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Product Name: Limonin
Active Ingredients: Limonin &nomillin
CAS NO: 1180-71-8
Molecular Formula: C26H30O8
Molecular Weight: 470.52
Specification: 98%Limonin
Appearance: Almost white to white fine power
Test Method: HPLC
Function: Health Foods Additive; Anticancer activity; Feedstuff additive. It was studied as a valuable chemical for carcinogen treatment or health enhancement. Botanical Insecticide;
Citrus limonoids are responsible for the bitter taste in citrus fruits. The most prevalent limonoids are limonin and nomilin.
They are present in the rutaceous plants that include lemon, lime, orange and grapefruits. An important characteristic of this class of compound is a substituted furan moiety.
It has been determined by animal studies that citrus limonoids and derivatives have certain biological activities that may be used as chemopreventive agents for cancer.
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Standard plant extracts list
No. Product Name Specification
01 Red Clover extract Isoflavones8-40%
02 Resveratrol 20-98%
03 Galanthamine HBr 99%
04 Limonin 98%
05 Gingko Biloba Extract CPh,USP,DAB,EP
06 Ginseng extract Ginsenosides 80%
07 Milk Thistle extract Silymarins80%
08 Epimdium extract Icariin 10%-98%
09 Lycopene 5%-90%
10 Griffonia Seed extract 5-HTP 98%
11 Horse Chestnut extract Aescin 20-98%
12 Zeaxanthin 5%-50%
13 Grape Seed extract Polyphenols85%,95%;OPC 95%,98%
14 Bilberry Extract Anthocyanidins 25%
15 Saw Palmetto extract Total fatty acids 25%,45%
16 Huperzine A 1%,5%,98%
17 Lutein 5-90%
18 Soybean extract Soy Isoflavones 20-40%
19 SOD 3000IU/mg
20 Schisandra extract Schisandrins 1-9%
21 Yohimbine Hydrochlori 98%
22 Sweetening chrysanthemum Extract Steviosides 80%-97%
23 Black Pepper extract 98%piperine
24 Tribulus Terrestris extract Tribuloside 40%-90%
25 St John's Wort extract Hypericin 0.3%
26 Rhodiola extract Salidroside 1-10%,Rosavins3%
27 Ginger Extract Gingerols 5%
28 Reishi Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides 10-60%;triterpene 1-6%
29 Green Tea Extract Polyphenol 40-98%
30 Citrus Auratium Extract Synephrine 6-98%
31 Echinacea Extract Total phenol 4%;Cichoric acid 4%
32 Rosemary Extract Carnosic acid 5-90%;Rosmarinic acid 2.5-20%
33 White Willow Bark Extract Salicin 15%~50%
34 Wild Yaw Extract Diosgenine8-20%
35 Angelica Extract Ligustilide 1%
36 Kudzu Root Extract Isoflavones/ puerarin 40%
37 Chlorogenic acid 25-98%
38 Centella Asiatica extract Asiaticoside 10-90%
39 Wolfberry extract Polysaccharides20-50%
40 Astragalus extract Astragalosides0.3-20%,Polysaccharides 20-50%
41 Siberian Ginseng extract Eleutheroside B+E 0.8%
42 Shiitake Mushroom extract Polysaccharides10-30%
43 Hawthorn extract Flavnones 10-30%
44 Ellagic acids 40-95%
45 American Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides 5-80%
46 Herba Andrographis Extract Andrographolide 5-98%
47 Cordyceps extract Polysaccharides10-40%
48 Red Yeast Rice extract Lovastatin 0.4-3%
49 Agaricus blazei Murrill extract Polysaccharides 30%
50 Bitter Melon extract Charantin 10%
51 Valerian Root extract Valerianic acid 0.4%,0.8%
52 Passion flower extract Flavnones 4%
53 Ursolic acid 98%
54 Gynostemma extract Gypenosides 20-98%

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