-methyl-o-phenylenediaminedihydrochloride (content 98%) (4)﹜Methyl 4*-methylbiphenyl-2-carboxylate (98%) , China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,others,other
Export Bulk(India)
[Exporter] [Tel:91-22-22093024]
Product: We introduce ourselves as a complete marketing solution provider for the international markets. We are a team of professional engaged in export marketing & trading. Our activity started in..., Dye Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials & Packing Materials flavours, fragrance, essential oils natural & synthetic food colours, Cutting, Filling, Packing, Sealing, Strapping, Wrapping, Shrink Packaging, Polishing, Washing, Printing, Banding, Carton Sealing Machinery etc. Micro Analytical & Precision Balances Scales & Systems Clear/Transparent PVC/HIPS/HIPGP rigid films Hospital Disposable Items Roasted Cerals & Cholesterol free Snacks Soybeans, India Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Main Products: spas and saunas,ink,fragrance
Product: we are one leading trading copmany in China (we also have several manufactures) for: ---- Pharmaceutical intermdiates and raw materials; ---- Pesticide intermediates; ---- Electronic Liquid raw...,pharmaceutical& pesticide intermdiates and pharmaceutical raw materiasl: 1.Pharmaceutical raw materials: Telmisartan CAS NO.: 144701-48-4; Propranolol Hydrochloride BP2002 ; Furosemide BP2000; Folic Acid BP2000; Clenbuterol Hydrochloride CP2000; Clotrimazole BP2004/ USP28; Proglumide CP2000; Berberine Hydrochloride CP2000; Adrenosem JP97; Dopamine Hydrochloride CP2000; Salbutamol Sulphate BP2000; Coenzyme Q0; Coenzyme Q10 USP28; Lumefantrine; Artemisinin; Vinorebine Bitartrate; Bicalutamide; Anastrozole; Amfebutamone HCL; Topiramate; Sertraline HCL; Ubidecarenone JP14; Dexamethsone USP27; Fluoxymesterone USP27; Gemcitabine Hydrochloride USP28; Letrozole USP28; Methyltestosterone USP26 ; Nandrolone Phenpropionate USP28; Betamethasone USP28; Fluticasone Propionate USP28; Estriol USP28; Testosterone Enanthate USP28; Testosterone Propionate USP28; Metandienone USP28; Testosterone USP28; Fluorometholone USP28; Estrone USP28; Flunixin meglumine USP28; Flumethasone SUP28 ; Finasteride USP28; Tamoxifen Citrate USP28; Vitamin B1 USP26/BP2002; Stanozolol USP28; Oxymetholone USP28; Oxandrolone USP28; Nandrolone Decanoate SUP28; Testosterone Cypionate USP28; Budisonide EP5 Amlodipine Besyate BP/EP Ketamine HCL; 2. ----Telmisartan intermediate: 2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-(1-methyl benzimidazole-2-yl)benzimidazole ; 3. Pharmaceutical & pesticide intermediates product list: (1). Series of Pyrimidine: 2-Amino-4,6-dimethoxypyrimidine; 2-Amino-4-chloro-6-methoxypyrimidine; 2-Amino-4,6-dimethylpyrimidine; 2,4-Diamino-6-hydroxypyrimidine; 2,4-Diamino-6-chloropyrimidine; 2-methylsulfonyl-4,6-dimethoxypyrimidine; 2-Amino-4,6-dihydroxypyrimidine; 2-Amino-4,6-dichloropyrimidine; 2-methylthio-4,6-Dimethoxypyrimidine; 4,6-Dihydroxypyrimidine; 4,6-Dichloropyrimidine; 2,4-Dichloropyrimidine; 2,4-Dichloropyrimidine; 4-Amino-2,6-dihydroxypyrimidine(4-Aminouracil); 4-Amino-2,6-dichloropyrimidine; 4-Amino-2,6-dimethoxypyrimidine; (2).Series of Ketone: 4'-Hydroxyacetophenone ; 4'-Hydroxypropiophenone ; 4'-Hydroxybutyrophenone ; 4'-Hydroxyvalerophenone ; 4'-Hydroxyhexanophenone ; 4'-Hydroxyheptanophenone ; 2'-Hydroxyacetophenone ; 2'-Hydroxypropiophenone ; 2'-Hydroxybutyrophenone ; 2'-Hydroxyvalerophenone ; 4-Chloro-4'-hydroxybenzophenone ; 4-Hydroxybenzophenone ; 4-Methoxybenzophenone ; (3). Series of Sulfonamide: 