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Cast Copper Alloy Anti-grinding Flat Creasing And Die-cutting Corrugated Carton Machinery

ASTM A572Gr42/50,A572Gr42/50 steel plate,A572Gr42/50 steel sheet,A572Gr42/50 carbon and low alloy steel, A572Gr42/50 steel supplier

We can supply all Blue-White Diaphragm Metering Pumps CHEM-FEED C-1700N

We can supply all KUOBAO Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps MPX-257
[Exporter] [Tel:90-212-8756587]
Product: Hello Sir Ms/Mr I am an Electrical -Electronical Engineer. I am looking for companies who want to make trade with Turkey and Abroad of Turkey such as Bulgaria,Romania ,Russian,Greek, Balkanian...,Hello Sir Ms/Mr , I am an Electrical -Electronical Engineer. I am looking for companies who want to make trade with Turkey and Abroad of Turkey such as Bulgaria , Romania , Russian , Greek , Balkanian Quantries , Iran , Iraq , Syria , Azeribecian , Suidi Arabia , South Africa and Europian Quantries. I can repreesent your company , Ican sell your products , I can be a partner of your companies , I can do everything for your Companies all kind of needs. I was born in1966 in Turkey After I finish prep scool and secondary school I finish Industrial Technical Lycee department of Eelctrics as Electrics Technician. After that I finished The Univerty of Middle East Technical Universty Department of Electrics - Electronics Engineering and Department of Physics Engineering together Bs degree. I have worked: 1) 4 years on the field of all kinds of Electrical goods (Cable , Circuit Breakers , contactors , Relays , Thermal Relays , switches , Etc) as seller and installer When I was at the technical Lycee for 4 years as part time. 2) Computer , Fax , photocopy , and all kinds of Office instruments for 5 years as part time when I was at the Univerty as seller and technical servicer. 3) 4 years of Fiber optical cable , Optoelectronics products , DWDM systems , LAN , WAN Network systems for 4 years as seller and Production Manager. 4) 4 years fof Security Systems , Fire Alarm Systems , CCTV systems , Fire Distingusish systems , All kinds of Audio and Visual systems as seller and Installer. 5 ) For 3 years I have been working Import and export all kinds of Electrical and electronical Goods ( Cable , Circuit Breakers , contactors , Relays , Thermal Relays , switches and all kinds of Electrical and Electronical Goods) I know All market and importers and exporters of Turkey , Bulgaria , Iran , Iraq , Syria I have many Costomers fromm those quantries . I had some training at Siemens for6 Months and in USA for 3 monts for selling of technical goods.Agency , representation , assistance in Turkey. I am a representation company in Istanbul Turkey. We offer a complete range of services for the companies that wish to sell in Turkey. We work on company representation , search for importers , dealers or importers , organize your advertisements , help you take part in fairs and exhibitions , congresses and we also do business visit assistance. I have Visa For USA most of Arabian and European quantries. My contact Adress And telephones are , Ahmet SERIN , Ihlas Marmara Evleri C:20 Daire:6 Yakuplu Buyukcekmece/Istanbul Turkey , Turkey All Goods Manufacturers ...
Sonison Sports(Pakistan)
[Exporter] [Tel:92-432-563326]
Product: Dear Sirs, We are pleased to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as an ISO-9002 Certified. We are a manufactures of sporting goods like Soccerballs, Volleyballs, Basketballs,...,We are a manufactures of sporting goods like Soccerballs , Volleyballs , Basketballs , Rugbyballs & all the sports balls & In Sports wear like Soccer shirts , Soccer uniforms , Track suits & all the sports wear & Fitness articles like Weightbelts , Straps , Gloves of all types , & Shinguards , Headguards & Cycling gloves , boxing gloves made of leather or P.V.C Plus Punching Bags , Balls , Mits & other accessories , & all the other fitness products , Pakistan All Goods Manufacturers ...
Main Products: ball,others,others
agent(Taiwan, ROC.)
