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Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.(China)
Product: Shanghai TianYang Steel Tube Co.,Ltd is specialized in supplying different kinds of tubes like DIN Cold Drawing and BA Seamless Tube with High Precision,DIN Black and Phosphated Hydraulic Tube with...,Steel Tube, , Cold Drawn Shaped Steel Tubes, Cold-Drawn Shapcold Drawn Tube, Cold Rolled Steel Tube, Seamless Phosphated Tube, Seamless Tube, Welded Seamless Tube, Welded Tube, Zinc Tubes, Galvanized Tube, Bright Accurate Seamless Steel Tube, Black Tubes, High Precision Seamless Tubes, BA Seamless Tubes, DIN Series Tubes, Hydraulic Tubes, Stainless Steel Tubes, Seamless Stainless Steel Tube, Shaped Steel Tube, Steel Tubes, Ship Tube, Exchange Tubes, Pipes, Double Wall Tube, Double-Wall...
Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co.,Ltd.(China)
Product: The company was founded in 1998. It is one of the largest and professional water treatment chemicals factory in China, can manufacture all kinds of water treatment chemicals. The total yields reach..., Water Treatment Chemical Phosphonates,ATMP, HEDP, PBTC, EDTMPS, EDTMPA, DTPMPA, PAPE, HPAA, HDTMPA, PAPEMP, BHMTPMPA ,Polymer, PAA, PAAS, HPMA, MA-AA, AA/AMPS, PESA, PASP, PCA,TH-1100 ,Organophosphoric Salts, Na4 ATMP, Na5 ATMP, Kx ATMP, Na HEDP, Na2 HEDP, Na4 HEDP, Kx HEDP, Na5 EDTMP, Na4 PBTC, K6 HMDTMPA, Nax BHMTPH PN,Biocide,Benzalkonium Chloride, Isothiazoline
Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd(China)
Product: A reliable supplier of grinding,crusher and sand making machine in China, With competitive price and qualified products.,We Welcome all the customers from worldwide to choose our Raymond mill,...,Crushers ,Breaker, Jaw Crushers, Stone Crusher, Impact Crusher, Rock Crusher, Stone Crusher, Hammer Crushers,Cone Crushers, Raymond Mill, Raymond Grinders, High Pressure Suspension Grinder, Grinding Mill, High Pressure Micro-Powder Grinder, Fine Powder Mill, Pulverizers, Ultrafine Powder Mill And All Kinds Of Grinding Mill, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Roller Mill, Crusher, Power Maker, Stone Maker, China
Beijing Richman International Trade Co.,Ltd (China)
Product: We are manufacturer and exporter of cashmere series products,and details as follows: Raw textile material:dehaired cashmere, dehaired sheep cashmere, camel hair, degreased/depigment camel hair,...,Dehaired Cashmere,Cashmere Fibre, Camel Hair, Yak Wool, Cashmere Tops,Cashmere Yarn,Cashmere Blended Yarn, Cashmere Sweater,Cashmere Cardigan,Cashmere Pullover,Cashmere Vest,Cashmere Waistcoat,Cashmere Fabric, Cashmere Shawl,Cashmere Scarf,Cashmere Stole,Pashmina Shawl,Pashmina Scarves,Carpet Raw Wool,Cashmere Waste, China
台灣雨虹有限公司 Taiwan Rainbow Co., Ltd.(Taiwan, ROC.)
Product: 台灣雨虹有限公司是專注於生產高品質特殊線材的公司,以新進的"真空連續鑄造"技術,製造合乎客戶需求的產品,主要提供純銅、銅合金線...,高導性無氧銅線OFHC,Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper Wire; 單方向結晶(長晶粒)無氧銅線, Unidirectional Solidification (Long Crystal) Oxygen Free Copper Wire; 單方向結晶(長晶粒)純銀線,Unidirectional Solidification (Long Crystal) Pure Silver Wire; 銀銅合金線 Silver Copper Alloy Wire 銀鎳合金線 Silver Nickel Alloy Wire 銀合金線, Silver Alloy Wire; 銅銀合金線 ,Copper-Silver Alloy Wire; 銅鎳合金線 ,Copper-Nickel Alloy Wire;..., Taiwan, ROC.
