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HK Gongxiang International Electronic Co., Ltd

Hongkong Gongxiang International Electronic Co., Ltd

Hong Kong Gongxiang International Electronic Co., Ltd located in Shenzhen, China, is a Hong Kong enterprise.

We are one of leading companies specializing in manufacturing multilayer PCBs up to 30 layers which including Aluminum,High Frequency, HDI with blind/buried via and Flexible board. Material available in FR4,ROGERS series,TEFLON and so on. Besides, we also provide some SMT and PCB assembly services for our customers. We can do quick turn prototypes, medium/small batch and mass production for communications, networking, industrial control, medical, military,power supply, and other high-tech industries.

Quick delivery features largely in our services. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that we have a manufacturer in line ready to meet your needs with high quality at competitive price. And unlike other PCB manufacturers that have very high margins on their products, we transfer the majority of the cost savings to our clients and at the same time ensure the quality of the PCBs.

HK Gongxiang International Electronics Co., Ltd would offer its global customers with reliable quality, complete after-sale service and excellent credibility, and strive to create a bright future together with them.

Technical Data:

1, Minimum line width: 3mil.
2, Minimum line space: 3mil.
3, Minimum annular ring: Via hole: 4 Mil Component hole: 7 Mil
4, Minimum finished hole size: 4 Mil 0.1mm
5,Maximum board thickness: single/double-sided 3.0 mm, multi-layer 6.0mm
6,Minimum board thickness(outer): 0.2mm 1/2L, 0.6mm 4 L, 0.8mm 6L , 1.2mm 8L, 1.6mm 10 L
7, Maximum board size: single/double sided 609mm*609mm, multi-layer 550mm*500mm
The distance of line to plate edges: A , routing: 0.25 mm B, V-cut 0.4 mm
8, Solder Mask: solder mask: 2/4 Mil, solder mask bridge: 6 Mil
Minimum line width: 5/8 Mil, Color: yellow ,white ,black
10,Surface treatment: gold platting , H.A.L, immersion tin, immersion gold, OSP, lead free HAL,
11,copper plating thickness:
A, gold- plated : nickel-plated thickness 100-150 uinch, gold-plated 1-3 uinch
B, Chemical nickel/gold-plated: nickel-plated thickness 100-150uinch, gold-plated 1-3uinch
C, Tab gold finger: nickel-plated thickness 120-150 uinch, gold-plated 20-40 uinch12, Hole plating thickness:thickness 20-25 umBase copper thickness:inner/outer layers 0.5-5oz.Finish board outer layer 1-5oz,inner layer 0.5-1oz.Insulating layer thickness:0.
12mmLine/space:Max copper thickness 4/4;4/5; 0.5oz.
4/5;5/5;6/5; 1oz
5/6;6/6; 2oz;
6/8;7/8;8/8; 3oz
8/10;9/10;10/1; 0 5oz
13,Base material: FR4,Rogers4003,Rogers4350,TEFLON,TACONIC,ARLON, Halogen-free ,Aluminium substrates and so on.
14,Tolerances on outline ±0.1mm
15.Finished board tolerance: ±0.05mm (thickness from 0.2mm to 0.5mm); ±10%(thickness up to 0.8mm); ±8%(thickness>/=0.8mm). If the tolerance was according to the anular ring value(+/-),the tolerance range should be twice value. (eg:thickness<0.8mm, tolerance range is +20% or -20%)
16, The range of controlled lmpedanc: ±10% (having impedance tester)

Our Slogans:
Survived by quality, good faith, services and specialities!

Miss Shirley Jiang
Phone: 86-755-26505822                    Fax:      86-755-26616090
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Company: HK Gongxiang International Electronic Co., LtdAddress: 1st Floor,Jinda Technology Center,No.8 Kefeng Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.
Zip code: 518057
Products :
FR4 , ROGERS Series , TEFLON , Printed Circuit Board(PCB),Board Of Rigid , Flexble , Rigid Flexble , Blind/Burrid Via And HDI,Any Prototype , Small Volume And ODM , OEM.

Contact Information:

1st Floor,Jinda Technology Center,No.8 Kefeng Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District

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