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Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe

Pre Galvanized EMT Conduit Pipe , Electrical Metallic Tube

EGM series centrifugal slurry pump are made of wear-resistant metal lined

Hydraulic Pipe Threading Machine
Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.Ltd(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-574-0086-574-63225992]
Product: Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd---a crystallization of Chinese sealing , owns three manufacturers,specialized manufacturing metallic gaskcts,non-mctallic gaskcts and various fibcr packings.The...,Our main products are expanded graphite packing , die-formed ring, carbon fiber packing , aramid fiber packing , aramid + PTFE, nomex fiber packing , pure PTFE packing , sintered PTFE packing , graphited PTFE packing , ramie fiber packing , cotton fiber packing , pan fiber packing with PTFE, polyimide fiber packing , asbestos packing ,expanded graphite sheet, non-asbestos sheet , pure PTFE sheet, mica sheet , ceramic fiber sheet , rubber sheet , asbestos sheet ,spiral wound gasket , metal jacketed gasket ,Graphie gasket, metal eyeleted flat gasket , serrated gasket ,corrugated metal gasket , ring joint gasket , PTFE envelope gasket , cylinder head gasket , expanded graphite yarns, PTFE thread sealing tape ,expanded PTFE round cord , expanded PTFE joint sealant tape with self-adhesive , PTFE skived film, braided glass fiber tape / cloth o ring ,oil seals , rubber products Ceramic fiber Yarn (Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber),Ceramic fiber tape (Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber ),Ceramic fiber Cloth ,Ceramic fiber cloth with aluminum foil (reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber ),Ceramic fiber Lagging ,Ceramic fiber Round Braided Rope( Reinforced with stainless steel wire or glass fiber ) ,ceramic fiber square braided rope,Ceramic fiber twisted rope, Ceramic fiber paper, Ceramic fiber Blanket, Ceramic fiber Board, Ceramic fiber Module ,Ceramic fiber Felt, Ceramic fiber packing, Glass fiber packing, Glass fiber Texturized Yarn ,Glass fiber Texturized Cloth ,Glass fiber Texturized Tape,Glass fiber Composite Yarn ,Glass fibertwisted texturized rope, Glass fiber texturized Round/Square Braided Rope and so on . , China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Expert Co.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:+86-28-66353250]
Product: Expert Co. is a professional supplier in the field of electrical insulating materials. We have firm and good relation with many large and professional manufacturers in the field of insulating...,Banding Tapes, Insulating Papers, Mica Products ( Mica Papers, Mica Plates, Mica Tubes, Mica V Ring, Mica Foil, Moulding Mica Sheets), Polyimide Film, Glass Fiber Products ( Glass Fabric, Glass Tape...), Insulation Sleevings, Rigid Laminates G10, G11, G3, GPO3, G5, G7: EPGC201, EPGC202, EPGC203, EPGC204, Hgw...), Flexible Laminates (NMN, NKN, NHN, DMD, DMD100m GHG, GKG,...) ,PVDF Film, Woven Tapes and Tying Cords, Pultruded Plastic Profiles, Aramid Papers, Spiral Wound Tubing, Ceramic Elements, Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Products, Polyester Film, Vulcanized Fiber Products, High Temp. and HV Cables, Stator Coils/Rotor Coils, Machined Precision Parts, Other Materials and Products Cintas Tipo Zuncho,Spaghettis, Papeles Aislantes,Cintas Tejidas y Cordones de Fijación,Cintas Adhesivas,Papeles Aislantes, Estratificados Rígidos, Perfiles de Plástico Poltrusionados, Productos de PTFE, Aislantes Flexibles,Productos de Mica,Papeles Meta-Aramida, Film de Poliéster, Film de Poliimida,Film de PVDF,Tubos Espirales,Fibra Vulcanizada,Productos de Fibra de Vidrio,Cables de Alta Temp. y HV,Elementos de Cerámica,Bobinas, Piezas de Precisión Mecanizadas,Otros Materiales y Productos,, China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Caztex Insualtion Company,Limited(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-574-23637986]
Product: CAZtex Insulation Company Limited is one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of various insulation materials and products in China, belongs to CAZ Group Corporation, which is one of...,Non-asbestos Yarn,Asbestos braided Rope,Asbestos Tape,Sheet,fiberlass,Fiberglass Yarn,Fiberglass Rope,Fiberglass Tape,Fiberglass Cloth,Ceramic Fiber Yarn,Ceramic Fiber Rope,Ceramic Fiber Tape,Ceramic Fiber Board,,Anti-corrosion Tape,Carbon fiber Cloth,Carbon Fiber Tape,Carbon Fiber Rope. heat insulation product,sealing product,fireproof material,asbestos,non-asbestos,ceramic fiber,fiberglass,glass fiber, China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