Societe Natex Import-Export(Burkina Faso)
Product: Natex Company Import-export.based in Burkina Faso Bobo-Dioulasso Is a global trading company, seeking for Trade Partner to Start business deals and keep onWard the strong relation ship. Natex...,We Import Cookware ,Enamelware , Enamel Handle , Enamel Casserole Set, Stainless Steel, Cookware Set, 6pc Casserole Set , Casserole_Pots_with_Enamel_Handles, And We Also Import Items 676EDB/688EDB/110EDB,And We Also Import Full Cream Milk Powder Min 28% Fat 25kg/ Bag,Tomato Paste 2.200gr 6 Tins Per Crtn 28/30%,Biscuits 13gr/14gr /16gr /70gr 300 Pcs Crtn/200 Pcs Crtn 100pcs Crtn ,Candies 120pcs Per Pkts 24 Pkt Per Crtn 1 Pkts 400gr , Long Spaghetti 200gr /250 Gr / 500gr , Fans And..., Burkina Faso
Okes Lighting Company Limited(China)
Product: ??Established in 1985, we have been in the business for almost two decades. Our parent company Zhongshan Huayi Group, is one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting industry in China. We...,Smart,No Darking Spot, Ideal Source For Recessed Lampsand Chandilier, Soft Beam, No Flicking, Eyesight Protection, Addopted With High Quality Tri-Color Tube, High Ligting Efficeny, Low Decay. The Times Of Life Than Usual Bulb, 80% Energy Saving Lamp. Iron For The Frame, Shade Made Of Pc Or Ps Plastic Soft Beam, Water Resist, Dust Proof , China
Yueng Shing Industrial Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
Product: Yueng Shing Industrial Co.,Ltd is an outstanding manufacturer, supplier and exporter of stainless steel ball valve, high pressure valve, with a factory in Taiwan. We supply and export...,Ball Valves, Multi Way Ball Valves, Stainless Steel Ball Valves, 1 Piece Ball Valves, 2 Piece Ball Valves, 3 Piece Ball Valves, Flanged Ball Valves, Sanitary Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Needle Valves, Butterfly Valves, Y-Type Strainer, Valve Parts, Pipe Fittings, Economic Valves, Taiwan
Bluecom Danmark A/S(Denmark)
Product: BlueCom Danmark A/S is one of Europe leading IT hardware distributors, and specializes in volume distribution of Motherboards, VGA cards, Modem, CPUs, Memory, CPU coolers, CD-RW, DVD, TFT...,Motherboards, VGA Cards, Modem, CPUs, Memory, CPU Coolers, CD-RW, DVD, TFT Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, PC-Cameras, Digital Cameras, Printers, All Kinds Of Cables, Notebook And Servers From IBM, Compaq, HP, Acer, Dell, Networking And USB Products, Accessories To Mobile Phones And Other IT Accessories, Denmark
Shenzhen SUNSKY Technology Limited(China)
Product: we are a memufacturer to design and produce USB Data Cable,Irda Wireless connection ,Bluetooth USB Dongle( Adapter ) ,Bluetooth Handfree,USB HUB,Card Reder , PC Camera ,USB Fan ,USB Light ,some...,We Are A Memufacturer To Design And Produce USB Data Cable,Irda Wireless Connection ,Bluetooth USB Dongle( Adapter ) ,Bluetooth Handfree,USB HUB,Card Reder , PC Camera ,USB Fan ,USB Light ,Some USB Series Products And Mobile Phone Accessries,Our Company And Factory Are Located In Shenzhen, China. , China

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PE,PP Wood Plastic Profile Production Line
Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire
Plain PC wire, Materials, Diameter, Standard, Tensile strength, and Other Key Parameter.
PE wpc extrusion machine