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Calcium Ammonium Nitrite

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Shandong Ocean Chemical Group(China)
Product: our group is biggest ocean chemical producer in china,and our group my contact number:0086-536-2256830,Sodium bicarbonate99% , Soda ash99.2% , Calcium chloride74%77%90%94% , Ammonium Bicarbonate , Calcium Ammonium Nitrite , Magnesium chloride46%
Shandong Ocean Chemical Group(China)
Product: our group is the biggest soda ash producer in asia,and we have more than 15 years export experence with reliable qulity and service. my,Soda Ash , Sodium Bicarbonate , Calcium Chloride , Magnesium Chloride , Calcium Ammonium Nitrite , Urea , Ammonium Bicarbonate ,
Product: Our company, as a primary manufacturer & Supplier, mainly deal with: 1. Inorganic Chemcials Material 2. Orangic Chemicals Materials & Intermediate 3. Pigment & Dyestuff...,Acesulfame Potassium 99.0-101.0% Acetonitrile 99.90% Ammonium Chloride 99.50% Ammonium Formate 98% Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate Food Grade 99% Min. Ammonium Sulphate TECH Grade N:21% Aspartame FCC-IV Barium Carbonate 99.75% , 99.5% , 99.2% Barium Chloride 99% Barium Hydroxide MONO , OCTA Barium Sulphate 99.50% Benzoic Acid TECH/E211/USP23 Calcium Alginate FCC/E404 Calcium Carbonate All Specification Calcium Chloride 74-77% 90-94% Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate FCC Calcium Formate 98% Calcium..., China
Taiyuan Huaxin Chemical Materials Co.,L(China)
Product: we introduce our company.We-Taiyuan Huaxin Chemical Materials CO.,LTD was located in Shanxi , Shanxi province had a wealth of coal, and was the base of energy and chemical resources in China ...., Fertilizer , Calcium Nitrate Crystal 99% , Calcium Nitrate Granular , Zinc Sulphate , Potassium Nitrate , Potassium Carbonate , Calcium Nitrate With Boron , Magnesium Nitrate , Ammonium Chloride , Ammonium Sulphate , Magnesium Sulphate , Soda Ash Light , Sodium Bicarbonate , Calcium Ammonium Nitrate White Granular , NPK Fertilizers , Sodium Nitrite , Sodium Nitrate , China
Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd(India)
Product: 4-(2-Chloroacetyl)Methanesulfonanilide Ethyl 2-(2-Aminothiazole-4-Yl)-2-Methoxyiminoacetate Ethyl 2-(2-Aminothiazole-4-Yl)-2-Hydroxyiminoacetate 5-Acetyloxindole..., 4-(2-Chloroacetyl)Methanesulfonanilide Ethyl 2-(2-Aminothiazole-4-Yl)-2-Methoxyiminoacetate Ethyl 2-(2-Aminothiazole-4-Yl)-2-Hydroxyiminoacetate 5-Acetyloxindole Tetrakis(Acetonitrle)Copper(I) Hexafluorophosphate 5-Methoxy-3-Aminopyridine 3 , 4 , 5-Trimethoxytoluene O-Tolylacetic Acid 4-Methylbiphenyl M-Cyano Benzyl Chloride 3-Methylbiphenyl 1 , 2 , 3 , 5-Tetrachlorobenzene 2-Propenoic Acid , 3-(5-Bromo-2-Thienyl)- , Methyl Ester O-Phthalaldehyde 2-Chloro-5-Trifluoromethyl Benzylalcohol..., India
Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd lies in the famous kite city-Weifang. Our company has been devoted to the trading of the import-export inorganic chemical since 1994, depending on the...,Salted Vegetables:Pickled Radish , Pickled Cucumber , Pickled Ginger; Chemical Materials:Thiourea Dioxide , Sodium Nitrate , Barium Nitrate , Barium Chloride , Calcium Chloride , Sodium Nitrite , Strontium Carbonate , Strontium Nitrate , Bromide: Calcium Bromide , Sodium Bromide , Barium Bromide , Magnesium Bromide , Ammonium Bromide , Potassium Bromide , Thiourea , Barium Carbonate , Flame Rerardant , Pharmaceutical Materials: Fenofibrate , Chymotrypsin , L-Tryptophan , L-Lysine..., China
SJZ Chem-Pharm Co.,Ltd(China)
Product: Dear Sirs, We would have the pleasure to receive your inquiries for kinds of chemical products, anainst which we will send you our quotations in C&For CIF Ports, packing...,Doxycycline.Hcl (BP88.BP93); Methacycline.Hcl (BP73.USP23); Acetazolamidum (BP93.JP12); Doxycycline.Ssa; Doxycycline (USP23); Nifursol 98%.Acetonitrile , Acid Sodium Pyrophosphate , Adipic Acid , Aluminium Sulphate , Ammonium Bicarbonate , Ascorbic Acid , Benzoic Acid , Borax Deca/Penta Boric Acid Tech. Gran , Calcium Formate , Calcium Chloride Tech/FG/Pharma/Prill , Carbon Tetrachloride , Caustic Potash Flakes , Caustic Soda Pearls/Flakes , Chloroform BP/Tech Citric Acid Anhydrous BP ,..., China

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