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UV Resistant Garden Artificial Grass, Gauge 3/8 11600Dtex Artificial Turf For Landscaping

Gymnema Silvestre P.E.

Oil separator, oil purifier, oil recycling, oil filter, LV lubrication oil filtering machine

Mobile chain, crafts, gifts, car decoration, handcrafts, toy, 2893
future pharmaceutical company(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-1300-2916620]
Product: The Sino-Future com Bio-tech Co., Ltd., which established in1999, is specialized in the development, production, processing and trade of high quality of plant extract powder and natual ingredients,...,Apple extract,Andrographolide, Aescin,acetylaconitine,acteoside,Apigenin, alliin, alliinase, Aloin,Artemisinin, Artesunate, Artemether, Arbutin, Asiaticoside,astragaloside IV,Acteoside,Acetate gossypol, baicalein,Baicalin, Bilobalide,Barbaloin, Biochanin A,Borneol,Byakangelicin,Catalpol,Carnosic acid, Cephalomannine,Ceramide,Chelerythrine,Chlorogenic acid, chrysophanic acid, Colchicine,corosolic acid,chrysin,crocetin,Cryptotanshinone,Cytisine,Cyclovirobuxine,Chlorophyllin,Cycloastragenol,daidzein,diosmin,diosmetin, daphnetin,diacerein,Dietary Fiber, Emodin, Echinacea, echinacoside,esculin,Evodiamine, Ecdysterone, Ellagic Acid, Fisetin,Fibrauretinum,formononetin, Fucoxanthin,Galanthamine,Gastrodin,Gardenia yellow,gallic acid,Galangin,Genistin, Genistein, Gentianine,Gentiopicrin,genipin, geniposide, geniposidic acid, Gypenoside, Ginsenoside, Glycyrrhizic Acid, Glabridin, Ginkgolide,Gamma amino butyric acid, Hesperidin, Hesperetin, Homoharringtonine, Hordenine,Huperzine A, hydroxycitric acid,Hiliedum, icarrin, inositol,isofraxidin,Imperatorin,Kaempferol,Kavalactones,Lemon Bioflavonoids,Lappaconitine,levodopa, Lentian,limonin, Lutein, Luteolin, Limonin, Lycopene,Lycorine,Liquiritin,Loganin,Ligustilide,matrine, Melatonine, Mangiferin,Maslinic acid,myricetin, Dihydromyricetin, Morroniside,Mogroside, Nattokinase,Naringin, Naringin dihydrochalcone, Naringenin, Neohesperidin, nobiletin, Nomilin,Nuciferine,obakunone,Oleuropein,Oleanolic acid, Oridonin, oxymatrine, Osthol, Piperine,Puerarin,Punicalagin,Protodioscin, paeonol, Polydatin, Polymethoxylated flavones, PMFs,Parthenolide,podophyllotoxin,phloridzin, phloretin,Phosphatidylserine, phytosterol,paeoniflorin, quercetin,Rhein, Resveratrol,Ropinirole,Rosmarinic acid, rhamnose,rutin, rutinose,salicin,Saikosaponin,Sparteine,Sesamin,Sesamolin,sclareol, Sclareolide,Shikimic acid, Silymarin,Sinensetin,solanesol,Sinomenine, Synephrine, Soybean Isoflavones, sophoricoside, Sophoridine, Sophocarpine, stachyose, Stigmasterol, swertiamarin,Scutellarin,Tangeretin,Tabersonine,tannic acid,Tetrandrine,Triptolide,Ursolic Acid,usnic acid, Valerianic acid, Verbascoside, Vinblastine, Citrus Aurantium, Echinacea, Epimedium,Kelp extract, Griffonia,5-HTP,Pomegranate extract,Mulberry Leaf Extract,1-Deoxynojirimycin, Hamamelis extract,broccoli extract, Sulforaphane,Glucoraphanin, magnolia,Magnolol,Honokiol,Red Clover,notoginseng,siberian Gingseng extract, Eleutheroside, Mangosteen,Mangostin,Olive,Schisandra,Valerian,White Willow Bark,wolfberry goji extract,Bacopa Monnieri Extract,Bacopaside,Cistanche tubulosa extract,Acerola Cherry Extract, China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
Product: Our company mainly export the feather jacket ,Textile ,Art Craft and food. ,bedding,feather jacket,willow products, sheets ,quilt , China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
Cao County SHENGYA Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-0530-6296068]
Product: CAO COUNTY SHENGYA ARTS&CRAFTS CO., LTD was established in July 1997. The registered capital was 3 million with an occupying area of 14000 square meters and 380 staffs. We are a company...,We mainly deal in willow, straw and wood products Combining the traditional craft with the modern technology and rich experience, we develop more than one thousand kinds of products, which belong to ten series of shipping baskets, gifts baskets, flower baskets, laundry baskets, bread baskets, wooden trays, pet cages, bird houses, dog beds, wind box, etc. We can also accept orders against customer’s specifying requirements. If you are interested in them ,please feel free to contact us:gaoyan8115@yahoo.com.cn Your inquiry sent to our box will be replied asap., China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
[Exporter] [Tel:86-539-8097502]
Product: LINYI CITY GOODVIEW TRADING CO., LTD. is a Chinese trader .We mainly export willow products and plastic products .,willow products ,plastic products, China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
china jiangsu international inc(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-25-86653114]