[Exporter] [Tel:+233545391978]
Product: 2. COMMODITY SPECIFICATIONS FOR GOLD DUST COMMODITY:Alluvial Gold (AU) FORM:GOLD DUST FINESS / PURITY:22+ carat with 96.7% fineness/purity QUANITY:50-500kgs per month for a period of two...,2. COMMODITY SPECIFICATIONS FOR GOLD DUST COMMODITY:Alluvial Gold (AU) FORM:GOLD DUST FINESS / PURITY:22+ carat with 96.7% fineness/purity QUANITY:50-500kgs per month for a period of two year PRODUCT HISTORY:Clean , Clear , no liens and non-criminal origin ORIGIN:West Africa ( Ghana ) PRICE:25% discount of world market price DELIVERY:To Buyers choice of refinery . ASSAY:Buyer choice of refinery PACKING:Export Package Boxes / Bars / Metal or Wooded Export Containers Note we have scraps HMS 1&2 quantity 30 , 000 Mt price 200$ FOB , we also has Dry batteries for Sell , 750Mt MODE OF PAYMENT Buyer Comes or send a representative to Ghana and inspect the goods , Then pick up the goods to any refinery of her choice in Ghana to assay the goods and if the purity and carat of the goods is okay with him/her then buyer will be responsible in paying all their shipping cost , as well as all government related taxes directly to the right authorities to ensure that their merchandise is exported to them in their choice of destination. Deduct the payment he made for the shipping cost , governmental tax and insurance from the total cost of the goods and the rest balance will be sent to our bank account. Our company agent will also accompany the product to buyer refinery to make sure we get our balance. Mr , Joseph Mensah johnkudalor@yahoo.com, Taiwan, ROC. All Goods Manufacturers ...
Main Products: clear,metal,axe
Company Arax(Russian Federation)
[Exporter] [Tel:-095-3240200]
Product: We want to be the representative of the shoe factory on sale of women and man's footwear in Russia. ,We are work 9 years in the market of footwear. 7 years we work with turkish firm Etor and we are their representatives in Russia. We work with them on system - Etor to us sends footwear , money we pay , when the goods (a delay of payment) are sold. But to work with them recently it be not become favourable , because the high prices for their footwear. We have the big client base across all Russia. We trade in man footwear , but would like to sell in due course and women footwear. We would like to work with you on the same system as well as with Etor with a delay of payment or we become your representative in Russia. To be your representative is means to work for percent from the goods sold by us. We shall be responsible for sales of your goods , you will suppervise us. We shall be division your company in Russia. If you are afraid or on what that to the reasons disagree , we can work and with an advance payment of the goods , but then small parties. If you have opportunity come to us to Moscow. We look forward to hearing. Send your site. Yours faithfully , Irina, Russian Federation All Goods Manufacturers ...
Chaga Trade Ltd(Russian Federation)
[Exporter] [Tel:7-095-4908268]
Product: Angara Forest Ltd is also producing healthy packaging (caskets, boxes, mugs) made of beresta (bark of a birch tree). Significant is the fact, that chaga put into beresta boxes considerably enhances...,Dear Sirs , Herewith we would like to present absolutely remarkable product - Siberian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) or as it is sometimes called - Birch Mushroom , which is famous for its anticancer properties around the world. Our company is involved in export trade of this incredible mushroom to many countries. As you may know , chaga mushroom with sufficient anticancerous properties grows ONLY in the North of Irkutsk region of Russian Federation and only our company , called Angara Forest Ltd , has exclusive official right to harvest chaga in that region. All the rest of chaga available currently on the market is just a similar in shape birch mushrooms but absolutely different by its chemical composition and its medicinal indices. Moreover , for proper harvesting and drying of chaga , trained stuff as well as appropriate facilities and warehousing is needed. Otherwise the chaga may appear to be either useless or even dangerous if contaminated with infectious diseases through homeless labour usually hired for chaga harvesting by many Russian companies in order to economize on their expenses. We have our own professional stuff being regularly checked by medical doctors before they obtain access to work with food staffs. Also , before each export delivery all our chaga is subject to careful examination and selection thus securing the best quality and readiness of the goods for people to use. The importer should only arrange packaging for retail sales , unless he purchased our packing. , Russian Federation All Goods Manufacturers ...
