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Nature's Power Nutraceuticals Corp. (NP Nutra) is a leading manufacturer of high quality natural ingredients for the dietary supplements and functional foods industries. NP Nutra specializes in high potency superfruits, organic ingredients, botanicals and other natural raw materials that are frequently used in the most popular health products of the 21st century.
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15171 S. Figueroa St. Gardena, Los Angeles CA

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Acai Powder, Extract, Concentrate, Organic, Freeze Dried
Acai Vida, acai, freeze dried acai, acai powder, acai concentrate,NP Nutra, a global manufacturer of nutraceutical ingredients, announced the launch of AcaiVida™, a nutrient powerhouse rich in potent antioxidants. AcaiVida™ provides functional foods and beverage manufacturers with a superior quality Acai ingredient to capitalize on growing consumer interest...
Mangosteen Powder, Extract, Concentrate
Mangosteen Royale, mangosteen, mangosteen extract, mangosteen powder,Consumers today are looking to ancient and natural remedies to satisfy their desires for health and wellness. As a well-known superfruit that has catapulted to star status over the past decade, mangosteen is one of the most sought-after supplements on the market today. NP Nutra’s most recent...
Blueberry Powder
Blueberry Sante, blueberry, blueberry extract, blueberry concentrate, blueberry juice powder,Spurred on by favorable media coverage and recent research showing the supremacy of blueberries’ antioxidant protection, consumer interest in blueberries has steadily risen over the past decade. NP Nutra, a leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals, has launched a new, premium quality, freeze...
CranPhyto, cranberry, cranberry extract, cranberry juice powder, cranberry fruit powder,With health conscious consumers targeting cranberry products in ever increasing numbers, NP Nutra’s latest product release, CranPhyto™, is a timely addition to its Signature Ingredients range. CranPhyto™ is whole Cranberry powder, freeze-dried to maintain Cranberry’s unique, synergistic...
Maqui Forza
Maqui Forza, maqui berry, maqui berry powder, maqui berry extract,Natural ingredients manufacturer, NP Nutra, launched MaquiForza™, a certified organic Maqui freeze-dried Powder, adding to its growing line of premium quality signature ingredients. MaquiForza™ is a high ORAC ingredient designed for manufacturers to innovate and enrich their products with an...

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