Product: Dear import manager, Our corporation is a corporation specialized in herbal extract, and it has a very good reputation for herbal extract export in the oversea markets. we have a lot of...,Dear import manager, Our corporation is a corporation specialized in herbal extract, and it has a very good reputation for herbal extract export in the oversea markets. we have a lot of varieties and specifications, such as: black cohosh /alfalfa/chondrotin sulfata/citrus aurantinum/hawthorn/ginseng silymarin/white willow bark/reishi mushroom and so on, more than 100 kinds. Also we have chemical products and pharma products. If your corporation wants to import any other herbal plant extract, please do not hesitate to tell us, because we can provide you the best quality and reasonable price products and also the best service. Because the first time to do business we suggest you tell us the products you need, then we send you the sample, after checking the sample quality, you can decide to do business with us . our products cover all the most varieties and specfiations and with very low price. The attached document is our catalogue. Hope to get your reply and good cooperation! Best wishes! yours sincerely ken zhang , China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,chemical,others
Shandong Lichen group Co.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86--86 13395399860]
Product: We are a economy and commercial company in our group, we export and import all from our markets.we hope to do business with you . ,gingkgo,etc,plywood, wood products,willow products , China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
puyang foreign trade(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-393-8230730]
Product: the corp. was approved by the people's Republic if china ,is a state-oened froeign trade commprehensive organization that own the imports &exports privilege.,chemicalss, straw and willow products, paulownia handicrafts,oil &foodstuffs,light industrial products,textiles,clothing,ect, China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
Main Products: others,chemical,others
Qingdao Senyuan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-532-6676957]
Product: We are a manufacture and exporter in Qingdao,China.We have a factory in Dongying .Our products include Wooden products,wooden crafts,wooden kitchenware,willow and grass products. (for example;gift...,food & vegetable:ginger,garlic,peanut,onion,ect. ats & crafts:wooden products,willow and grass products,wooden kitchenware ,wooden office furniture,for example:gift box,wooden pillow ,wooden slipper,bird house,wicker and grass arts &crafts ,etc.) , China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
Xi`an Sanjiang Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd.(China)
[Exporter] [Tel:86-29-86032878]
Product: Dear sirs or madams, Please let me introduce our company as a leading manufacturer of natural plant extract in china.We,xi`an sanjiang bio-engineering co.,ltd, founded in 1998,is a modern...,Dear sirs or madams, Please let me introduce our company as a leading manufacturer of natural plant extract in china.We,xi'an sanjiang bio-engineering co.,ltd, founded in 1998,is a modern and high-tech company, specializing mainly in natural plant extract and in scientific research,development, producing and marketing. According to the requirements of GAP, our company has established a complete quality-examining system for resource collecting in order to have better control in plant growth,collecting,selecting and transport.We have effectively controlled heavy metal and poisonous remains in the products.'A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step'. Our company has strict control from the first process to the product quality in order to meet international standards completely. If you are interested in the products,please visit our website at The list of some product are as followings., Plant Extract Product(Chines herb extract), Bitter Melon P.E Momordicoside: 1%, 3%, 10%, Citrus Aurantium Synephrine: 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 20%, 30%. (HPLC), Genistein : 90% min.(HPLC), Ginkgo Biloba Extract: 24.0% min. ; 6.0%min. ; 1ppm max. (HPLC), Ginseng extract Ginsenosides(saponin): 80% min. (UV), Grape seed extract polyphenol: OPC:95% min. (UV), Green Tea Extract Tea Polyphenols : 99% min. (HPLC) Caffeine : 0.5% max., Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Gypenosides: 80% min.; 95% min. (UV), Hesperidin: 80%-95% (HPLC), Mushroom extract Agaricus, Cordyceps, Granoderma, Grifola Frondosa, Polystictus, Shitake etc., Oat Straw P.E.: 10:1, Pine Bark Extract polyphenol: 90% min. ; OPC 90% min. (UV), Polygonum Cuspidatum PE: Resveratrol 20%min. (HPLC), Pueraia P.E. Isoflavone : 40% min.(UV); Isoflavone 40%, min. (HPLC), Red Clover P.E.: Isoflavones 8%, 40%, Siberia Ginseng Extract Eleutheroside: 0.8% (1.0%) min. (HPLC), EB: 0.3% (0.1%)min.; EE: 0.5%(0.9%)min. Silymarin Total Flavanosides: 75%min. Soybean Isoflavones: Total Isoflavones 5-40% (HPLC), White Willow Bark P.E.: Salicin(10:1) 8%, 15% etc......If you have further detailed inquiry,please feel free to contact me. Hope to hear from you. Best regards, , China T Willow Products Manufacturers ...
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