Sports Tower International (Group)(Pakistan)
[Exporter] [Tel:92-0300-7662669]
Product: Dear Sirs, ‚ÄúSports Tower International‚Ä? take‚Äôs this opportunity to introduce our selves as One of the most experienced Manufacturers & Exporters of under mentioned Products. a...,a Textile Garments All Kinds b Leather Garments All Kinds c Leather Sporting Gloves All Kinds d Sports & Casual Wears e Goal keepers gloves All kinds f Sports Goods All kinds Available , Pakistan All Goods Manufacturers ...
[Exporter] [Tel:55-11-38877840]
Product: We are an innovative international trading company established in April of 1995 to create solutions integrated in food and non-food trade. We currently have offices in the United States (Miami...,ORGANIC PRODUCTS At this moment , we are working with an unique organic line of products. The products are of an extremely hi-quality , are certificated by renowned international institutions as legitimate organics and ecologically correct. We work with a variety of coffees , juices , pulp of exotic fruits , cane sugars , organic grains , etc. In the link below , you have the pictures of the organic line. Keep these addresses with you because we are always updating these albums. CONDIMENTS IN GRANARY Brazil is a big producer of condiments , especially peppers. Consequently , we can offer the best price in this kind of products. You can confirm our advantage if you allow me to send you our price list. Also we work with Paraguay tea or MATE from Argentina. CANNED VEGETABLES Brazilian brands: Tomatino , Twist and Frigo. Also , we can offer these products with your own brand , if necessary. In the link below you have the pictures of the goods: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287338199&code=8879930&mode=invite JAPANESE FOOD manufactured in Brazil (with Japanese Know-how) and a variety of sauces All of these products from Sakura brand are legitimate from Brazil (the raw-material , package , etc) and the expire date is , at least , one year beyond the manufacturing date. The prices are extremely competitive and the quality very fine. In the link below , you have a bit about the company's tradition , pictures of products and how the Japanese know-how to produce these products arrived in Brazil , as well as the life of the Founder of the company too: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287291745&code=8954220&mode=invite ITALIAN FOOD manufactured in Brazil (with Italian Know-how) We have a partnership with a manufacturer which owner came from Italy. So , we can offer a very good quality in this pastas (Semola , with eggs , Milanese , with vegetables , etc.) and a competitive price too. In the link below , you have our virtual catalogue with pictures and technical features about the products. http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287282449&code=8970477&mode=invite VEGETABLE OILS AND CORN FLAKES FAVELLI (our own brand) Favelli is a brand of our company for some line of products. I can emphasize our line of corn flakes and vegetable oil because of the price. As a result of our champion price on these goods , we are the biggest exporter of corn flakes from Argentina. In the link below , you can see Favelli catalogue of products: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287883777&code=9175217&mode=invite WYDA PACKAGES (aluminium trays , plates , sheets , cover of grills , PVC films , plastic bags , gloves , cutleries , etc.) We have a partnership with the most developed manufacturer of packages from South America. WYDA have been awarded with a lot of certificates of quality and hygiene. Also , the production is under international standard of quality. In the link below , you have the pictures and technical features from this brand: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287879303&code=9174420&mode=invite SAFETY FOOTWEAR: MARLUVAS We have a business partnership with Marluvas , the largest Brazilian manufacturer of safety footwear. The factory was built within the most modern concepts of footwear manufacturing. Marluvas recognizes the importance of quality products for the care of safety and healthy work conditions and spends large efforts to supply quality product within the recognized world standards. This was acknowledged by the certification of ISO 9002 , German T, Brazil All Goods Manufacturers ...
