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Chemical Desiccant Industrial Stand-alone Dehumidifier Unit For Shipbuilding 15.8kg / h

Our new-type desiccant packets & bags in package for drying to replace expensive silica gel or unsafe lime

Portable Desiccant Wheel Dehumidifier , Industrial Dehumidification Equipment

50Hz 15.8kg/h Industrial Air Dehumidifier / Air Dryer with Sweden Proflute Desiccant Rotor
[Importer and Exporter] [Tel:86-13290298959]
Product: JINAN SANHOOS Inc., Ltd is located in the beautiful scenery and profound cultural background city--Jinan, is a general enterprise. Our company is engaed in manufacture and sale of various..., JINAN SANHOOS Inc. , Ltd is located in the beautiful scenery and profound cultural background city--Jinan , is a general enterprise. Our company is engaed in manufacture and sale of various products and service. The main products including: Disinfection products(for example Tcca , Sdic) , APIs and pharmachical intermediates , Feed additives & Veterinary Medicine & Pharmaceuticals , Pvc door & window processing machine , Insulating glass processing machine , plastic pallet and so on , The main products are as follows: Product list: Automatically Insulating glass production line (1.5m-2.6m height) Vertical and horizontal glass washing machine (0.8m-2.6m width) Open top glass washing machine Two component sealant spreading machine Butyl sealant extruder Automatically and semi-auto aluminum spacer bending machine Automatically and semi-auto desiccant filling machine Freezer for sealant gun Gas filling machine Manual butyl tape coating machine Hot melt sealant machine Silicon sealant Polysulfide sealant Butyl sealant Butyl sealant tape Hot melt sealant Desiccant Aluminum spacer Glass straight line edging machine Glass double edging machine Glass edge beveling machine Glass drilling machine Shaped glass edging machine CNC glass cutting table Glass loading table Glass breaking table Ball point pen refill tube making machine Laser Engraving&Cutting MACHINE LAPTOP Plastic Seal CNC Drilling Machine Dump Semi-trailer Rollover Glass Drilling Machine PROFILE LAMINATOR Auto Cutting Machine Horizontal Lathe Monoethanolamine (MEA) DEA (Diethanolamine) Calcium hypochlorite bottle blow molding machine Ammonium chloride ((NH4)Cl) Permanganate Potassium Ganciclovir , GCV , DHPG Molecular Sieve3A/4A/5A Insulating Glass Molecular Sieve Carbon Molecular Sieve Cyanuric Acid Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) Hexamine Paraformaldehyde Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) Disinfector - TCCA - Tablet Hydrazine Hydrate Desiccant Silica Gel Catechol Sodium Sulfite , NaHSO3 5-Difluormethoxy-2-Mercapto-1H-Benzinmidazole 1 , 3 , 4 , 6-Tetrachloroglycoluril 1-Bromo-3-Chloro-5 , 5-Dimethyl Hydantoin (BCDMH) 1 , 3-dibromo-5 , 5-dimethyl hydantoin (DBDMH) 1 , 3-Dichloro-5 , 5-Dimethyl Hydantoin (DCDMH) Carbohydrazide Glycoluril Thiodiglycolic Acid Aluminum Spacer Plastic Pallet We will serve for the customers from the world with high honour and estabish the long time business relationship , our products have been sold to the whole world with best prices and quality. To konw more about our corporation , kindly visit our web or don't hesitate to contact me ALLEN SHAO JINAN SANHOOS INC. , LTD ADD:RM303 , XINLONG BD , NO.792 HUALONG RD , JINAN , CHINA TEL:+86-531-82352271 FAX:+86-531-82352270 MOB:+86-13290298959 WEB:http://www.ecplaza.net/tradeleads/SANHOOSALLEN888.html E-MAIL:allenszj@gmail.com/yingcaiallen@163.com MSN:sanhoos09@live.cn SKYPE:SANHOOS09, China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Main Products:
Saint Best Group(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:+86-15098898704]