CAZtex Insulation Company Limited(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-574-23637989]
Product: CAZtex Insulation Company Limited is one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of various insulation materials and products in China, belongs to CAZ Group Corporation, which is one of earliest...,Our main products as follows: Dust free Asbestos: Dust free asbestos yarn, dust free asbestos rope, dust free asbestos tape, dust free asbestos cloth etc. Dusted Asbestos: Asbestos yarn, asbestos rope, asbestos packing, asbestos tape, asbestos cloth, asbestos fiber felt and so on. Glass fiber : Glass fiber yarn, Glass fiber rope, Glass fiber packing , Glass fiber sleeve, Glass fiber tape, Glass fiber cloth, Glass fiber Tissue, Glass fiber felt , Glass fiber blanket , Glass fiber board, Glass fiber product with rubber or PTFE etc. Ceramic fiber: Ceramic fiber yarn, Ceramic fiber rope, Ceramic Sleeve, Ceramic fiber tape, Ceramic fiber cloth, Ceramic fiber paper, Ceramic fiber board, Ceramic fiber modules , Ceramic fiber blanket , Ceramic fiber felt, Ceramic fiber Bulk, Ceramic fiber pouring material and so on . Graphite and Carbon fiber: Expanded Graphite Yarn, Expanded Graphite Tape, Expanded Graphite Tube, Expanded Graphite cloth etc. Carbon fiber yarn, Carbon and Glass fiber yarn, Carbon fiber tape, Carbon fiber tape with Aluminum, Carbon fiber cloth, Carbon Fiber Cloth with Aluminum, Carbon fiber and Glass fiber cloth and so on . Insulation Sheet: Asbestos Millboard, Non-asbestos Millboard, Asbestos rubber sheet, PTFE sheet, PTFE Rod, PTFE Tube, PTFE film, PTFE yarn Rubber-PE Anticorrosion Materials Anticorrosion Tape, Protective Tape, Joint Wrap Tape, Paint Priming , China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Hua Sheng Purifying Equipment ,Co.Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-0512-58685979]
Product: HuanSheng Purifying Equipment Co.Ltd,the bright pearl in the beautiful and rich ChangJiang River Delta,located in ZhangJiagang City. It is north to the ChangJiang river beside the speedway and west...,Cellulosese media air filtar cartridge Product Description: Applicable for gas turbine, compressor, sad-blast, tabacco, pulverized coal ash and floating dust collections. >> Imported specialty filter material/bonded dedust filter paper >> Excellent filter efficiency >> Wide pleat spacing, great filter area >> Galvanized zinc top and bottom, no rust >> Perforated galvanized zinc inner core, good airflow >> Specialty gasket of chlorine rubber >> Temperature 65 centigrade applicable Both The size of the cartridge and the shape of the top are various. And all the configurations are changeable to meet the optimum performance of your applications. Pls contact us for more technical information. Spun Bonded Polyester Air Filter Cartridge Product Description: Applicable for Plastics, Spray powder, Sand blast, Pigment, Wood industries. >> Imported long fiber polyester filter material with tight pore structure >> Excellent filter efficiency >> Durable and rigid material, washable >> Greater withstand to pulse jet than traditional material >> Galvanized zinc top and bottom, no rust >> Perforated galvanized zinc inner core, good airflow >> Specialty gasket of chlorine rubber >> Temperature 93-135 centigrade applicable Both The size of the cartridge and the shape of the top are various. And all the configurations are changeable to meet the optimum performance of your applications. Pls contact us for more technical information. Pulse Pleat Long Air Filter Cartridge Product Description: For the replacement of traditional filter bag and matching new style pulse filter deduster >> Imported spun bonded polyester filter material/with PTFE membrane >> Offer 99.99+% filter efficiency >> Increase filtration area 2-3 times, greatest airflow >> Rigid physical properties filter material, excellent reverse pulse jet efficiency >> Wide open pleat, shallow pleat depth. Excellent dustcake release >> Fits most standard tubesheet design, simple & easy installation and maintenance >> Specialty gasket of chlorine rubber >> Temperature 93-135 centigrade applicable Both The size of the cartridge and the shape of the top are various. And all the configurations are changeable to meet the optimum performance of your applications. Pls contact us for more technical information. Membraned Polester Air Filter Cartridge Product Description: Applicable for Welding fume, Mechanical process, Pharmaceutical, Cement industry and Sticky dust collections >> Imported spun bonded polyester media with PTFE membrane, microporous >> Offer 99.99+% filter efficiency >> Greatest airflow >> Smooth surface filter media, anti-stickiness >> Excellent chemical corrosion >> Galvanized zinc/stainless steel top and bottom, non-rusty >> Perforated galvanized zinc/stainless steel inner core >> Specialty gasket of chlorine rubber >> Temperature 93-135 centigrade applicable Both the size of the cartridge and the shape of the top are various. And all the configurations are changeable to meet the optimum performance of your applications. Pls contact us for more technical information. , China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,chemical,others