amck mining sprl(Zaire)
[Exporter] [Tel:24381344]
Product: Daer sir, we are thanking you a lot for your mail and cooperation -we are a mining company based in D.R.Congo , we are the direct seller we do hope to deal with direct buyer also we take...,Daer sir , we are thanking you a lot for your mail and cooperation -we are a mining company based in D.R.Congo , we are the direct seller we do hope to deal with direct buyer also we take pride to inform you that now in Tanzania we have 3000 M/T of copper cathodes ready for buyer personal inspection and immediately shipment we are able to supply 5000 M/T to 10000 M/T every month a long term contract we avoid to have a big quantity in Dar es salaam due to the storage charges Our commodity; 1. Product: Copper Cathodes (Electrolytic Grade) Min. Cu-purity: 99.99% .Size: 914mm X 914mm X 12mm (appr.)(36‚ÄĚ X 36‚ÄĚ X 0.5) Weight of each sheet: 125kgs +/- 1% Net weight of each pallet: 2M/T +/- 1% Min. weighs in each container: 20 M/T appr Gross weight of each container: 22.2M/T appr. Packing: palletized banded by aluminum bands -country of origin: D.R.Congo -loading port: Tanzania -picture: up on request -price: USD 4300 per M/T FOB Dar es Salaam our procedure option 1: 1) Seller issue FCO. 2) Buyer issue LOI 3) Buyer sign stamp the FCO and send it back to us. 4) Seller sends the Contract draft to the buyer. 5) Buyer signs it , stamp it and send it back to us. 6) Seller sends to the buyer the Contract once more but as original copy on our company head letter via express mail. The buyer signs the two copies and sends us via express mail our copy. THE BUYER ISSUES A OPERATIVE LETTER OF CREDIT COMFIRMED IRREVOCABLE , UNTRANSFERIBLE 100% AT SIGHT. 7) The buyer visits the site to be sure of the good WILL PAY FOR THE FIRST SHIPMENT THE COST FROM DAR ES SALAAM TO FACILITATE THE TRANSPORATION , WHICH AMOUNT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE VALUE OF THE GOODS. And to follow up their shipping. 8) After the End buyer visit the site and be sure of the goods. 9) We will do SGS before loading at seller cost 10) THE GOODS WILL BE SHIPPED Procedure option 2: 1-The Buyer will pay only the cost of change of ownership in order to have the shipping document in buyer name AFTER the inspection of the goods and all necessary documents is done 2- The Seller will change the ownership to buyer issue the certificate in buyer name , pay the shipping cost and complete the shipment. 3- The Buyer will pay 10% of the value of the goods to the Seller at the LOADING Dock via T/T against the B/L. 4- The Buyer will pay 90% of the value of the goods 10 days after the arrival of the goods at destination by T/T or L/C against all set of the shipping documents .inspection we will do SGS at Dar es salaam at seller cost and we accept SGS or CIQ at destination at buyer cost regards Mr. KATUMBI Beya e-mail: amckmining1@yahoo.fr Mr.KATUMBI Beya AMCK MINING SPRL Avenue de la Paix , 1er etage Building Scogele No. 7 Kinshasa-Gombe DRC , Zaire All Goods Manufacturers ...
Main Products: ice,rod end,mini din cable
Shah Zeal Enterprises(Pakistan)
[Importer and Exporter] [Tel:+92-52-4604749]
Product: Sports Goods, products like soccer ball, hand ball, volley ball, Cricket Bat, Pad, Glove, Proctoers, wicket keeping pad, wickets, cricket ball, Thai pad, helmet, Shan paad , Sports wears, track...,Respected Sir , We take this opportunity to introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Sports Goods , products like soccer ball , hand ball , volley ball , Cricket Bat , Pad , Glove , Proctoers , wicket keeping pad , wickets , cricket ball , Thai pad , helmet , Shan paad , ect , Sports wears , track suit , jogging suit , soccer uniform , cricket wears , T Shirt , Sweet shirt , Polo shirt , and all kind of Gloves , Goal Keeper glove , working glove , golf glove , sailingglove , cycle glove , weight lifting glove , ect. If you hav eanyinquiry , pleasecontact us without any hesitation because we could be provide you the technical and top quality sports product with the best competitive price and in time delivery. note: we also supply leather. Leather Jacket , Belt , , , ect.. , Pakistan All Goods Manufacturers ...
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