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Barium Nitrate

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Barium Nitrate
[Exporter] [Tel:86-311-7780383]
Product: We are very glad to introduce ourselves to your company. We,Sinochem Hebei Imp.&Exp. Corp., is one of the biggest trading company in China. We have been dealing with Chemical products for more...,We can supply Strontium carbonate , Barium Chloride and Barium Sulphate , Barium Nitrate et al and there are some customers using our products. If you are interested in our products , please contact us without hesitation by fax or e-mail. We will give you our offer according to the quantity and package you required with the low price. Many thanking you in advance for your kind attention for our products and looking forward to getting your prompt reply., China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
Product: Hebei xinji chemical group co.,ltd We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of barium and strontium salts in Asia. We can supply our products as Follows: Barium carbonate 99.2%..., Hebei xinji chemical group co. , ltd We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of barium and strontium salts in Asia. We can supply our products as Follows: Barium carbonate 99.2% Barium chloride 99% Barium sulphate 98% Barium nitrate 99.3% Barium titanium Barium titanium oxide oxalate Strontium carbonate 98% Strontium sulphate 98% Melamine 99.7% Thiourea 99.0% Butyl acrylate 98.5% , 99.5% Lithopone b301 , b311 Ammonium bicarbonate food grade (99.2-100%) If you require our products or have any questions , please contact us. Contact:liu yanhui , China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
Product: Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd lies in the famous kite city-Weifang. Our company has been devoted to the trading of the import-export inorganic chemical since 1994, depending on the...,Salted vegetables:Pickled radish , Pickled cucumber , Pickled ginger; Chemical Materials:Thiourea dioxide , Sodium nitrate , Barium nitrate , Barium chloride , Calcium chloride , Sodium nitrite , Strontium carbonate , Strontium nitrate , Bromide: Calcium bromide , Sodium Bromide , Barium bromide , Magnesium bromide , Ammonium bromide , Potassium Bromide , Thiourea , Barium carbonate , Flame rerardant , Pharmaceutical materials: Fenofibrate , Chymotrypsin , L-Tryptophan , L-Lysine Monohydrochloride , L-Lysine Acetate , L-lysine sulphate (Pharmaceutical grade) , L-Lysine Sulphate(Feed grade) , Dextran70 , Dipyridamol , Allopurinol , Gemfibrozil , Glucosamine sulphate 2kcl , Iron dextran , Levofloxacin hcl , L-carnitine tartrate , L-arginine , Methyl sulfonyl methane , Piroxicam , Sibutramine hcl , Troxerutin , Toltrazuril , Plant extract , Captopril , Dimenhydrinate , Horse ChestNut Powder Extract , Chondroitin sulphate , Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin , Spiramycin Base , Zinc Picolinate. , China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
China Haohua Xinji Chemical Group Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-0311-3290172]
Product: Our company is the largest barium and strontium salts manufacturer and exporter in ASIA .It was founded in 1947.Now this company become a stated-owned large scale chemical industry and also is the...,Export products as following: 1. BARIUM CARBONATE , 2. BARIUM SULPHATE PRECIPITATED , 3. BARIUM NITRATE , 4. BARIUM CHLORIDE DIHYDRATE , 5. STRONTIUM CARBONATE , 6. STRONTIUM NITRATE , 7. STRONTIUM CHLORIDE , 8. SULPHUR , 9. THIO-UREA , 10.SODIUM THIOSULFATE , 11.AMMONIUM BICARBONATE , FOODSTUFF , 12.NATURAL BARIUM SULFHATE , 13.MELAMINE and other chemical products , China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,chemical,others
Tianshan sodium sulphide co.,ltd(India)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-13080551912]
