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Water Valve

Full List of Water Valve Suppliers & Water Valve manufacturers in European Global & USA Asian.

Pneumatic actuator Butterfly Water Valve grouting for coil mines 5”(D140mm)~24”(D630mm)

Non-poisonous UPVC / PVC butterfly water Valve for chemical plant with Pneumatic Actuator

High performance Butterfly water Valve Wafer Connection Electric Actuator for paper plant

Stainless steel Stem PPH pneumatic butterfly Water Valve Pneumatic Actuator 2-1/2”(D75mm)
Tianlong valve factory(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-576-7425751]
Product: The produt extract the world high-class advanced products` elite and suit the national and international clients` new demand. It has strict quality control and testOur products have been sold...,brake valve, ball valve, close valve, corner valve, water valve, valve , China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Main Products: ball,water valves,valves
Ningbo Runner Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:0086-0574-23889999]
Product: China manufacturer and exporter sanitary ware of faucet,valve,brass fitting,shower room,shower enclosure,shower head,hose,pipe clamp,stainless steel sink,drainer and so on.,sanitary ware,ball valve,brass valve,brass ball valve,angle valve,radiator valve,bibcock,brass check valve,brass gate valve,stop valve,mini valve,gas ball valve,brass fitting,compression fitting,press fitting,pex fitting,ppr fitting,pex-al-pex pipe,brass nipple,thread fitting,faucet, basin faucet,bathroom faucet,water tap,faucet china,stainless steel sink,floor drain,pop up waste,basin drain,plastic drainer,water filter, shower room,shower enclosure,shower head,shower hose,bathtub,massage bathtub,braided hose,soap dispenser,aluminum radiator,radiator fitting, brass plug,pip clamp, China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Nawaphat Supply Ltd,(Thailand)
[Exporter] [Tel:66-54-227362]
Product: Name Nawaphat Supply Part,Ltd. Trade Mark Established March 31st 1999 Founders Ruangrit Phoophanichjaroenkul Director Wanphen Phoophanichjaroenkul Office 142/59 Phaholyothin rd, Suandok,...,hdpe,hdpe pipe ,bombas ideal,kent meter,double flange spigot,blank flange,duckfootbend,foot valve,dismantling joint,gasket,mechanical coupling,restrained joint,pressure gauge,vacuum gauge,geotextile,upvc pipe,cpvc pipe,ebro,static mixer,弅褶狶戰鉎?api astm a53 sch40,bs-m 1387,astm a312,astm a106,40ex,80ex,bs1387,butterfly valve,cast iron valves,cast steel,stainless valve,bronze valve, relief valve gsp , galvanize control valve hdpe water pipe , hdpe conduit , hdpe pipe , pe central , pe , pve pipe , thai , thailand , Thailand , pve piping , pvc conduit , gsp , galvanize , steel pipe , steel pipe fitting ,valve , ballvalve ,butterfly valve , gatevalve , control valve , relief valve , renold , gearmotor , sanwa , asahi meters, wenco,Socla,apco,ebra,kennedy,taylor,Weiss,March,Aurora,Peerless,SPP,Worthington,Grunfoss,Mic-cell,Vinsulator,Sqare-d,Knock-Moller,Matsushita,Marushi,CDC,Thai Yasaki,Bangkok Cable,Foulds-Clark UK,Elkart,Design and Advice precision Jobs Drilling,Reaming,Threading,Lathe,Gear Special Tools for Industrial,Grinding in HSS,CABIDE and SINTERS,Thermal Spray CERAMIC,CABIDE,all Material Modify Boot,Arm-boot, Pump Hydraulic Outdoor part of Tralor,All Backhole Heat Tretment All Material cam,Helical Groove Swing Gear,Helical,Worm,Spiral Bevel, Herring Bone , Inverlude Gear Grinding ( DiN ) ,Thermal Spray with Hot Process and Cold Process,Modify dam,Power Plant,infinery,Dan,Weather matic.Southern cross,water storage tanks,tanks,neodrain,nelson,bigguns,nelson big guns,valve installations,quick coupling valve,eflex,rotem,galcon,arkal,purolite,micro-mini sprinkler,humidity controllers,automatic valve,plastic disc filter systems,weather matic,pop-up sprinklers,pop-up,dan2001,dan,cooling controller,prokom,environment controller,hydrocooler,dan fogger,butterfly barb,lap,crass manifold,computerized controller,conboard joint filler,korkpak joint filler,joint sealant,geotextile,geogrid,gabion,mattress,lldpe,pvc,flap valve,weep hole,rubber waterstop,bearing pad,asphalt paper,two part polysulphide,backup rod,waterproof membrane,super roofkote,premix non-shrink grout,curing compound,liquid waterproofer,mortar plasticiser,retader admixtures,concrete plasticiser,syler,epoxy mortar,geomix,geobond,gercure wp,geoproof,geo m/w,geoseal,geomould,geoform,geoepoxy#136,blue sheet,rib rath, pipes, pipe fitting, industrial pipes, industrial pipe fittings, pvc pipes, steel pipes, rubber pipes, pvc pipe fittings, brass pipe fittings, copper pipe fittings, metal pipe fittings, wholesale pipes, hdpe pipes, aliminum pipes, smoke pipes, exhaust pipes , Thailand Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Product: The refinement pump valve company of Zhejiang has been with the theory that~{!)