Ningbo Junchi Oilfield Supply Co.,Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:0086-574-82385560]
Product: JUNCHI is a well-resourced and full-service oilfield supplier serving the equipments for oil and gas company, it is a platform about exportation of Oilfield Equipments In China, with technical...,Seamless pipe, line pipe,HI-FI ERW pipe, LSAW pipe, oil tubing, oil casing, drill bit, drill rig, drill pipe, pup joint,drill collar Trunnion ball valve, carbon steel ball valve, cast steel fixed ball valve, eccentric semi ball valve, electric ball valve,floating ball valve,gear ball valve,pneumatic ball valve, top entry ball valve ANSI gate valve,API gate valve,bellow gate valve,butt welded gate valve,cast steel gate valve,electric gate valve,flange gate valve,forged steel gate valve,high pressure gate valve,knife gate valve,parallel plate gate valve,solid wedge gate valve ANSI globe valve,API globe valve, bellow globe valve,carbon steel(WCB) globe valve,cast steel globe valve,forged globe valve,Y-pattern globe valve ANSI check valve,API check valve,cast steel flange swing check valve,flang end check valve,forged steel flange end check valve,forged steel lift check valve,vertical check valve,wafer check valve ANSI butterfly valve,butt welded butterfly valve,cast steel butterfly valve,eccentric butterfly valve,electric butterfly valve,flanged butterfly valve,lug butterfly valve,pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve,rubber lined butterfly valve,rubber sealed butterfly valve,wafer butterfly valve ANSI plug valve,API plug valve,eccentric plug valve,lift plug valve,lubricated plug valve,orbit plug valve,pressure balance plug valve,sleeve plug valve,API safety valve,bronze safety release valve Elbow, equal tee, reducing tee, concentric reducer, eccentric reducer, end cap,cross,union,weld olet,threaded olet,nipple,bends,plug,coupling,welding boss,compensator,bushing ANSI flange,weld neck flange,slip-on flange,blind flange,threaded flange,socket weld flange,raised flange,ring type flange,flat flange,BS flange, JIS flange, DIN flange Spiral wound gasket,graphite composite gasket,pure graphite gasket,serrated metal gasket,metal cladding gasket,PTFE cladding gasket,ring joint gasket,oval metal gasket,octagonal metal gasket,RX-gasket,BX-gasket,corrugated metal gasket,PTFE gasket Expanded graphite pakcing,graphite PTFE packing,carbonized fiber packing,carbon fiber packing,PTFE fiber braided packing,asbestos PTFE packing(oilless),aramid(kevlar)fiber braided packing,glass fiber braided packing with PTFE,cotton packing with grease,expanded PTFE joint sealant galvanized hexagon nut, black oxide coating hexagon nut,brass plate hexagon nut,high intensity hexagon nut,nylon locking hexagon nut,hexagon covered nut,T head bolt,yellow zinc coating bolt,hook bolt,full threaded bolt , China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Sinston Sealing Material Factory(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-574-63392037]
Product: Sinston Sealing Material Factory is one of main exporter & manufacturers of sealing material & insulation material in China . lies in Cixi city belonging to Ningbo area of eastern coast in China....,gland packing: Expanded Graphite Packing, Die-formed graphite ring, Carbon fiber packing, Aramid fiber packing, Kevlar packing, White PTFE packing, Chinese GFO packing, Vegetable fiber packing, Ramie/Fax fiber packing, Cotton packing, Arcylic fiber packing, glass fiber packing, asbestos packing Injectalbe Packing and so on . Gasket : Spiral wound Gasket,Double Metal Jacketed gasket, PTFE Enveloped Gasket, Kamprofile gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Corrugated Metal gasket, Serrated (grooved) gasket, Metal O rings, PTFE gasket, Copper gasket, Non-asbstos gasket and so on . Gasket sheet material: Expanded graphite sheet/Roll, Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Mica sheet, Ceramic fiber paper, Mineral wool, Rubber sheet, Rubber