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Shanghai Jason Plastic Mold Co., Ltd

Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. was originally established in 1996 with an overall investment of 10 million yuan and is now specialized in the production of various kinds of plastic moulds for daily items, household items, foodstuff, medical apparatus, electric devices and other patterns of plastic moulds with high precision. Located on the scenic Qingpu tourist and holiday resort, the western outskirt of Shanghai Municipality which is China*s coastal financial and economic center, the production base of Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. is 20minutes* ride away from Hongqiao International Airport. With the further development of cooperation with peripheral business partners, Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. has established its office in the downtown area of Shanghai in 2002, made ambitious exploration on the international market, and set up good relationship of cooperation and partnership with customers from U.S., Europe, Japan and Middle East. The main business items of Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. includes design and production of plastic moulds, processing on plastic products, and the assembling and processing of normal end-products of plastics.

Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. has many kinds of advanced processing equipments, including such moulds-making equipments as digital-controlled processing center, electrically-fired shaping machines, high-precision linear cutting machines, profile modeling millers, accurate grinding machines. The employment of over 30 100T~650T wholly-computer-controlled and electric-fluid-driven plastic mould machines, which can produce plastic moulds of no heavier than 5,000 gram, brings reassuring guarantee to the quality of the products.

Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. now employs a staff of 186 members, among which there are 6 senior engineers and 18 technical professionals. Owning rich experience accumulated from many years* practice, these engineers and technicians have a good command on the designing and production of plastic moulds, and plastic injection shaping. At the same Time, Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. has been equipped with advanced CAD/CAM computerized auxiliary design and production system. Therefore the staff members of this corporation can produce plastic moulds satisfying different demands of customers by proficiently operating such software for design as PRO-E and UG. Now the doctrine of ※regarding quality as the cornerstone of our corporation§ has been deeply rooted into the minds of all the staff members of this corporation.

Through great effort made by the whole staff, the business of Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. is being quickly expanded almost every year, and the excellent after-sales service of this corporation has promoted the establishment of stable connections with many customers.

Shanghai Jason Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. hopes to promote its cooperation with friends and customers both inside and outside China!
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