~} has kept improving, it is perfect to pursue~{!*~} since establishing in 1984, ~{!)~} scientific and technical...,Valve, pump Water pump, Blowdown pump, Metal, Floodgate valve, Butterfly valve, Ball valve, Balanced valve, Relief valve, It fill in posts valveses, regulate valves, stop it last valve, not keeping warm valve, lack of mutual understanding valve, line control valve, tap valves, liquefied gas valve of at water conservancies relief pressure valves pipe fittingses at valves plastics for valves for Fluorine of, China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Main Products: valves,valves,tapes
GLTAK auto parts Co Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-29-87433268 ]
Product: The company is GLTAK AUTO PARTS Co.Ltd,established in 1998 and specialized in researching and developing air brake components and truck parts.Nowadays,it has become a renowned O.E manufacturer of...,volvo,scania ,daf,CUMMINS,IVECO,MAN,Mercedes benz,Volvo FH12 FM12 FH16 FM9 truck parts, bus parts,construction machinery,air valve,solenoid valve,brake valves,gearbox valve,inhibitor valve,leveling valve, volvo fuel pump,volvo oil pump,sensor .WABCO parts,clutch servo, water pump,volvo sensor1077574,cummins water pump,cummins oil pump,valve,way valve,brake master cylinder,clutch master cylinder,clutch servo,auto parts,auto spare parts,truck parts,engine parts,volvo penta parts,volvo parts, valves OEM NO.: Cummins OEM: 3926202 3926203 3937404 3948071 3802278 3802081 3929612 3415366 3960342 3802358 3966154 3936318 3936320 3936316 3918076 3941742 3966840 3926203 3415365 3936318 3937404 3960342 Volvo OEM: 20752310 20769476 20441871 20411997 21067551 20749646 VOLVO Truck Fuel Pump FH FM FH12 FM16 1998-ON VOLVO Truck Parts OEM : 10829593 172199 1070172 6212893 3172490 8113282 1655639 1673067 1526523 267321 1655435 1668501 1521371 3987602 1628593 20429339 8150407 1674865 1674126 20398152 20392751 20752914 20838388 20744444 20518662 21036050 21088907 859171 978238 1077574 1594228 3169582 3171490 3173104 3192250 3985226 20374282 20398152 20399980 20410545 20430564 20523391 20527242 20553740 20576614 20583477 20588325 20588326 20590252 20513368 20515059 20517164 20875073 20884103 20898038 20967830 20967831 21023285 21023287 20752918 20752914 3198271 20392751 3979764 85107279 WABCO 4123520050 20709848 20451135 8170465 8550977 8170261 20409228 3986429 8156817 1547049 1089862 3095060 8149855 8143691 3090909 3187322 1664352 8149800 20589123 3987423 20545966 1628154 1598588 8147151 1629722 20532914 8149681 20722440 1629721 DieselEngines D12D D12C-A D12D-A 3092460 SN-240248 20752310 SN-240249 21067551 20749646 20440371 20769449 DEUTZ: F4L912, F6L912 SA/2208A, B/F8L413, 513 FP/KS22AD241/2 VOLVO SCANIA PARTS OEM No . VOLVO SCANIA 8158216 1080926 1594405 1593924 1594335 1592453 1598743 1062190 3980334 3980335 3981666 3981667 3981668 20398386R 20398385L 8142919R 8142920 8144482 1063509 20398908 20398907 3175863 8141004 8141290-0 L8141289 3175546 20409818 20425625 3175417 20425626 3175418 20425627 3175419 20456963 3175548 3175547 3175376 20453716 20360899 20360898 20360899 20452847 20452848 20453627 20534600 20453628 20534601 20452886 20452887 20409875 1623726 1623727 20398824 20425729 3981456 20425729 3981456 OEM 20452887 20452887 20360810 20360811 20360507 3091757 3091259 3091757 3092854 3091751 3091757 3980927 3980935 3091756 3092854 3091757 3091256 3091750 20567633 20455981 20455983 20567633 20455981 20455983 8191406 20467053 8191406 8189329 20379439 20379438 20379437 20360789 8156556 1599297 8191594 1062134 1619149 1619148 8152722 20372227 8191421 8155080 20398707 20398708 20398709 20425419 20425418 3175246 8144107 3175247 8144108 20529478 20529483 3175406 3175407 8149866 11674865 1674126 8149395 6102559 3828964 20398466 20398467 1089008 1594088 1089009 1089728 , China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Ningbo SM-machinery Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:8657427662107]