cork sheet,asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos beater sheet, oil-resisting asbestos rubber sheet and so on . Packing material: Expanded Graphite Yarn ( Reinforced by cotton , Glass fiber , Carbon fiber ) , Carbonized fiber yarn (impregnated with PTFE) , Spun Carbonized fiber yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE. Carbon fiber yarn . Kevlar fiber yarn, Spun Kevlar yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE . Spun aramid yarn reinforced glass fiber impregnated with PTFE. Pure PTFE yarn (oil free or with oil ) . Ramie yarn impregnated with PTFE , Arcylic fiber yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE Gasket Materials:Graphite tape for S.W gasket , Asbestos tape for S.W gasket , Universal PTFE Tape for SW.gasket . Flat Metal Tape( Thickness:02mm) , V-shape Metal Tape( Thickness :02mm) For SW gasket. Metal Sheet( Thickness:04mm) for Double Jacketed Gasket . Tanged Metal Sheet , Metal Sheet/Strip ( thickness:2/4mm) for ring . Corrugated Metal Strip ( Thickness:2/4mm) Oxidized Graphite Tools & Machines:Packing tools , Injection Gun , Handy Gasket Cutter , Gasket Double Cutter . Insulation materials: Asbestos tape,Asbestos cloth, Asbestos yarn , Ceramic fiber yarn, Ceramic fiber tape, Ceramic fiber paper , Ceramic fiber cloth, Ceramic fiber board, Ceramic fiber felt ,Ceramic fiber blanket, Glass fiber yarn , glass fiber tape, glass fiber cloth, PTFE rod, PTFE sheet , PTFE yarn , Graphite yarn , graphite tape, Graphite cloth and so on Mechanical Seals, Oil seals, O rings, Rubber washers and other rubber products . , China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Product: RONGSHENG ELECTRIC Co.,Ltd is one of the famous manufacturer and exporter in the field of low-voltage electric appliance in China.Especially in all kinds of Industrial Plugs Sockets and...,1. Water-proof Industrial plugs sockets and coupling, Current: 16A 32A 63A Protection degree:IP44 and IP67. 2. PVC insulation tape, BOPP parking tape,Aluminum foil tape, Foam tape, Double-sided tape, PVC pipeline tape, clouth tape and PTFE thread seal tape etc. 3. Ninon cable ties,Nail clips,terminal block,Nilon cable Glands and other elcectriocal accessories. 4. PVC and rubber hose, garden tools etc. 5. Current and voltage meter, current transformer, temperature controllers, pressure gauge, thermostat, current test-pen etc. 6. Miniature Circuit Breakers 7. AC contactor 8. The Residual Current operated Circuit-Breakers 9. Mouled case circuit breaker . 10. themo-relay, middle-relay and timers. 11. Push button switch and other electrical appliances. 12. Curren fuse., China Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,others,tapes
Pioneer Enterprise(India)
[Exporter] [Tel:022-23472534]
Product: ,Hydraulic Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Tube Fittings, PTFE,Manifolds Valve, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings, Tube Fittings, Instrumentation Fittings, Manifolds Valve, Needle Valves, Hydraulic Fittings, 37 Degree Flared Fitting, Double Ferrule Fittings, Pipe Fittings, TEFLON ®, FEP,pipe fittings, Check Valves, Relief Valves, Thermal Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Instrument Tube Fittings, Cryogenic Relief Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Regulators, Pop Off Valves, Oxygen Regulators, brass tube fittings, brass pipe fittings, stainless steel tube fittings, PFA Fluoroplastic Tubing and Heat Shrink, TEFLON ® JOINT SEALENT, TEFLON ® EXPANSION JOINTS, DuPont,Asbestos Packing Products, Teflon Products by DuPont, PTFE Cables, brass hardware fittings, brass hydraulic fittings, industrial fittings, compression fittings, single ferrule fittings, double ferrule fittings, tube fittings,compression fittings,instrument manifolds,instrument valves,fluid system components,ferrule fittings,instrumentation fittings,fittings,valves,manifolds,hose connectors,socketweld fittings,adapter fittings,block and bleed valves,multi-port gauge valves,double block and bleed valves,instrument connectors ,Valves, Solenoid Valves, Dc Valves, Cylinders, Fittings & Tubing, FRLs, Pneumatic, Accessories, Rotary Unions, Quick Couplers, Auto Drain Valves, Schrader Bellows Solenoid Valves, Spool Valves, Midget Poppet Valves, Poppet Valves, ISO Cylinders, Midget Cylinders, Small Bore Cylinders, Large Bore Cylinders, Special Cylinders, Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Filter cum Regulators, Brass Compression Fittings, Ball Valves, Axial Valves, Polyurethane Tubes, Nylon, India Pe_pp_ptfe_rubber Lined Pipe Manufacturers ...
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