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Dreambath Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.

DreamBath Sanitaryware Co. Ltd. is one of leading suppliers mainly dealing with all kinds of sanitary wares, such as Ceramic washbasins,toilets, bidets,urinals, squatting pan, pedestal washbasin, Phoenix Jade stone basin,Microcrystalline stone basin, Glass Ceramics, Glass Furniture, Glass Washbasin,Bathroom cabinet and shower enclosure etc.

Dreambath is a wonderful combination of the nostalgic style to the modern, it has a firm belief that customers are always valued and market is fully occupied. Currently our own brand " DREAMBATH" are well recognized by lots of countries such as Russia, Spain, America, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Iran, Turkey, Asia, Pakistan, Middle east area etc., meanwhile, it also enjoys a high reputation in the domestic market. We assure you good quality, favourable prices, punctual delivery and best services.

"Customer, Service, Efficiency and Trust", that is our Dream Bath Sanitary Ware. Sincerely Welcome you to contact us!

Kephen Wu/ Dreambath Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.
Products :
Ceramic Washbasins , Toilets , Bidets , Urinals , Squatting Pan , Pedestal Washbasin , Phoenix Jade Stone Basin , Microcrystalline Stone Basin , Glass Ceramics , Glass Furniture , Glass Washbasin , Bathroom Cabinet And Shower Enclosure Etc.

Contact Information:

0086 757 82215489
0086 757 82215489
Zhangcha Industrial Zone, Chanchen Area, Foshan City, Guangdong

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