Product: Our company--Ningbo SM-Machinery Co.,Ltd, is specializing in manufacturing pneumatic and hydraulic components. Our main products include solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinder, air filters, air...,solenoid valve, water solenoid valve, air solenoid valve, gas solenoid valve, pneumatic solenoid valve, miniature solenoid valve, solenoid valves, 3 way solenoid valve, sprinkler valve solenoid, cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, cylinder head, gas cylinder, air cylinder, cylinder liner, cylinder block, pneumatic cylinder, cng cylinder, oil cylinder, brake cylinder, oxygen cylinder, lock cylinder, cylinder valve, cylinders, wheel cylinder, fy cylinder, cylinder heads, single cylinder, steel cylinder, cylinder head gasket, cylinder bore, graduated cylinder, key cylinder, engine cylinder, cylinder tube, motorcycle cylinder, parker cylinder, measuring cylinder, cylinder cover, pneumatic, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valve, pneumatic tools, pneumatic actuator, pneumatic fittings, chicago pneumatic, pneumatics, central pneumatic, smc pneumatics, astro pneumatic, pneumatic tires, pneumatic tube, pneumatic nailer, parker pneumatic, pneumatic tire, smc pneumatic, pneumatic conveying, pneumatic control, pneumatic wheels, arrow pneumatics, florida pneumatic, pneumatic pump, pneumatic drill, parker pneumatics, pneumatic stapler, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic symbols, pneumatic controls, pneumatic systems, pneumatic products, pneumatic lift, pneumatic compression, pneumatic nailers, grey pneumatic, pneumatic nail gun, pneumatic system, air compressor regulator, air regulator, compressed air regulator, compressed air filter, air filter, coalescing filter, air filter dryer, wilkerson filter regulator, parker filter regulator, air products regulator, air line regulator, norgren filter regulator, water filter regulator, air filter pump, smc filter regulator, air filter control, speedaire filter regulator, ingersoll rand filter regulator, air filter products, air gas, pneumatic filter regulator, air filter drier, air filter car, compressor filter regulator, air filter lubricator, air compressor, air filter industrial, air flow regulator, air fuel regulator, air filter equipment, high pressure regulator, air filter water, air filter arrow, air valves, water regulator, China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Product: LANGJIE has been striving for the research and development of the valve without stop .It has accumulated rich experience in professional production and imported and cultivated various...,We are specialize in producing and manufacturing all kinds of valves:Ball Valve, Stop Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Angle Valve, Water Valve, Tube Piece, Water Tools etc. The quality is superior ,yet our price is very reasonable. We are hoping to consult the further information:specification,model ,unit price,payment terms,and other odditional terms,order number,shipment date and if you could offer us samples and diagram paper. Can I ask your cooperation habit and quality requirement. , China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Main Products: valves,others,others
China Longya Water Valve Co.,Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-0576-7491056]
Product: Our company specially produce tub pieces, Now there are excellent technicians, We absorb internal and external good hand to perfect our product and meet requirements of our customer.Good materials...,tube,valve series, water valve. , China Water Valve Manufacturers ...
Main Products: water valves,valves,tubes
ASPT (Singapore) Pte Ltd(Singapore)
[Exporter] [Tel:65-0-62577765]
Product: ** Spare Parts for domestic Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner and Car Air-Con ** We are one-stop spare parts centre for home appliances. offer wide variety and high quality...,compressor, fan motor, timer, bi-metal, thermal fuse, heater, overload, relay, thermostat, switches, condenser, capacitor, blade, water valve, solenoid valve, water pump, rotary switch, selector switch, time relay., Singapore Water Valve Manufacturers ...
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