Product: Tianshan Sodium Sulphide Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in mining development and chemicals production. Our products have sodium sulphide. sodium...,第一:·Tannery&Textile Chemicals 1:Sodium Sulphide 2:Sodium Hydrosulphide硫氢化钠 3:Sodium Metabisulfite焦亚硫酸钠 4:Formic Acid甲酸 5:Sodium formate甲酸钠 6:Oxalic Acid草酸 7:Thiourea硫脲 8:Sodium Thiosulphate 99% , 硫代硫酸钠 9:Barium Nitrate硝酸钡 10:Ammonium Chloride氯化铵 11:Hydrogen Peroxide过氧化氢 12:Chromic sulfate , solid硫酸铬 13:ammonium sulfate硫酸铵 14:sodium bisulphate亚硫酸氢钠 15:Sulphur Black硫化黑 第二:·Metallurgy&Mineral Chemicals冶金矿产化工 1:Sodium Sulphide硫化碱 2:Sodium Hydrosulphide硫氢化钠 3:Sodium Metabisulfite 焦亚硫酸钠 4:Hydrogen Peroxide 过氧化氢 5:Barium chloride dihydrate二水氯化钡 6:anthate 7:Sodium Bisulphate硫酸氢钠 8:Barium Nitrate 硝酸钡 9:Sodium Tripolyphosphate三聚磷酸钠 10: Trisodium Phosphate磷酸三钠 11: Caustic Soda 苛性钠 12: Sodium Nitrate 硝酸钠 第三:·Dye染料 1: Carbon black 炭黑 2:Chromium oxide三氧化二铬 3:suphur blackl硫化黑 4barium sulphate硫酸钡 5:Acid black酸性黑 6: Oxalic Acid草酸 7: Thiourea 硫脲 8: Barium Nitrate硝酸钡 第四:·Water Treatment Chemicals水处理化学品 1:Sodium Hydrosulphide硫氢化钠 2:Sodium Metabisulfite焦亚硫酸钠 3:Oxalic Aci草酸 4:Formic Acid蚁酸5:Activated Carbon活性炭 6::PAC (Polyaluminium Chloride)聚合氯化铝 7:PAM (Polyacrylamide) ​​聚丙烯酰胺 8:Poly Ferric Sulfate (PFS )聚合硫酸铁(PFS)的 9:Sodium Hypochlorite 次氯酸钠 10:Aluminium Sulphate 硫酸铝 第五:·Food Additives食品添加剂 1:Citric Acid Anhydrous and Mono无水柠檬酸和一水柠檬酸 2:Aspartame 阿斯巴甜 3:Calcium Propionate丙酸钙 4:Ascorbic Acid 抗坏血 5:Sodium Bicarbonate碳酸氢钠 6:Calcium Chloride 氯化钙 7:Ammonium Bicarboante food grade食品级碳酸氢铵 8:Sodium Metabisulfite焦亚硫酸钠 9:Phosphoric Acid磷酸 10:potassium sorbate山梨酸钾 11: Magnesium sulphate硫酸镁 12:Sodium cyclamate甜蜜素 13:Sodium Saccharin糖精钠 14:Sorbitol 山梨醇 Synonyms: Sodium Sulph 15:Sodium benzoate 苯甲酸钠 16:Sorbic Acid 山梨酸 17; Potassium Sorbate 山梨酸钾 18: Monosodium Glutamate 味精 19:Sodium citrate 柠檬酸钠, India Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
Main Products:
Changsha Yonta Industry Co., Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-731-85352228]
Product: Changsha Yonta Industry Co., Ltd., as a Leading and Professional Wholesaler / Exporter for Chemical Raw Materials in Hunan Province of China, is specialized in Chlorate, Perchlorate, Nitrate and...,Potassium Chlorate , Sodium Chlorate , Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate / Anhydrous , Potassium Perchlorate , Ammonium Perchlorate , Potassium Nitrate , Barium Nitrate , Sodium Nitrate , Lead Nitrate , Potassium Permanganate , Sodium Permanganate , Red Phosphorus , Sodium Silicofluoride , Magnesium Silicofluoride , Sodium Bicarbonate , Manganese Sulphate , Ferrous Sulphate , Zinc Sulphate , Sodium Metabisulphite, China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
[Exporter] [Tel:+86-137-8519-2756]
Product: We are honored to introduce ourselves as one of leading suppliers of barium chloride in China. Our barium chloride dihydrate is used in caustic soda electrolysis, metal heat treatment, pigments,...,barium chloride , barium sulphate , barium carbonate , barium chloride dihydrate , barium nitrate , barium hydroxide , barium metaborate , thiourea , strontium salts , high purity grade of barium salts , industrial raw materials , electrical/electron/electronical chemical industry , inorganic salt, China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
Hebei Xinji Chemical Group Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-311-3290172]
Product: Our company is the largest barium and strontium salts manufacturer and exporter in ASIA .It was founded in 1947.Now this company become a stated-owned large scale chemical industry and also is the...,export productions: 1.barium carbonate(granular;powder;high purity) , 2.strontium carbonate (granular;powder;high purity) , 3. barium nitrate (powder;crystal) , 4.barium sulphate precipitated , 5.barium chloride , 6.barium nitrate , 7.thiourea and so on. , China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
Hebei Xinji Chemical Group Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-311-3290172]
Product: HEBEI XINJI CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD, the former name is Hebei Xinji Chemical Plant, was founded in 1947,Now this company become the main base of producing and exporting of Barium and Strontium salts...,Our main products including: Barium Carbonate Precipitated 99.2%min Barium Carbonate Free Flowing 99.2%min Barium Carbonate Compact Granular 99.2%min Barium Carbonate Calcined Granular 99.2%min Barium Carbonate High Purity 99.5%min Strontium Carbonate Powder 98%min Strontium Carbonate Compact Granular 98%min Strontium Carbonate Calcined Granular 98%min Barium Sulphate Precipitated 98%min Barium Nitrate Powder 99%min Barium Nitrate Crystal 99%min Barium Chloride Dihydrate 99%min Potassium Carbonate 98.5%min Thiourea 99%min Melamine etc., China Barium Nitrate Manufacturers ...
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