Product: warm edge Insulating glass equipment,Insulating glass equipment,Insulating glass machine,Truseal fexiable spacer I.G machine,super fexiable spacer I.G machine,druseal fexiable spacer I.G...,warm edge Insulating glass equipment , Insulating glass equipment , Insulating glass machine , Truseal fexiable spacer I.G machine , super fexiable spacer I.G machine , druseal fexiable spacer I.G machine , drulite fexiable spacer I.G machine , Insulating glass production line , Duralite machine , Truseal spacer machine , Super spacer machine , Duralite machine , duraseal spacer machine , flexible spacer machine , rubber spacer strip machine , rubber strip machine , insulating glass sealing spacer machine , aluminum spacer machine , spacer bar machine , Warm Edge Insulating Glass Machine , Insulating Glass Machine Horizonal Glass Washing Machine , Horizonal Glass washer , glass washing machine , glass washer , washing machine , vertical glass washer , vertical glass washing machine , insulating glass washing machine , insulating glass machine , glass production line , Warm Edge Insulating Glass Machine , truseal spacer insulating glass machine , Duralite insulating glass machine , duraseal spacer insualting glass machine , flexible spacer insulating glass machine , Super spacer insulating glass machine , Rubber spacer strip Insulating Glass Machine , Hollow Glass Production Line , Insulating Glass Machine , Double gazed glass machine , Hollow glass machine , glass machine , glass washing machine , roller press machine , hot melt machine , I.G unit machine , Insulating Glass Production Line Rubber Spacer insulating glass production line , rubber spacer strip insulating glass machine , rubber spacer glass machine , sealant spacer insulating glass machine , truseal spacer I.G machine , superspacer I.G machine , Insulating glass sealing spacer machine , Hollow Glass Machine , Double Glazed Glass Machine , Double Glazed Insulated Glass Machine , Double Glazing Glass Process Machine , Window Glass Machine , Double Glazing Glass Machine , Double Glazed Glass Machine , Hot melt Dispenser , Hot Melt Sealant Extruder , Hot Melt Machine , Hot melt sealant extruder , Hot melt extruder , Hot melt Dispenser , Sealant extruder , extruder machine , Hot melt sealant machine , butyl extruder machine , hot melt coating machine , glass machine´╝îInsulating glass processing machinery , such as truseal spacer insulating glass production line , superpacer insulating glass production line , truseal spacer insulating glass machine , superpacer insulating glass machine , heated roller press machine , cold roller pres machine , insualting glass washer , insulating glass washing machine , hot melt sealant extruder , hot melt machine , hot melt extruder , hot melt coating machine , butyl sealnt extruder machine , butyl extruder , manual glass press machine , butyl sealant tape coating machine , air floated application table , sealing application table , spacer bending machine , Low-e chenking pen , optics glass thickness gauge , manual glass thickness gauge , glass detector pen , pneumatic gule gun , pneumatic press machine , molecular sieve , butyl tape , rubber strip , album making machine , UV coating machine , PVC window&door processing machinery , Aluminium window&door processing machinery and Album making machine , vacuum hot pressing machine , 36 inch vacuum hot laminator , New hardcover making machine , Album Cover Making Machine , Eight Into One Album Maker , Eight Into One Album Making machine , Self-adhesive album sheets , Self-adhesive , Pet PVC Cold Press Album Sheets , Rotary Paper Trimmer , Rotary trimmer , rotary paper cutter , paper trimmers , Self-adhesive album sheets , Self-Adhesive PVC , PET Album Sheets , Wedding Album Making -3 in 1 Machine , Wedding Album Making Machine , PHOTO album making machine , Book Binding Machine , Paper side disposal equipment , Bag Making Machine , Film Laminator , Glue Laminator Machine , Hot stamping & embossing machine , Business card machinery , Engraving machine , Envelope Machine , Transparent Mask Machine , Packing machine , Advertising machine , Paper cutting machine , Die cutting & creasing machine , Making Boxes Equipment , Printing Machine , Paper side disposal equipment , UV drying machine , Round cornering machine , Photo album cover forming machine , Manual pressing machine , Manual creasing machine , table top increasing