2-Sulfamoylbenzoic acid methyl ester ; 2-Sulfamoylbenzoic acid ethyl ester ; 2-(Methylformate) benzyl sulfonamide ; N,N-dimethylnicotinamide-2-sulfonamide ; 2-ethylsulfonylimidazo[1,2-a] pyridine-3-sulfonamide ; (4). Series of Triazine: 2-Amino-4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5-triazine ; 4-Methoxy-N,6-dimethyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-ylamine ; (5). Series of Benzyl Chloride: 4-Chlorobenzyl chloride ; 2-Chlorobenzyl chloride ; 3-Chlorobenzyl chloride ; 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride ; 4-Fluorobenzyl chloride ; 2-fluorobenzyl chloride ; 3-fluorobenzyl chloride ; (6). Series of Cyanide: 4-Chlorobenzyl cyanide; 2-Chlorobenzyl cyanide ; 3-Chlorobenzyl cyanide ; 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl cyanide; 4-Fluorobenzyl cyanide ; 2-fluorobenzyl cyanide ; 3-Fluorobenzyl cyanide ; 4,4,-dimethyl-3-ox-valeronitrile (Pivaloylacetonitrile) ; Diphenylacetonitrile ; (7). Series of acetic acid: 4-chlorophenyl acetic acid ; 2-chlorophenyl acetic acid ; 3-chlorophenyl acetic acid ; 2,4-Dichlorophenylacetic acid ; 4-Fluorophenyl acetic acid ; 2-Fluorophenyl acetic acid ; 3-Fluorophenyl acetic acid ; (8). Series of Acyl Chloride: 4-Chlorobenzoyl chloride ; 2-Chlorobenzoyl chloride ; 3-Chlorobenzoyl chloride ; 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride ; 4-Fluorobenozyl Chloride ; (9). Others: 1-Fluoronaphthalene ; Benzimidazole ; 2-Amino-6-chloropurine (6-Chloroguanine) ; 3-Amino-2-pyrazinecarboxylic acid ; 3-Amino-2-pyrazinecarboxylic acid methyl ester ; Contact: Ms. Kimberly ZHANG Tel: 0086- 136 7151 6988 Fax: 0086- 21- 6306 9387 E-mail: kim_pharma@yahoo.com.cn or: kimberly_pharma@yahoo.co.uk , China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-519-7095691]
Product: Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd., which is one subsidiary company of Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, lying in Yangtze Delta, the home town of Luogeng HUA, the famous..., Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical CO.,ltd. (Manufacture with GMP) Pharmaceutical intermediates: -----Telmisartan intermediates: (1)?2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-carboxy-benzimidazole(content 98%) (2)?2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-(1-methyl benzimidazole-2-yl)benzimidazole (content 98%) (3)?N-methyl-o-phenylenediaminedihydrochloride (content 98%) (4)?Methyl 4’-methylbiphenyl-2-carboxylate(content 98%) ------ Loratadine intermediates: (1). 1-Methyl-4-Piperidone HCL; (2). 1-methyl-4-Piperidinol HCL; (3). 1-Methyl-4-Chloro Piperidine HCL; (4). 1-Carbethexy-4-Piperione HCL; (5). 3-[2-(3-Chlorophenyl)-Ethyl]-Pyridine Carbonitrile; (6). 4-Pieridone Monohydrate Hydrochloride; (7). Piperidone HCL (8). 1-Benzyl-4-Piperidone HCL; (9). 8-Chloro-10,11-Dihydro-4AZA-5H-Benzo[A,D]Cyclohcptan-5-One; Pharmaceutical raw materials: (1). Clenbuterol HCL (CP2000); (2). Propranolol HCL (EP4.0, BP98); (3). Furosemide (BP2002, EP4.0); (4). Telmisartan (Conform); (5). Adrenosem (JPC97); (6). Proglumide (CP2000); (8). Tiopronin(CP200); (9). Loratadine (Conform); (10). Folic acid (BP2000); (11). Amlodipine Besylate (USP26); (12). Salbutamol Sulphate (CP2000); (13). Salbutamol (CP2000) ; (14). Clotrimazole (BP98, USP22); (15). Mexiletine. (BP98); (16). Oxymetazoline (CP2000); (17). Malotilote (CP2000); , China Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manufacturers ...
Main Products: doors and windows,tiles,tents
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