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Steel Billets , Iron Ores , Re-inforcing Bars , Metal Scrap (HMS 1&2)
cotton terry towels
pvc pipe , pvc profile , pvc door and window , extruder line , pipe , panel , tube , vinyl , complete line
gsm , gsm accessory , cellular phone parts , battery
We are a professional socks manufacturer with more than 10 years experiences in China , offering various kinds of hosiery products and yearly output up to 60 , 000 , 000 pairs.We are the best manufacturer that you can trust in China. "Saving more time , saving more money for our customer" , this is our final target. Ten years more in this line , Zhejiang Orient Befit Socks Manufacturer Co. , Ltd. are devote to offer the best service and high-quality socks to our customer to gain their trust and respect. Now we offer "start to finish"to our customer. Different from traditional production system , this new system combined"Production development , Quality control , Order tracing , Customer service"into one body. So our customers can purchase the socks they want in the shortest time. Till now , our socks have been exported to many countries including Japan and USA. We are now in a position to provide you with our fine produts. this is due to our growing number of satisfied customers globally. Although we are new to distributing in the United States , We have been satisfying the needs of our customers in Japan , Canada , Europe and Hong Kong since 1997. These years of experience have shown that when you shop you want selection , availability , and value. Let me tell of some highlights of our production operations. Our main plant is equipped with:Single cylinder computer jacquard sock machines , gauges of 120n , 144n and 168n&200n. Double cylinder sock machines , gauges of 84n , 144n , and 168n. Computer design terry pile sock machines , guages 132n. Domestic made terry pile machines(type:537a) , guages108n. Diameter of machines are 3.5 to 3.6 inchs. Those equipment is from Italy , Korea&Taiwan. We are on top of current markets , what's need and what we can offer you. Featured is "Hush Puppies" , "POLO" , "Budweiser" , and other famous brands. That make up our 2 million dozens current production annually. And also we are preparing to manufacture the Disney series. Our sock line is complete with varieties of yarn to include:Cotton's of 10s , 32s , 42s to 60s , included are mercerized cotton. A/C , C/A , T/C , Ramie/cotton , Angora/wool yarn. Spun silk/cotton , wool , acrylic and polyester yarn. Specialty yarns:Dot's , Space-Dyed , Dupont lycra , Model yarn , etc. We can supply a variety , such as:Men's , Women's , Kid's , Babies , Sports and some other hosiery.
there are many products we would like to sell and we are searching every day to find new products , we will be supplying instruments , Povodine-Iodine 7.5% soap scrub solution , latex surgical sterile glove , latex non-sterile examination gloves , surgical operation gowns , face masks , etc
Temperature controller , Timer , Timer relay , Digital panel meter , Counter , Frequency/ tacho/ line-speed meter , voltage/current meter , Power meter , Adjustor and proximity sensors , Digital Ampere Meter , Digital Voltage Meter , Digital Frequency Meter , Digital Tacho Meter , Digital Linespeed Meter , Digital Watt Meter , Digital Timer Meter , Digital Counter Meter , Digital Length Meter
Auto , all kinds of auto parts
nike jordan shoes , sport shoes
we buy and sell all type of new and used machines related to food processing industry
Abrasion resistant alumina , silicon nitride powder , thermocouple protection tube , riser tube , evaporation boat , caster tip
disposable , medical , laboratory , chemical , reagent
Ceramics , specialized ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer , Toilet Seat , Wash Basin , Squatting WC pan
Industrial adhesive
soccer balls , rice , hair removers , lotions , bed sheets , kitchen napkins , leather jackets , gloves
Mouse Pad , Rug mouse pad , Cd Sleeve , Cd Bag , Laptop Bag , Cd Case
Florist , flowers , accessories , restaurant , electronics
Black Annealed Wire , GI Binding Wire , GI Wire , Galvanized Iron Wire , Common nails , Common wire nails , Iron nails , etc.
Drivers gloves , Works gloves , Welders Gloves , Canadian Rigger gloves , Gardening & Forest Gloves , Cut Resistant gloves , Anti-viboration gloves , Mechanics Gloves , Welders Jackets , Aprons , Sleeves & Spants as well as all kinds of work wear such as Overall , Coverall , Jackets , Hi-visible work wear , Pants/Trousers , T-Shirts etc. ,
Inductive Proximity Sensor , Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor , Capacitive Proximity Sensor