machine , Hot pressing machine , electric pressing machine , pneumatic pressing machine , Multifunctional Automatic Creasing machine , Photo album cover forming machine , Digital Paper Cutting machine , Manual pressing machine , Electric pressing machine , Pneumatic finishing machine , Full Automatic Glue Binding Machine , Automatic UV coating machine , Small UV Varnishing Glazing Machine , Album forming machine , album finishing and forming machine , album equipment , Window Patching machine , Fully Automatic Laminator , Fully Automatic Film Laminator , Automatic film laminating machine , Disjoin Machine , Film Laminator , manual water-based film laminator , Water Film Laminator , semi-automatic film laminator (with divider) , half-auto oilpressing laminators , semi-automatic hydraulic laminating machine , hydraulic laminating machine , Roll Laminator , Pneumatic Laminator , Water-Soluble Filming Machine , Water-solubility Laminator , Pneumatic Laminator Machine , Multifunctional film laminating machine , Multifunctional film laminator , Film Laminating machine , Double Sided Film Laminating Machine , automatic paper separating machine , Fully Automatic Film Laminating machine , Hot Roll Laminator , Hot Roll Laminating machine , Roll Laminator , Adhesive Film Laminator , Heat Laminator Machine , Automatic Flute Laminator , Semi-automatic Laminating machine , Semi automatic flute laminating machine , Paperboard Covering Machine , pneumatic hydraulic multi-functional cardboard laminator , Adjusting Speed Glue Machine , Roller pressing machine , Hot Gluing Machine , Glue Laminator Machine , Semi-Automatic Gluing Machine , Stainless Steel Adjusting Speed Gluing machine , paper top hot glue machine , Gluing machine , Sheet Gluing machine , Cold laminator Machine , manual cutter . At present , our products have a good sale in domestic and overseas market. We have got favorable feedbacks based on high quality , reasonable price and timely service. Our chemical factory is specilized in water treatment chemicals , swimming pool chemicals , APIs and Pharmaceuticals &intermediates , such as Trichloroisocyanuric Acid , TCCA , Isocyanuric acid , ICA , Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate , SDIC , Cyanuric Acid , CYA , 2 , 4 , 6-Trihydroxy-1 , 3 , 5-Triazine , Isocyanuric acid , Tricyanic acid , Dichloroisocyanuric acid sodium salt dihydrate; SDIC , Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate , Trichloro-Isocyanuric Acid tablets , Swimming pool chlorine tablets , Animal disinfectant , disinfectant , chlorine tablets , Swimming pool chlorine tablets , Effervescent chlorine tablets , Water disinfection tablets , Drinking water disinfectant , Swimming pool chlorine tablets , Animal disinfectant , disinfectant , chlorine tablets , Swimming pool chlorine tablets , Effervescent chlorine tablets , Water disinfection tablets , Drinking water disinfectant , Sodium dichloroisocyanurate , Trichloroisocyanuric Acid , TCCA , chlorine tablets , pool chemical , Calcium hypochlorite , 1-Bromo-3-Chloro-5 , 5-Dimethyl Hydantoin , BCDMH , 1 , 3-dibromo-5 , 5-dimethyl hydantoin (DBDMH) , 1 , 3-Dichloro-5 , 5-Dimethyl Hydantoin (DCDMH) , Thiodiglycolic Acid , Glycoluril , Carbohydrazide , Triclocarban , 2 , 2'-Thiodiacetic acid; Dicarboxydimethyl sulfide , Paraformaldehyde , Catechol , Desiccant , 1 , 3 , 4 , 6-Tetrachloroglycoluril , Mometasone Furoate , Two-Component Silicone Insulating Glass Sealant , Aluminum Spacer , Hot Melt Sealant , Insulating Glass Butyl Sealant , Desoximetasone , Azithromycin Dihydrate , Ibuprofen , Insulating Glass Seal Strip , insulating glass rubber strip , Cimetidine , Sevelamer Hydrochloride , Tetrakis (Methyoxymethyl) Glycoluril , Disinfector etc. , China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Qingdao Xinrong Industrial Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-53285-757159]
Product: Dear Sir, Our company is one of the largest of supplier of silica gel products in China. We will be able to provide all kinds of silica gel below: 1. Fine-pored Silica Gel(Silica Gel A Type)...,Dear Sir , Our company is one of the largest of supplier of silica gel products in China. We will be able to provide all kinds of silica gel below: 1. Fine-pored Silica Gel(Silica Gel A Type) 2. Silica Gel B Type 3. Silica Gel C Type 4. Macro-pored Silica Gel 5. Blue Silica Gel 6. Silica Gel FNG 7. Silica Gel Desiccant for packaging 8. Silica Gel Cat Litter 9. Other Silica Gel (eml):ericqd^yeah.net , China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Product: Company Profile RustX in TA with C.Knoop, Australia is the front runner in the VCI industry with over 1000+ customers and 100+ VCI products in the range. We manufacture VCI products comprising...,Manufacturers & exporters of vci , vci paper , vci plastic , vci emitters , rustopowder , dehumidifier , desiccants , rust preventive , rust , rust preventive oils , cutting oils , rust removers , anti rust vci plastics , anti rust vci emitter , anti rust oils (dry and wet type) , nt-rust vci papers , vci shrink films , anti rust vci polyester laminates or flow wrap , rubber compatible eva bags , polyoefin shrink films , tuff tubes , infrared camouflaging films for defense applications , 3-layer co-extruded multilayer films , bio degradable plastics , flame retardant films , builder films & wide width films3-layer co-extruded multilayer films.vci plastics , vci coil wrape , vci rust preventives , vci cuttting oils , anti-rust coolant additive , silver warpe , vci cutting oils , vci silver wrape, India Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Main Products: paper,vci paper,dehumidifier
Product: taiwan Heated regenerate desiccant air dryer, Heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer, Externally heated blower purge desiccant air dryer, Compressed Air Filter, Auto Drains Manufacturers.,Heated regenerate desiccant air dryer , Heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer , Externally heated blower purge desiccant air dryer , Compressed Air Filter , Auto Drains, Taiwan, ROC. Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Product: It is our great honour to know your esteem company .We are a professional desiccant manufacturer in china,we can supply following items any time: 1.Polly fibre Desiccant for...,1.Polly fibre Desiccant for Pharmaceutical , Nutriceutical Applicant and food industry , 2.Polly active mineral Desiccant for Cargo Use , 3.polly Montmorillonite Desiccant for electronic and military industry , China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Nanjing Zhenbo Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd(China)
[Importer and Exporter] [Tel:+86-25-85415717]
Product: Our company produces and exports all sorts of desiccants and clays to replace the silica gel or molecular sieves, widely used in insulated glass, food package, clothes and shoes, paints additives,...,desiccant , silica gel , lime , molecular sieves , paint additive , packing , mineral desiccant , adsorbent , drying agent, China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Main Products: desiccant,silica gel,lime
Suzhou Rustop Protective Packaging Co,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-0512-66193536-807]
Product: Suzhou Rustop Protective Packaging Co., Ltd(SRPP). is a professional company specialized in manufacturing, marketing and providing technical services. We are specialized in new antirust products -...,VCI anti-rust film , bag , paper , powder , liquid , desiccant , cushion materials , masterbatch and series of new derusting & antirust cleaner products, China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
Main Products: bag,paper,powder
Yingkou Asian Giant Chemical Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-417-5602205]
Product: we are one of the major manufacturer of Silica gel products in China. Our main product is Silica gel Cat litter, and raw material for Small packing desiccant etc. ,Silica gel , Cat litter , Desiccant , Silica gel for small packing desiccant., China Desiccant Manufacturers ...
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